Formula E at K1 Speed

Saturday, February 15th, 2020, is the Mexican round of the 2019/2020 Formula E season. In the lead up to the E-Prix, Formula E veteran Sam Bird and his Envision Virgin Racing teammate Robin Frijns visited K1 Speed Mexico on Thursday, February 20th, 2020.

The event created a buzz of excitement in advance of the weekend’s race, and gave an opportunity for Envision Virgin Racing Formula E drivers to meet with fans and educate young racers about the Race Against Climate Change.

The event marked the second collaboration between the all-electric K1 Speed indoor karting chain and the all-electric FIA Formula E series. In 2015, when Formula E held an event in Long Beach, California, K1 Speed set up an outdoor electric karting track that the professional racers just had to try!

130R Race 4

The 2019/2020 season of the 130R Racing Series has been very successful at retaining the number of competitors. Twenty-seven of the thirty racers who signed up for the six round series showed up on Monday, February 10th, 2020 for Round Four.

In warm-up Ahmad Handy laid down a blistering 21.985 second lap, coming within four hundredths of a second of the track record. Daniel Demaras knew he would need to do something special to challenge for the win.

When it counted during qualifying, Daniel set a 22.157 second lap to take the pole position ahead of Nico and Ross. With these two racers behind him, plus the always dangerous Dawson Campbell in the field, the race was bound to be an epic fight.

A pulse-pounding race followed, with Daniel leading and King Nico challenging for the win, reeling in Daniel right up to the checkered flag. Despite all the excitement, the Top 3 qualifiers finished in the same order; Daniel Demaras in 1st, King Nico Hines in 2nd and Ross “The Boss” Sortino in 3rd.

For Demaras Sr., the night would be contested in the ‘Formula 2’ second tier race against old friend Igor on pole followed by Andrew Crane. Chris Demaras started third with Stacy Eberschlag in fourth followed by aggressive drivers like Anoop Pillai waiting to pounce.

A clean getaway from the drop of the green flag, and some customary Turn 2 bumping had the pack grouped together on lap 1. Fractions of a second separated first from last place, and the smallest mistake could cost a driver multiple positions.

Demaras had to avoid a sliding competitor at Turn 6, slowing so much that Anoop took third from Chris. However, Demaras rallied back, making an aggressive pass on his competitor only two laps later, returning to his qualifying position, where he finished the race. Pole sitter Igor took home the win ahead of Andrew Crane. Chris Demaras extended his streak of podium finishes to three races by coming home in 3rd place.

The points chart has Daniel in the lead over Ivano, with Logan a surprising third. Chris is in 7th place, but with two rounds to go, it’s anybody’s championship to win.

K1 Speed: Awards Night

~ by Daniel Demaras ~

After a year of close races and fast laps, the best of the best drivers came out to race at the K1RS awards night. Throughout the evening there were some great battles on track and super fast lap times. Some of Southern Ontario’s top outdoor karters and the quickest racers of K1 Speed Toronto showed up to battle it out against each other on track. Some fast times were set, with lap times getting very close to the outright lap record at K1 Speed Toronto.

One of the greatest moments of my short racing career so far was competing for Canada at the 2019 K1 Speed E-World Championships. Getting the opportunity to race against drivers from around the world in the beautiful state of California was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Only, I got the opportunity to do it again in 2020. Who was standing in my way? My own father.

Finally, the time came. Chris vs Daniel. Father vs Son. We both figured that while the most fair way to decide who qualifies for the World Championships was the head to head fastest lap challenge set up by the track, it probably wasn’t the most exciting for our friends watching. Instead of spacing ourselves out on track, we crossed the line side by side, ready to battle it out. For 8 laps, we went back and forth, side by side, pushing each other to the walls, pulling off switchbacks and passes on every corner of the circuit. I just had the edge, both on track and on the time sheets, but there was no time to rest. I knew that to solidify my spot in the World Championships, I would have to bring my A-game for the second of two races against him. This time after more close and intense racing, I made a pass and took off, making sure I set a fast enough lap time to punch my ticket for the K1 Speed World Championships.

