2019 CRKC Race 1

The first Friday night race of the 2019 CRKC season at Goodwood Kartways was busy. Eleven groups of racers, both veterans and rookies, took to the twisty track. Chris Demaras even bumped into old friend Paul (the fast banana in yellow racing suit) who was enjoying his first race since 2015

The best thing about CRKC events is the friendliness and camaraderie. At the track this night were a mix of Goodwood regulars and K1 speedsters Jason W, Abrar K, Quewin W, Arnel T, Ian B, Kasper T, and Igor “The Man” Manukov

Chris Demaras threaded the needle at the customary Turn 4 pileup, squeezing between all the overzealous racers. By the time the dust settled, Chris was in 4th place, 20 karts back of the podium finishers. A lonely race followed, without a challenge from the front or back.

Great to see so many friends on the podium! In two weeks, Chris mounts his next challenge for his first podium on 2019.

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