Tonight! 130R Grand Finale

The Wait Is Over!

The long-awaited, much-delayed, season-ending Grand Finale race of the 130R Racing Series at K1 Speed Toronto is today; Monday September 28th 2020.

Racing will begin at 8:00 pm sharp, with contenders expected to show up early for unofficial practice sessions.

Who Will Win The Championship!

Racers in the TOP 10 who’ve been mathematically eliminated from the Championship include speedy drivers like VLR Rok Masters driver Igor Manukov, multi-time CRKC race winner Chris Demaras, plus Mosport & Goodwood veteran ‘King’ Nico Hines. These racers will not make it easy for those contending to the overall championship.

At the top of the chart is Round 2 & 4 winner Daniel Demaras with 110 points. Only 24 points back is Round 1 & 3 winner Ivano Di Vittorio. Just behind him is lap-record holder Dawson Campbell, who is always a threat. At 27 points back, he’ll need maximum points to clinch.

The 130R Racing Series is a six-event, monthly racing competition run exclusively at K1 Speed’s Toronto circuit. The second season started in November 2019 with the final race originally scheduled for April 2020. Due to the global pandemic, racing at K1 Speed was suspended for several months.

Lamborghini Electric Drift Kart

Chinese firm Xiaomi Inc has partnered with Lamborghini to create the Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition.

The go-kart is based on the Ninebot two-wheel electric scooter, which can be removed and used separately. The manufacturer claims the go-kart has “classic Lamborghini elements” such as the big rear wang.

The kart has special rear tires that allow it to be used as a drift kart, much like the K1 Speed’s “drift karts“) plus electronic drive modes for drifting or racing. There’s even four speakers onboard to simulate the sound of a Lamborghini V8 (or optional V12). The little Lambo will have a limited release, and each go-kart is set to come with its own chassis number plate. This may be the only chance for regular pay-checkers to own their own Lambo!

First Laps at K1

The last time Demaras Racing turned laps at the Downsview Park track was 6 months ago. From March to September, Daniel and Chris have been busy racing at Goodwood, Innisfil and Sutton. Indoor kart racing has been the furthest thing from their minds as they compete in CRKC, TRAK and KartStars Canada races.

K1 looks different now; lots of plexiglass screens. Behind the masks the familiar faces of Len, Josh and Juez couldn’t hide their smiles.

With a month to go in the racing season, and all focus remains on Goodwood. However, on Monday September 28th the final race in the six-month long 130R Racing Series will finally take place at K1.

The conclusion of the series has been delayed since March due to ‘the virus’ and many competitors haven’t walked back into K1 Speed in quite some time. Getting some practice races in, Daniel knocked off the rust. Within an hour, Daniel set the fastest time of the day with a 22.765 second lap.

Chris Demaras also placed in the Top 10 times of the day with a 23.081 second lap, only three-tenths off Daniel’s ultimate pace. By the look on Chris’ face, he couldn’t be happier!

Looking forward to the race on Monday!

Season Finale: 130R Racing League

The 130R Racing Series is the brainchild of Mr. Dale Goz. Two years ago, he developed the the fun, competitive, monthly racing series at K1 Speed in Toronto. Although US locations’ racing series are organized by K1 Corporate, Canadian locations aren’t so fortunate. Goz’s efforts filled a void.

The first season lasted a full year, but not many racers could compete in all 12 events. For the second season, the 130R Racing Series was shortened to six months, wrapping up in April. The fifth event ran in March … then ‘the virus’ shut everything down.

Now, six months overdue, season two of the 130R Racing Series at K1 Speed is coming to an end. The “Season Finale” will take place on Monday, September 28th at 8:00 PM.

Chris Demaras hopes for a strong Top-5 finish (but would be satisfied if he could hold onto a Top-10 against these speed merchants) while Daniel Demaras aims for the overall championship.

Back at K1 Speed

For racer across the GTA, K1 Speed is more than just an indoor kart track. It’s the place where you meet your friends, summer or winter, to compete and see who’s fastest. Walking in the door activates ‘beast mode’ in most people.

The last time Daniel Demaras walked into K1 Speed was March 19th … 5 months ago! In winter 2019, Daniel would be at K1 at least twice a week, so to go two full seasons without turning a lap was bizarre.

Visiting K1 Speed this week was like coming home again. Yes, everything in the world has changed. All the customers and staff are wearing masks. Karts, tables and all high-tough surfaces are being regularly cleaned and sanitized. But with theaters, clubs and amusement parks still closed, K1 Speed is the best and safest place in town to have fun.

School is starting soon, and the outdoor kart racing season is in the final stretch. Grab your helmet (and your mask) and head over to K1 Speed to remember how good it feels to race again.

The Art of Racing

Michelle Demaras is the youngest member of the racing team. Her skills on road and off road are developing nicely. But her artistic ability leaves everyone else eating her dust!

