For racer across the GTA, K1 Speed is more than just an indoor kart track. It’s the place where you meet your friends, summer or winter, to compete and see who’s fastest. Walking in the door activates ‘beast mode’ in most people.

The last time Daniel Demaras walked into K1 Speed was March 19th … 5 months ago! In winter 2019, Daniel would be at K1 at least twice a week, so to go two full seasons without turning a lap was bizarre.

Visiting K1 Speed this week was like coming home again. Yes, everything in the world has changed. All the customers and staff are wearing masks. Karts, tables and all high-tough surfaces are being regularly cleaned and sanitized. But with theaters, clubs and amusement parks still closed, K1 Speed is the best and safest place in town to have fun.

School is starting soon, and the outdoor kart racing season is in the final stretch. Grab your helmet (and your mask) and head over to K1 Speed to remember how good it feels to race again.

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