Father vs Son

When Daniel was little, Chris would let him win at the race track. Now, Chris can’t keep up! Take a look at this split screen video of Daniel hunting down his dad…


Without a doubt, one of the best guys ever to work at K1 (or GPK before) is Juez. Quick with a smile or a joke, he makes the experience of visiting the track just a little better.

When Daniel was little, and racing against the big kids, Juez was protective of him. Now that Daniel is older, Juez is still super supportive. I wonder if the boss knows what a great team member Juez is.

After 5 years visiting Downsview Park, I finally got a chance to race against Juez, and show him what I really think of him! Juez, meet the wall. Wall, meet Juez.

~ Chris “#16” Demaras ~

REPORT: 130R Race 1

The 130R Racing Series returned for its second season at K1 Speed with 24 drivers gunning for the top spot, and Daniel looking to defend his title as the 130R Champion.

The racers went out in random groups for qualifying. Based on those times, they were divided into three groups A, B & C for their standing start races.

Dawson Campbell set the fastest qualifying time in with Daniel second and Chris further down the order. It looked as though Dawson and Daniel would go head to head once again, until the final qualifying group, when 3-time Briggs SummerFest winner and 2019 Nissan Micra Cup champion Marco Signoretti took to the track. Despite the qualifying session being Marco’s first time at K1 Speed, his lap time was only a tenth of a second off Dawson’s time, and a tenth quicker than Daniel’s time.

In the Group A final, Daniel knew he’d have to make quick work of Signoretti for a good result. Dawson got away clean at the drop of the green flag. Demaras made an attempt to pass Signoretti at turn 7 on the opening lap, but had to tuck behind the karting champ, and prepare for another attack. This wasn’t going to be easy!

After 2 laps of wheel to wheel racing action, Daniel went to Marco’s inside at turn 2, taking second place. With all that battling, and the time taken to pull off the pass, Dawson had pulled a massive gap, and though Daniel reeled him in slightly in the closing laps, victory was not to be for Daniel, finishing second.

Onto the Group B final where Chris Demaras embraced his new mean persona, after winning the “black flag award” at the recent Monday Nighters race.

Chris started his race well from fourth, making a clean getaway, and attacking for third place. He’d built a small gap behind him, but he knew the always aggressive Dale Goz would take advantage of any mistake.

Demaras set up a passing attempt at the turn 6/7 complex by moving to the inside lane. A short shoot to the next braking zone put Chris on the inside of turn 8… but the outside of turn 9. Contact with a competitor pushed Chris wide, allowing Dale to sneak past both of them! More contact in the tunnel sent Demaras further down the order, before making a last-lap pass on veteran racer Stacy E to finish 6th. Not a great result, but a strong effort.

It’s looking like a season long battle between Daniel and Dawson is in the cards, but strong racers like Ivano and Igor, plus new blood like Marco will surely make the 2019/2020 season of the 130R Racing Series competitive to the very end.

130R R1 S2

Full race report coming, but here’s a cool split screen video of Daniel Demaras’ race. Group A was very tough, with Dawson Campbell on pole and 2019 Nissan Micra Cup champion Marco Signoretti starting one position ahead of Demaras.


Demaras Racing visited K1 Speed over the weekend to get some practice for the upcoming 130 Racing Series season opener. But the madness on track left even seasoned racers stunned.

These guys are brothers! How severe is the competition in that house when one bother would be willing to run over the other brother’s head in an attempt to get that pass done. Sure, bug brother was blocking, and a dive bomb pass might have been dirty, but it would have got the deed done.

But to run over the other guy? That’s totally hardcore.

This has inspired Chris Demaras to create the BLACK FLAG RACE TEAM. If you’re a driver willing to get your elbows out, willing to fight for every position on track, and refuse to get pushed around…you too can join!

Results and Awards

The Monday Nighters event at K1 was a success, and the racing was close and competitive. The quicker Group A competition was a street fight, with Dawson taking the top step of the podium (pole, 1 win) Daniel finishing second (also 1 win) with Ivano rounding out the podium.

