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K1 Speed Canada has a special relationship with Demaras Racing. Some of Michelle’s first ever laps at the wheel of a racing kart were at Downsview Park, Daniel represented Team Canada at the K1 Speed e-World Championships, and K1 Speed even awarded Chris his first trophy since high school.

While the track has been closed for a long time due to ‘the virus’ K1 Speed has been able to keep in touch with race fans through social media. They’ve announced a fun, creative, artistic contest:

Are you missing K1 Speed as much as we miss you? While we patiently await your return – we want to give you the opportunity to race at home.

Get creative and you could win a $75 gift card redeemable at any of our K1 Speed Canada Locations.

In 8 easy steps, you can build your own K1 Speed Go Kart at Home.

Use those old boxes, coloured pencils, markers, and paints to create your custom kart. Your imagination is endless, creating so many possibilities using our K1 Speed Printable Decals.

This Guide can work with any size box – build a Kart for yourself, your favourite stuffed animal – even your pet!

K1 Speed Canada

There’s 8 easy steps to follow to make your own cardboard kart.

That line “…build a Kart for yourself, your favourite stuffed animal…” makes this project very appealing.