Factory Radio

The WRX has held up well over the years; the design is quite timeless. The original ‘bugeye’ is small, light, quick and a blast to drive. Drivers have to accept that a car of this vintage won’t have all the comforts of a modern luxo-boat, but it also won’t be so big and heavy. It’s a trade-off.

Popping a Metallica cassette into the factory radio just isn’t an option. Much as the car will remain ‘original’ this does not include the crappy factory radio and speakers. So Demaras Racing sped to the electronics gurus at Auto-Links at 300 Nantucket Blvd in Scarborough where John and Cody were ready to help modernize the in-car entertainment.

The electronics are going to be very conservative. Replacement of the six factory speakers with quality JL Audio components, a Kenwood double-din head unit and a backup camera for a little extra visibility when parking. All of it is protected by a top quality car alarm, engine immobilizer and kill switch. Auto-Links has experience with Porsches, Ferraris and plenty of Subarus, so this is just a snack-sized project for them.

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