K1 Speed Eliminator Article

To cap off an exciting January at K1 Speed Toronto, the track held the inaugural event in its five-part Challenger Series for 2019; The Eliminator. Sixteen of K1 Speed’s best racers competed in an action-packed evening filled with fast times and hard racing.

Daniel Demaras was fortunate enough to compete in The Eliminator event, and also write a race recap for the K1 Speed Canada company blog.. To find out how the night turned out, you can read the rest of the article here; https://k1speed.ca/blog/eliminator-recap-2019.html

A special thank you to member of the K1 Speed community, fellow 130R race series competitor, and all around cool guy Daniel Cocar for taking pics of the event. You can see more of his work here:


Demaras Wins the 31-Day K1RS Points Challenge

The 31-Day challenge was simple. All the points at K1 Speed were re-set on January 1st. Now it’s a sprint race to see who could accumulate the most points in a month. It takes consistency, it takes commitment, and it takes speed to win enough races to get to the top of the K1RS Points leaderboard

Daniel Demaras picked up where he left off in 2018, at the top of the K1 Speed leaderboard. Daniel amassed 1970 K1RS points, almost half the number of points required to compete in the year-end ‘playoff’ tournament to determine who will qualify for the 2020 K1RS Wolrd Championships.

Celebrating The Best at K1 Speed Toronto

A great new blog post on K1 Speed Canada’s website today, mentioning Demaras Auto Racing Team driver Daniel Demaras.

K1 Speed Toronto hosted their first ever K1RS Champions Appreciation Night celebrating the top 100 K1RS points earners of 2018. Thank you to all who came out to support this event. What a great night of racing with an amazing group of racers. A special shout-out to Daniel Demaras, Jason Wong, and Stefano Picerno who finished Top 3 on the 2018 K1RS Leaderboard and set the bar high for those looking to catch them for 2019!

K1 Speed Canada

Read the whole article here: http://k1speed.ca/blog/k1rs-appreciation-night.html

Final week of the 31-Day K1RS Points Challenge

Racing at K1 Speed is always interesting because each racer faces their own challenge. For some, like Chris Demaras, each trip to the track is a challenge to break into the 23’s. For others, like Daniel Demaras, the challenge is to get faster. Daniel set a new personal best time of 23.475 seconds, which he achieved by applying trail braking techniques to lower his lap times.

But Daniel’s goal is also to win the 31-Day Points Challenge!

A three way race between Michael, Jason and Daniel.

Then there’s Ross; veteran on the Goodwood CRKC series, competitor in the Briggs & Stratton Masters division, and teammate of Daniel’s at Professional Racing Ontario. Ross’ challenge was to get accustomed to the electric karts, which he did by setting a 23.671, the 9th best time of the week. Incredible times for a guy who never walked into K1 Speed before.

Then there’s Robert. He’s competed in the Goodwood CRKC series for the past two years, has been to K1 Speed many times (although not in 2019) and has been friends with Daniel and Chris since back in the day at GPK. When ‘Foote-Speed’ would enter the building, staff would announce over the P.A. system “Ladies and gentlemen, racing royalty has arrived.”.

Robert’s challenge was to get his name on the board. Shake the rust off. He got one run in on Thursday, the final race of the night. Foote-Speed set a blistering 23.212 second lap, setting fastest lap of the day, week and year. Handshakes from competitors (Jason, always the gentleman) and a round of applause greeted Robert as he stepped out of the kart.

Set a personal best lap time. Win the contest. Adapt to a new kart and track. Get your name on the board. Break the track record. What’s your challenge?

2018 K1 Speed K1RS Points Champs

To mark the end of K1 Speed Canada’s first year, the track held a “K1RS Champions Appreciation Night” inviting the Top 100 racers from 2018 to be recognized and rewarded for their efforts.

K1 Speed regulars and outdoor karters from Goodwood and Mosport all showed up to race each other. To add some competitive fun to the night a prize for fastest lap time of the night (an 8-race package valued at $200) was up for grabs. Dawson Campbell spent much of the night on top, before being dethroned by Jason Wong by 0.015 seconds!

Even junior driver Michelle Demaras came out to the track to compete against some of the quickest young racers ever to race at K1 Speed in Toronto.

Michelle Demaras takes the checkered flag.

But this night was not about competition;; it was about recognition. Many of the top racers were present, and mention must be made of the Top 15 competitors at K1 Speed.

  1. Daniel Demaras
  2. Jason Wong
  3. Stefano Picerno
  4. Ramon Sibello
  5. Anatoli Gourouchkine
  6. Chris Demaras
  7. Santiago Ramirez
  8. Michael Kotsopoulos
  9. Adrian Chereji
  10. Steven Zaina
  11. Abrar “K1NG” Khan
  12. Tiago Botelho
  13. Anthony Popalis
  14. Edward Sun
  15. Thomas Mak

At the podium ceremony, K1 Speed general manager Anthony spoke about the top three points scorers of 2018, mentioning Stefano Picerno who was absent due to racing in Florida, then congratulating Jason Wong, and finally, giving a very kind speech about Daniel Demaras, the top scoring driver of 2018.

A fun night for everybody, and some nice recognition for the top drivers at the Canada’s premier indoor karting centre.

K1 Speed World Championship Article

K1 Speed Canada has released an article titled “Off to the Races!”, about Daniel’s qualifying for the K1 Speed World Championships in California.

The article can be found at http://k1speed.ca/blog/k1-world-championships-2019.html, and has been linked to on all of K1’s social media pages

Daniel is honoured to have an article made about him, and looks forward to racing at the K1 Circuit in California.

Champions Night

K1 Speed Toronto has announced a special evening to recognize the achievements of the best racers in Toronto.

2018 K1RS Champions Appreciation Night

First off, on behalf of everyone here at K1 Speed Toronto, I wanted to thank you for making our first year of operations so memorable and amazing. Your loyalty and support has been nothing short of tremendous, and its that passion that fuels us to deliver new and exciting programs for you to enjoy in 2019 that will make our second year even better!

You are among the elite group of racers that have finished in the Top 100 on our 2018 K1RS Leaderboard. As you know, your K1RS Score is the combined product of a high volume of races run, and exceptional performance in those races. What that essentially means is that you are among our most loyal customers, and some of the most skilled drivers to grace our track. This sounds to me like something we should celebrate! So we’re going to do just that…

On Monday January 21st 2019, K1 Speed Toronto will host our first-ever K1RS Top 100 Champions Appreciation Night. The festivities will begin at 7pm, and we will be offering the first 50 racers to arrive a free race that night, some K1 Speed swag, as well as some delicious food and drinks for all. We will also have a very special podium ceremony recognizing our TOP 3 K1RS Points earners from 2018. And we would be remiss if we gathered all these great racers together and didn’t have a little fun with it. So in the spirit of friendly competition, we will be awarding the racer who posts the best lap time that night with a 10-race package!

Thanks again for all of your support, and we look forward to seeing you here on January 21st.

Selina Jordan
K1 Speed | Toronto

The Demaras Auto Racing Team will be attending the Champions Night at K1 Speed, where young Daniel Demaras’ accomplishment of finishing on top of the K1RS Leaderboard in 2018, with Chris Demaras finishing in the Top 10 as well.