2020 CRKC Round 6


Friday August 28 was the last time in 2020 that Chris’ CRKC race and Daniel’s TRAK race were scheduled for the same weekend. Doubleheader weekends are tiring. On Friday, Daniel practices and Chris wrenches from morning until afternoon. Then Chris races and Daniel cheers from evening until nightfall. Plus, the duo must be back at the track at 8:00 AM on Saturday morning!

In previous years, Jayden, John, Tony, Logan, Trevor, Chad, Chris and Daniel (the EX-PRO racers and their tuners) worked together under the same tent. But 2020 is a very different season, with the friends being split between different tracks and teams.

When Trevor Reeve arrived at the track on Friday (his driver Chad not competing this weekend) he could see a friend in need of help. As usual, Chris was in over his head. Without hesitation, Reeve helped mount the new slicks, install the Odenthol engine mount, reinforce the new seat, service the clutch, axle bearings, etc. etc. etc.

When Chris’ race was scheduled to start, he ignored the announcer on the PA and kept wrenching with Trevor. He knew his pal didn’t need to be there ruining his manicure. So, Chris skipped his race…

Reeve Webster Racing and Demaras Racing teamed up and got Daniel’s No. 412 New Speed Motorsports kart running perfectly. On Saturday’s ‘night race’ Daniel swept all 4 sessions taking pole position and the win.

Thanks, Uncle Trev!

Chris Demaras will return to competition in the coming weeks to try for more victories before the end of the 2020 CRKC season. But this past Friday, Chris worked side-by-side with his friend Trevor to help get Daniel to the front of the grid … and it was worth it.

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