K1 Speed

Letterman Racing?

David Letterman, co-owner of IndyCar team Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing, seems strangely out of place behind the wheel.

In a clip from an tonight’s (Friday May 20 2022) appearance an David Letterman’s entertaining Netflix show ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’ Billie Eilish takes Letterman for some spins around a K1 Speed go-kart track.

“I’m worried, because I’m elderly, and I just don’t want something to snap. Why don’t we go miniature golfing?”

David Letterman

As Eilish and Letterman suit up, a track marshal explains the rules (no bumping)but also notes that Eilish “…crashed into a couple people…” when she previously raced at K1 Speed. He warns the singer to “go easy” but Eilish bumps Letterman out of the way to pass him on track.

A Moment in the Desert with K1 Speed

The desert. Dry, barren, devoid of life. But stories are common where protagonists reach the desert and are struck by a moment of inspiration, of clarity. Like in 1945 when Bugsy Seigel saw the potential in the wastelands of Nevada to build a luxury and casino hotel as a stopover for GI’s returning to the west coast.

Or Kimi Räikkönen’s existential moment in the Bahrain desert in 2017 when his Ferrari burned up during practice and Kimi went for a walk through the desert in 37°C heat … with full race suit and helmet on.

But that one might just be madness.

After nearly four years of planning, waiting, developing and waiting some more, the K1 Circuit in California has broken ground, and the shape of the track is visible. So is its elevation change! This will be the first outdoor electric karting facility in the K1Speed empire.

Enjoy as Ryan Jurnecka takes us on a tour.

A Sponsor’s Dream

We’re big fans of open-wheel racing here at Demaras Racing. Sure, we’ll watch NASCAR on road courses, but we don’t really follow the series through all 36 races.

But this past weekend, the No.1 Trackhouse Racing car was emblazoned with K1 Speed livery, so we just had to watch!

After years of racing at K1 Speed, it’s like our home track. It was kind of special to see it represented on the big stage that is NASCAR racing.

And to top it off, Ross Chastain followed up his 3rd place finish at Las Vegas last weekend with a 2nd place finish at Phoenix this weekend. That’s a sponsor’s dream right there. The best part was the post race interview:

Reporter: Aggressive, exciting, fast. How would you sum up your day?

Chastain: Like a day at the K1 track. It was so much fun!

It must also make the folks at K1 feel good that the winner … the only guy to beat their car … was wearing a K1 Race Gear suit!

No. 1 Chevrolet

Ross Chastain, the driver of the No. 1 Chevrolet Camaro in the NASCAR Cup Series, will compete in the K1 Speed car at Phoenix Raceway’s 1 mile oval this weekend.

Not only did Chastain finish 3rd in last weekend’s race(the best finish in Trackhouse Racing’s history), but he gave the team its first stage victory too.

Here’s hoping he takes the victory in the red and black K1 machine!


What an exciting moment for our racing sponsor, K1 Speed.

The No. 99 K1 Speed Team Trackhouse NASCAR was on track last week. Until now, it’s only ever been seen as a digital render. Here it was for real, in sheet metal. For Demaras Racing, and all the regulars at the track, it felt like a little piece of us was out there on the big oval.

Leclerc at K1 Speed

Charles Leclerc really is living the dream. After one season with Alfa Romeo, he was signed to the red team; Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 team. He’s an F1 race winner, famous around the world, and even has his own line of go-karts!

Late last week, sometime after the US Grand Prix, Scuderia Ferrari F1 driver Charles Leclerc (and his buddy Alex Albon) strolled into the K1 Speed indoor electric kart track in Burbank, California.

Leclerc live-streamed his laps, and posted them on YouTube.

It must have been a real thrill for the locals to race against a legit Ferrari F1 driver, but at the same time, it must have crushed their spirits to know he was that much faster…with only one hand on the wheel!

Power Trio

~ by Michelle #29 Demaras ~

Yesterday I went to K1 Speed for the first time in I don’t know HOW long with my two best friends Mia and Angeline. It was a total blast! We arrived and I decided to walk them around the place. I showed them everything from paddock to the bathrooms, but the real treat was the arcade. There was going to be a long wait before we raced, so we blew a ton of cash on arcade tokens for the claw machine! We got too many stuffies to count, and spent at least an hour over there.

The next while was pretty boring, since it was just waiting for our turn on the track, but we made the moment fun by making games with our new stuffies! My dad and his friend Max got their chance to go race while the rest of us got some food. Soon enough it was finally OUR turn to race!

We did a total of two drift races. Before the first one, I was actually getting a little anxious. I’m not Daniel, I have almost no race experience! But once we got going, I had a blast. From speeding past my friends who got stuck, to forgetting how to reverse, all of it was really exciting. I even finished first place!

