Chris Demaras and Daniel Demaras only met Jim and John from HIP Motorsports earlier this year, but the combined efforts of these men on ‘the project‘ has helped preparations for F1200 racing. Countless hours spent in the racing simulator since February has helped ready Daniel Demaras for his first race at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. Jim has been patient and insightful, allowing Daniel to get the most out of the Force Dynamics CR-401 Continuous Rotation Simulator that is the centerpiece of HIP’s driver training facility.

John has shown Daniel the racing line, braking techniques and a sparring partner in a virtual Formula Vee on the iRacing platform. Also, John has sat in the right seat of the Miata as Demaras embarked on two track days at CTMP including the recent LDRC practice day plus the DriveTeq lapping day. John even took the time between SIM races to teach Daniel how to properly fit a HANS device.

As a rookie, there is no pressure in Daniel’s first F1200 season. The only expectations is to take the opportunity to learn a new racing discipline. But with Jim and John at HIP Motorsports helping with the project, Daniel is in the best position possible to start the season.

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