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Sound Improvement

To get the WRX ready for the road, the plan was to complete mechanical repairs, send it out to the body shop to renew the exterior, then clean and detail the interior. But a parts delay on the ABS pump changed up the sequence of tasks.

So, this week, interior detailing was followed by installation of in-car entertainment. A 2-way car alarm was installed to protect the Kenwood DDX6706S head-unit and mid-level C2 series speakers by JL Audio. A pair of 6.5″ component speakers in the front doors are matched up with 4″ coaxial speakers in the rear doors. That’s it! No subs, no amps…just a nice, clean factory replacement.

The car is starting to come together now with lots of new parts under the hood. The car runs strong and the deep, rumbling exhaust note makes for a great experience. The interior is complete and the addition of the backup camera adds a modern touch to an older car.

But a quick trip to the Esso station to fill the tank reveals burned out bulbs in the dashboard and a non-functioning clock and temperature gauges. The car still needs work.