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The Road to the K1 Speed Canadian Championship Begins Now

So you think you’re the fastest racer on the track? Now is your time to prove it. We’re looking to crown our first-ever Canadian karting champion, and qualification for the inaugural K1 Speed Canadian Championship begins now!

What is the K1 Speed Canadian Championship?
This is a one-day tournament to be held in January 2022, where the winner will move on as Canada’s representative for the K1 Speed World Championships. The Tournament will follow our popular K1NG of Speed tournament format to ensure a completely equal playing field for all participants.

How Can I Qualify?
The only way to qualify is to come out and race! The top 16 racers with the highest K1RS points by the end of the year will be invited to compete in the K1 Speed Canadian Championship tournament, where the winner will be crowned our national champion. You have until December 31th 2021 to collect as many K1RS points as you can to make it into the Top 16 and secure your spot in the championship tournament, which will be held in January 2022.

Racers must collect a minimum of 2500 K1RS points by December 31th 2021 to qualify for the championship tournament!

What’s The Prize?
The K1 Speed Canadian Champion will win the grand prize of $3000, and some serious bragging rights of being the BEST racer in Canada!

  • First Place: $3000
  • Second Place: $1500
  • Third Place: $500

The first-place winner also qualifies to compete at the K1 Speed World Championships in 2022 against the best K1 Speed racers in the world for a chance to win even more great prizing!

How do you collect K1RS points?
Show up and race! Every new racer starts with 1200 points, you get 2 points for racing in a race, and 2 points for every racer that you beat in that race. In addition, you get 2 bonus points if you have the single best lap time and 2 bonus points for having the best average lap time.

What location is this event being held at?
This is a Canada-wide championship, you can qualify for the championship at both the Toronto and Montreal location. The location and date of the final championship race will be announced at the end of the qualifying round and held in January 2022.

How old do you need to be to compete?
All racers must be 14 years of age or older to compete.

K1 Speed: Customer Appreciation Day


We know there hasn’t been much to celebrate so far this year, but we have something special for you all! We’ve made July 2nd 2021 our K1 Speed Customer Appreciation Day! 

We would like to thank you all for hanging in there with us during these difficult times, and for supporting the track now that we have reopened, and for that…we are offering every racer a free K1 Speed Canada T-shirt with the purchase of a 3-race package!

Come celebrate with us! We are so grateful to have you all back and so excited to continue racing with you!

F1 and K1

This is actually kind of cool. On Friday, June 11th, 2021, Alex Albon, the recent F1 pilot for Red Bull Racing, visited the K1 Speed location in Burbank, California. Rumours have it that he may have set a new lap record.

K1 SPEED: Opening This Week!

K1 Speed Canada, longtime sponsor of Demaras Racing, has announced their re-opening this week. There will be limited capacity and masks will be required…but who cares!

We finally get to race again!

No more lockdown, no wait, no crowds – no problem! Now that K1 Speed Toronto is reopening on June 10th, you can book your race times online in a few simple steps and speed safely through to the starting line in record time: 

  • Choose a K1 Speed Canada location and Arrive & Drive or Event Package
  • Choose from our popular race packages and tell us more about your party  (membership status, age, date, occasion)
  • Confirm & submit payment
  • Arrive & Drive! 

We’ve been apart for far too long, so we’ve got even more new stuff, free goodies, and special offers on the way! 

*Race times for Arrive & Drive racing are available for reservation through our new online  booking portal 7 days in advance and up to 24 hours prior to the date of your visit. Same-day  bookings are not available.

With the racing season on the back burner for so many months, there’s plenty of pent-up demand for high-speed action. Take the opportunity to get back out to K1 Speed as soon as possible.

K1: Getting Ready

As Ontario prepares to re-open, racing facilities are ready. K1 Speed will have a soft opening on Thursday, June 10th with a full re-opening on Monday, June 14th … the official day that Step 1 of Ontario’s Road to Reopening takes effect.