In Group B the finishing order was Kyle in 1st place, Colin close behind in 2nd place and Terry in 3rd place.

How did the ‘other’ Demaras do? Not so well. After a turn 2 collision with friend Victor in the first race, Chris was given a penalty, banishing him to start from the back in the second race.

Chris was given the Black Flag Award for most violent driver on track, with Steven more coming in runner-up in that competition.

Bruised egos and sore shoulders will heal, but everyone will remember a fun, competitive event. Thanks very much to Mr Steven Mori who is always a great competitor for organizing the event.

Monday Nighters

Chris and Daniel Demaras were among 14 determined drivers who competed in the Monday Nighters event at K1 Speed Toronto on September 18th, 2019. Steven Mori organized the event and brought out guys from Goodwood CRKC as well as K1 regulars.

After two random qualifying sessions, each racer’s lowest lap times from Q1 and Q2 were added together to establish aggregate times. These times determined a drivers placement in Group A and Group B. The qualifying same order was used to establish positions in Race 1, with the grid being reversed for Race 2.

In Race 1, Daniel started 2nd, but struggled with a kart that would not accelerate off the line, dropping him behind 3rd place qualifier Ivano before the first corner, with Dawson racing away to uncontested win.

But the reverse grid in Race 2 made for some real fireworks, as the quickest racers would have to cut through the field to try and take another win. The GoPro video below captured the battle between the day’s top racers, with Daniel coming out on top.

Hard being Tifosi sometimes

~ by Chris ‘#16’ Demaras ~

On Saturday, I took my family to the movies to see FORD v FERRARI. Daniel and I wore our official Scuderia Ferrari team shirts, and we cheered for the red team on screen. Spoiler alert; Ferrari doesn’t win.

Then on Sunday, we watched the Brazilian GP. It was looking like the Red Bulls were going to walk away with the race win, but the red team still had a chance to be on the podium. Then Vettel and Leclerc crashed into each other. Oh Ferrari!

To cap off the weekend, we made a trip to K1 Speed. Daniel topped 5,000 K1RS points, which was quite an accomplishment. I was excited to try out my new HJC helmet, looking like a slightly older Felipe Massa in Ferrari red plus a neon yellow brain bucket. But as Daniel and I climbed into our karts, I heard someone say “Watch those two Ferrari guys crash into each other!”. I was crestfallen the rest of the day.

Sometimes it’s hard to cheer for the red team.

New Event

Chris Demaras and Daniel Demaras will join Mr. Steven Mori’s racing event at K1 Speed on Monday, November 18th, 2019. The race night will include 2 qualifying heats, and 2 standing start races (possibly a reverse grid on the second race).

The Demaras team haven’t had an opportunity to race against Steven since the Challenge GP in the spring. Looking forward to the challenge!

Secret Weapon

In an effort to find that last tenth, Demaras Racing brought a secret weapon to K1 Speed last night for the 130R ‘Official Practice Session’.

So what was the secret that would help set a new track record? Did they put a really good set of matched tires on it? Tires that are matched perfect and staggered special.

No, the secret weapon was data acquisition. With the end of the outdoor karting season, the MyChron 5 that’s normally bolted to Daniel’s steering wheel is just collecting dust on the shelf. The plan was to bring the data acquisition and display gauge and mount it to the K1 Speed kart to use as a data logger…most importantly, to establish times for 3 sectors of the track.

One of the biggest challenges in racing is finding the last fraction of a second. If a racer is completely ‘blowing’ a lap, missing apexes or bashing into the barriers, it’s easy a driving coach to suggest improvements. But when a racer is only a tenth off, it’s difficult to tell if a change to their racing line was an improvement or not. By breaking down the lap into sector times, and making small changes, improvements can be identified.

Having used the MyChron for the past 3 years, Demaras Racing were confident they could map the track, establish sectors, and use AIM’s software Race Studio to find time. Unfortunately, they learned the hard way that the MyChron uses GPS for timing, and K1 Speed being an indoor track, there was no satellite signal.

Back to the drawing board.