During the great shutdown of 2020, K1 RaceGear had a contest for budding artists to design a new race suit. It was a four week colouring contest, with winners receiving $50 gift cards, $250 gift cards…and the overall winner seeing their design come to life!

It’s time to kick off the K1 custom suit design contest. Download one of the weekly image files. Color it and submit to the contest. New winners chosen for each contest. Weekly winners will be chosen and entered into a final “Fan Vote Bracket” to be decided on K1 RaceGear’s Twitter.

The winning suit will be produced by K1 for the winning driver and worn in competition.

Soon-to-be 11 year-old Michelle is hopes to win the contest, and see her pastel harlequin rainbow suit proudly worn on a podium!

Re-Opening Utah

The first two US locations of K1 Speed have just re-opened as part of the return to normalcy after the coronavirus pandemic. The tracks in Atlanta, Georgia and Salt Lake City, Utah opened their doors on Wednesday, May 6, 2020 in accordance with their local government relaxing of restrictions effective Friday, May 1, 2020.

A representative from Demaras Racing placed a phone call to K1 Speed Salt Lake City shortly after 1:00 pm (Mountain Daylight Time) to ask about progress. While the location has taken necessary steps to ensure a safe experience (see video below) customers had not walked in the door…yet.

Clearly, Utah has a need for speed. They’re among the first stats to re-open go-kart tracks, and earlier this week a 5-year-old Utah boy was pulled over while driving his mom’s car on Interstate 15 north of Salt Lake City. Somebody needs to take that kid to K1 Speed.

Still Closed

K1 Speed at Downsview Park. The building is completely abandoned.

Rows of karts with brand new chassis sit idle. Trophies for the 130R Racing Series remain unclaimed with one race yet to run. If it wasn’t for the fresh paint, you wouldn’t know anybody had been in the facility for weeks.

K1 Speed is a fun place. Sure, racetracks like Goodwood and Mosport are fun too…but those places are serious. K1 Speed is entertainment disguised as racing. But now it’s…lifeless.

PR: K1 Race Gear

First, our hope is this update finds all of you healthy in both body and spirit. The changes to our world, workplace and industry brought about by COVID-19 have been massive and we are committed to responding alike.

The K1 RaceGear retail showroom located in Carlsbad California is closed to the public until further notice. Our Distribution Center will continue to operate during normal business hours from 8am-5pm, PST to handle phone calls, emails, e-commerce orders and shipping. Please continue to call our customer service line at (800) 514-3277 or email us for all your questions or needs. In addition, our Distribution channels can rest assured that our warehouse is fully stocked with most popular K1 products and we will continue to fulfill and process orders without delay!

Our K1 RaceGear Pro Shop located in Concord, NC is closed to the public as well until further notice. We will continue to operate our normal hours of 8am – 5pm, EST answering phones, processing orders as well as offering curbside pickup of products if needed. Please contact us to make appointment

The K1 Custom Suit Design department remains in full swing!! Our fulltime design staff and custom suit dealers remain hard at work providing artwork for customers in a timely manner. We are committed to navigating these special circumstances with you and providing as always the finest custom tailored suits and safety equipment on the market with limited production delays.

“No other industry in the world has remained as resilient and optimistic during times of crisis and market turmoil as the Motorsports Industry. Our collective positivity, will to succeed and refusal to lose will guide us through these challenges. Safety is always our #1 priority at K1 and we will continue to do our part to help control the spread of this virus.”

JR Twedt – K1 General Manager

The Off-Season Never Ends

~ by Chris ‘#16’ Demaras ~

Two weeks has passed since “Friday the 13th” … the day all racing stopped. Daniel and I have taken the the opportunity to re-live the 2007 Formula 1 season by watching every race, in order. Sure, we already know that Raikkonen will win the World Championship in the final race at Brazil. And I think Massa even gives up the race win that day to help his teammate win the title (how magnanimous). But so many details of that season are distant memories, it really is like experiencing it again, for the first time.

Yesterday we watched the Monaco Grand Prix. The cameraman kept focusing on Michael Schumacher, who was working in the Ferrari garage as a ‘special consultant’. Schumacher had retired at the end of the previous season with 7 Championships, including five in a row at the red team. So, yeah … I’d call him special.

My son recollected a picture of that race which he’d seen as a child. Daniel described it as a crestfallen Schumacher, slumped over on the wall, watching the cars go by … wishing he was still racing too.

The picture really spoke to me. I see my son wishing he was getting ready for spring training, practicing at the local track. Instead, we’re just waiting for the season to start. We’re not the only ones. I saw this picture on K1 Speed’s social media of our friend Patricio Jourdain Jr in full race gear … not racing. He feels it too.

But this video of Luca Link really expresses what we’re all feeling.