After defeating my father, everybody at K1 gathered for the podium ceremony, where the top three K1RS points holders in 2019 were recognized. Chris Demaras, my dad, placed third, Santiago Ramirez, the top junior driver at K1 Speed, placed second, and I finished the year in first place. Dawson Campbell was also honoured for setting the fastest lap of 2019 which still stands as the outright K1 Speed lap record. Better than the trophies and the applause was the time spent with friends and family. K1 Speed has been a big part of my life for the past two years, and I’ve made friends and had some spectacular races, both with people I’ve met at K1, and with my own dad. When I go to California, I’ll be a better driver because of the battles I’ve had at K1, racing against super fast guys like lap record holder Dawson Campbell, reigning K1NG of Speed Daniel Chu, Racing to End Alzheimer’s Charity Race winner Paulo Fonseca, along with other top drivers like Igor Manukhov, Ahmad Hamdy, Ivano Di Vittorio, Jason Wong, Dale Goz, Nico Hines, Terry Mueller, and all the other top talents who come to K1 Speed, plus the stars of tomorrow in the junior karts like Santiago Ramirez, Christian Menezes and Stefano Picerno.

2019 was a fantastic year for K1 Speed. The first ever Challenge GP in Toronto, multiple thrilling drift nights, and a charity race with over $1000 raised to help fund Alzheimer’s research and care. With many great events on the horizon, such as the GoPro Challenge GP, there will be no better place to race in 2020 than K1 Speed Toronto.

Special thanks to photographer Ryan Dupont!

K1 Speed: The Race

Chris and Daniel both qualified for the K1 Speed World Championships this year, but only one racer can represent Canada at the competition.

On January 27 2019, father and son battled for the chance to race in California this spring. as part of the K1 Speed World Championships.

PRO Video

This video we created looks like a commercial. Not sure if it’s a PRO commercial, or a K1 Speed commercial, but whatever it is … I’m buying!

PRO at K1

Less than a month ago, PRO had their annual Indoor Karting Day at Formula Kartways in Brampton. As soon as that event was over the next race day was being planned out, including a recent Sunday at 401 Mini Indy and this past Monday, a PRO field trip to K1 Speed on the evening of the Champions Night.

While the PRO team principals couldn’t make it to the event (Darryl was in Mexico working a Formula 4 race, and Curtis was in Quebec teaching Porsche drivers how not to spin out on ice) ten core members of the team made it to the event including Jayden and John, Chad and Trevor, Santiago and Rocco, Logan and Tony, along with Daniel and Chris Demaras.

January 27th was Daniel’s 750th race at K1 Speed, meaning he’s done over 10,000 laps at the indoor circuit. That might have been a slight advantage against his teammates who haven’t visited K1 in a while. But it didn’t take long for the experienced PRO racers to get up to speed, with Logan setting a a 22.197 second lap before the night was up.

For a bunch of guys that spend nearly every weekend together at the track during the summer months, getting back out on track helps to deal with the withdrawal when racing season ends.


The excitement is really building for tonight’s Champions Night at K1 Speed in Toronto.

All the top drivers from the 2019 season will be there including Steven Mori, Daniel “K1NG of Speed” Chu and Sheri Menezes. Junior racers expected to compete for bragging rights include Christian Menezes and Santiago Ramirez, who finished 2nd place in the 2019 K1RS Points Challenge.

It’ll be a special night for Demaras Racing as both Daniel and Chris will be on the final podium of the season, after finishing 1st and 3rd respectively in the K1RS Points Challenge. There will also be a “Luke VS Vader” race between Daniel and Chris to see which of these two qualifiers will fly down to California for the 2nd annual K1 Speed e-World Championships for electric karts.

PRO teammates Chad Webster, Logan Ploder and Jayden Elphage will be at the track to compete against the top drivers at K1 Speed including Randy Pardy, Dawson Campbell and Ahmed Handy. The driver who sets the fastest lap of the night will win a 10-Race Package, so the contest is expected to be fierce!

While the event is partly a competition, it’s really just a chance for friends and rivals to get together at the track, enjoy some good food, cold drinks and some complimentary races courtesy of K1 Speed management.