UPDATE: K1 Speed World Championships

In 2019, Daniel Demaras qualified for the inaugural K1 Speed World Championships. Competing against some of the world’s best electric kart racers, Daniel finished on the podium. Daniel punched his ticked to California again when he qualified for the 2020 K1 Speed World Championships, aiming for the top step of the podium, The Demaras family had their flights booked for California in March 2020. Then ‘the virus’ hit and everything stopped.

This week, communication from K1 Speed arrived, confirming that the organization is still planning on running the event as soon as international travel restrictions are lifted.

Hello Racer,

First off, we have not forgotten about you and we apologize for the silence on our end regarding the E-World Championship. The pandemic has thrown K1 Speed some unique challenges when it has come to planning this major event. Rest assured, anyone who qualified for the World Championship in the years prior, (from 2019 on) will be invited when we host our next event.

The biggest reason for the delay is that this is an international competition – not just national. While the United States appears to be rounding the corner of this pandemic, unfortunately, the same cannot be said for some of our fellow countries that take part in the championship. As a result, there are still many restrictions when it comes to international travel. Until it’s safe for everyone to travel to the event – including our international competitors – the E-World Championship dates are pending.

Thank you for your understanding. And again, you have not lost your place for a chance at winning some big bucks. We just need to be a patient for a little while longer. If you have any questions, definitely feel free to reach out to me at any time.


K1 Speed

17221 Von Karman Ave.

Irvine, California, 92614

Homemade Kart

Michelle Demaras is more than just the youngest member of the Demaras Racing team. As head of the team’s art department, she is clearly the most talented.

With help from her family, Michelle designed and built the No. 29 kart for competition in K1 Speed’s “Build Your Own Kart” contest. Starting with a cardboard box, Michelle cut and shaped it into a wedge-shaped racer, spray painted the box silver, and glued the race-themed K1 Speed livery with precision.

The whole Demaras Racing family is proud of Michelle’s creation…and her smile says it all.

Out on the driveway, two teddy bear took turns behind the wheel, imagining themselves racing around the local K1 Speed indoor track!

Very Industrial

~ by Michelle #29 Demaras ~

I didn’t really know what to expect today. Since it’s March Break, I woke up late, and my brother told me dad called; we’d be going to the shop to work on something.

I was aware that we would be spray painting a miniature cardboard go-kart we had been working on for a K1 Speed contest, but I wasn’t sure of how it would work. I’ve never spray painted before, so I had no idea what it would be like. But the result of doing it was actually a lot more fun than I expected.

For one, simply preparing the cans of the paint was such a pain, having to vigorously shake it for around five minutes. Not exactly difficult, but not fun either. Once we started using it, the stink was absolutely horrendous. In fact, the mix of the nasty toxins and even nastier scent, lead to me wearing what I can only describe as the most heavy-duty mask I’ve worn. It was annoying to breathe in the gas mask, but at the same time I couldn’t smell anything, so it was fully worth it.

Painting it was fun, it was very simple, considering the fact that it’s nothing but spraying. We painted the kart chrome with some sides a light grey, and it ended up looking quite metallic, despite not being the optimal surface for the spray paint. It was overall a very fun experience, and the go-kart itself looks amazing.

We plan on adding even more things to the kart, such as K1 Speed decals, which will make the already “out-there” kart more original.

10/10 day!, Excited for what’s coming next!

Carboard Car

Once K1 Speed’s contest was announced, there was a flurry of activity at Demaras Racing HQ. A big brainstorming session brought about some lofty goals. A full-scale cardboard F1 car would definitely win the contest. But according to the YouTube video, it takes 500 hours and detailed schematics.

On to plan B!

Since the K1 Speed contest did not require a human-sized kart, the decision was made to bring in Bamse and TV Bamse, the official mascots of Demaras Racing. After considering cardboard cars of various sizes, the decision was made to create a big-winged, high downforce, two-seat sportscar in honor of Denmark’s long history at Le Mans. Plus, it’ll be cute to have two teddys in there.