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FLASHBACK: 2013 Historic Grand Prix

Seven years ago today, our extended family went out to Mosport one sunny day in June for the Vintage Automobile Racing Association of Canada’s 2013 Canadian Historic Grand Prix.

The event was a mixture of old sports cars from the 1950’s to the 1980’s, but the highlight of the day was when the high-horsepower open-wheel cars took to the track. Many of these cars raced before any of these kids were born, so it was a unique opportunity..

Little Daniel was of course dressed in Ferrari red, and Sophia had her Danica Patrick hat on, so they certainly looked the part of ‘race fans’. But they were much more interested in ice cream than old race cars.

With an open paddock and inviting atmosphere, the kids did find some vehicles that interested them, and were surpised at how small race cars of the era really were. Made them believe they too could be racers!