The real fun happened in our second drift race. This time it was my friends, my dad and me! We were all spinning out at every corner, and I kept getting accidentally bumped into (dad!) which made it much harder. But it was super fun. The whole idea of Drift Night sounded great to me, and I’m really happy I went!

Another great thing about going to K1 is finally getting to present my kart-art project.

A few months ago, I crafted and spray-painted a cardboard go-kart as part of K1 Speed’s “Build Your Own Kart” contest. It featured a steering wheel held up by a pencil, tires made of DVDs, and two teddies inside! We bought new teddies, because I’m not letting go of my own teddy, Bamse! I worked super hard on it and I was ecstatic when I found out that I won the contest and was finally going to deliver it into the track!

That cardboard go-kart is now to be staying at K1 Speed PERMANENTLY!

Yes…my little spray-painted, teddy-bear driving go-kart is going to be on display at the front counter K1 Speed where everyone can see it. I’m so happy that we were able to display the project at the track, where it was meant to be. I hope that people who visit K1 Speed like it as much as I do!

Max Fun

~ by Chris #16 Demaras ~

Rolling into Downsview Park, you just knew something was different last night. The parking lot of the K1 Speed looked like a car show, and I lined up the WRX next to a pair of Subaru BRZs, one of them with Drift Queen decal in the window. I was definitely in the right place.

Drift Night at K1 Speed is zero competition but maximum enjoyment. It’s style points, like figure skating or monster trucks. Nobody cares about lap times on this night.

The ‘Clubspeed’ live timing app says my last visit to K1 Speed was September 28, 2020. Two weeks short of a year! Between CRKC and TRAK, I feel like I’m at a race track every weekend, but it’s usually Goodwood. Indoor karting is more something we do in the fall and winter. But I just couldn’t miss Drift Night. It’s too much fun.

My daughter Michelle, plus her friends Angeline and Mia, decided to take the plunge and try drifting. Michelle has raced at K1 before, but for her rookie-racer pals, it would be trial by tire!

The only member of the Demaras Racing family who wasn’t at the track was Daniel. He’s a serious student now that he’s at U of T. But, man, was he jealous when he found out New Speed Motorsports co-owner Max Preston was there! Max heard about the fun, grabbed his helmet, and drove down to the track to meet up.

Max is a championship-winning Shifter Kart driver who takes great joy in helping the next generation, like my son Daniel, become better racers. While this might seem odd, I actually have a poster of Max in my garage.

Lining up in front of Preston, I actually felt nervous. He said he hadn’t been to K1 Speed since the old days (when the track was called Grand Prix Kartways) and by comparison, I’ve raced at K1 681 times since they opened in Canada. I tried to look relaxed, but inside…I knew I was chum in the water for this shark.

Even in the drift race, Max gapped me by 3.128 seconds, but like I said nobody is keeping score! This night is just for fun.

On to the main event of the evening, the Power Trio of Angeline, Mia and Michelle. K1 Speed’s own Anthony R. took special care of the youngsters, making sure they were properly belted in, booster seats installed, with helmets that didn’t make the girls feel like bobbleheads.

When these young ladies attacked the track, it was scary. All the warnings about the lack of grip didn’t dissuade them from going flat-out right away. It didn’t take long for one of them to find the wall (not naming names here) and the crash sound reverberated deep into the girls ears.

K1 was really busy, and those that didn’t arrive early were faced with long delays. That’s what scarcity is all about Charlie Brown! It was great to see Dale and Logan (from 130R) and Christian and Sherri (from KGR) but I’m not sure if any of them got to drift race. Even Max had to call it a night. But not the East York Crew. Nope. They were ready for one more race, and I was lucky enough to drift against them.

All the hesitancy of the first session was gone, and when Michelle, Mia and Angeline got out on track after 9:00 pm (on a school night!) there was nothing I could do to keep up with them.

But nobody was keeping score, right?

TONIGHT: Drift Night at K1 Speed

It’s today! Monday September 13th 2021, the drift karts will once again take to the track at K1 Speed at Downsview Park in Toronto. It’s been months since racers had a chance to try out this unique twist on traditional karting. It’s all slip and no grip!

The electric karts are modified with the addition of “drift slicks” that sends those rear wheels sliding all across the track. Racers looking to channel Han Seoul-Oh will enjoy throwing the car sideways into the turns.

Make sure to visit K1 Speed Toronto at 75 Carl Hall Rd inside Downsview Park. No reservations needed, as the drift karts are first-come first-serve basis from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm only.