Race Strategy

Chris Demaras prepares to battle his younger, quicker son Daniel Demaras on Monday, January 27, 2020. The winner will represent Canada at the K1 Speed World Championships later this year. What is Chris’ strategy?

130R Race 3 (Group A and B)

Some weeks at the track are just disappointing.

Last time out, Daniel Demaras had an epic race against friend and sparring partner Dawson Campbell, with Daniel taking a win in Race 2 to match Dawson’s win in Race 1. But Dawson was absent from Race 3 due to personal reasons … and it just wasn’t the same.

In Group A, Ivano and Ahmad set quick times in qualifying, but Daniel still managed P3 for the start. Young Demaras was confident he could make up positions once the two front-runners started battling. From the drop of the green flag, it was obvious Daniel’s kart had issues. The fifth place nearly ran into the back of Daniel’s kart which would not accelerate off the line. The same problem showed itself after every braking zone. Daniel kept up with the leaders, until the last lap when his kart died a slow and painful death. Dropping from 3rd to 6th was hard to watch as Daniel’s kart was so much slower in a straight line. He fought hard to defend his position, but the damage was done.

For the second race in a row, Chris put his kart on pole for the Group B final. After leading the opening lap, Demaras lost a position as Dale Goz took the lead with a strong passing maneuver.

Now second place, Chris tried to protect his position at the expense of overall lap time and speed. But he was under attack. An opponent attempted to overtake Chris at the final left-right sequence of corners, cutting Demaras off in the process. Contact. Hard feelings.

Chris finished third.

Here’s the points after 3 rounds in the 2019 / 2020 130R Racing Series.

Registration Open for Winter League

Demaras Racing has entered the 2020 GoPro Challenge GP Winter Race League. While the series will be running concurrently at the K1 locations in Toronto and Montreal, Daniel and Chris will be competing at the Toronto location only.

GoPro Challenge GP

15 Heats – 5 Weeks – 1 Winner

Do you think you have what it takes to go wheel-to-wheel with the best drivers at K1 Speed Toronto? Then participate in our GoPro Challenge GP Race League – a competitive adult racing series that is easy and affordable to join, and provides a unique and exhilarating racing experience like no other.

And new for 2020, the winner of our GoPro Challenge GP will not only earn a K1 Speed Prize Pack, but will also take home a brand-new GoPro Hero8 Black camera (a $470 value) – the latest and greatest from the action camera manufacturer we love the most!

Winter Season Schedule

  • Round 1: February 13th
  • Round 2: February 20th
  • Round 3: February 27th
  • Round 4: March 5th
  • Round 5: March 12th

Check-in at 7:00 pm. Racing begins promptly at 7:30 pm. 


  • Must pre-purchase 5-week League Package to be eligible to participate in the GoPro Challenge GP Race League.
  • 5-week League Package includes a total of 15 League heats
  • Races can only be used during league nights (non-transferable)
  • All participants must meet qualifications for riding in adult karts

Junior Qualification

Racers who may be too old or too experienced for our Junior Karting League, can now qualify to participate in Challenge GP races. Any racer between the ages of 14 and 18 who has a K1RS score at or above 1,400 points can participate in Challenge GP go kart race league events (driver must be approved for top speed in the adult karts)


Making the podium for our GoPro Challenge GP offers more than just bragging rights! Check out what you could take home…

  • 1st Place: 
    • GoPro Hero8 Black ($470 value)
    • an 8-race Prize Package (a $200 value)
  • 2nd Place: 
    • a 5-race Prize Package (a $125 value)
  • 3rd Place: 
    • a 3-race Prize Package (a $75 value)

How it works…

The Winter Season of the 2020 GoPro Challenge GP consists of 5 weeks of competition. Each weekly event includes the following:

  •   12 Lap Qualifier 1 – qualifying for best time
  •   12 Lap Qualifier 2 – qualifying for best time
  •   14 Lap Final – standing grid start final race.

Put your skills to the test and join today!  Who will emerge as the 2020 GoPro Challenge GP Winter Season Champion!