Homemade Kart

Michelle Demaras is more than just the youngest member of the Demaras Racing team. As head of the team’s art department, she is clearly the most talented.

With help from her family, Michelle designed and built the No. 29 kart for competition in K1 Speed’s “Build Your Own Kart” contest. Starting with a cardboard box, Michelle cut and shaped it into a wedge-shaped racer, spray painted the box silver, and glued the race-themed K1 Speed livery with precision.

The whole Demaras Racing family is proud of Michelle’s creation…and her smile says it all.

Out on the driveway, two teddy bear took turns behind the wheel, imagining themselves racing around the local K1 Speed indoor track!

Very Industrial

~ by Michelle #29 Demaras ~

I didn’t really know what to expect today. Since it’s March Break, I woke up late, and my brother told me dad called; we’d be going to the shop to work on something.

I was aware that we would be spray painting a miniature cardboard go-kart we had been working on for a K1 Speed contest, but I wasn’t sure of how it would work. I’ve never spray painted before, so I had no idea what it would be like. But the result of doing it was actually a lot more fun than I expected.

For one, simply preparing the cans of the paint was such a pain, having to vigorously shake it for around five minutes. Not exactly difficult, but not fun either. Once we started using it, the stink was absolutely horrendous. In fact, the mix of the nasty toxins and even nastier scent, lead to me wearing what I can only describe as the most heavy-duty mask I’ve worn. It was annoying to breathe in the gas mask, but at the same time I couldn’t smell anything, so it was fully worth it.

Painting it was fun, it was very simple, considering the fact that it’s nothing but spraying. We painted the kart chrome with some sides a light grey, and it ended up looking quite metallic, despite not being the optimal surface for the spray paint. It was overall a very fun experience, and the go-kart itself looks amazing.

We plan on adding even more things to the kart, such as K1 Speed decals, which will make the already “out-there” kart more original.

10/10 day!, Excited for what’s coming next!

Carboard Car

Once K1 Speed’s contest was announced, there was a flurry of activity at Demaras Racing HQ. A big brainstorming session brought about some lofty goals. A full-scale cardboard F1 car would definitely win the contest. But according to the YouTube video, it takes 500 hours and detailed schematics.

On to plan B!

Since the K1 Speed contest did not require a human-sized kart, the decision was made to bring in Bamse and TV Bamse, the official mascots of Demaras Racing. After considering cardboard cars of various sizes, the decision was made to create a big-winged, high downforce, two-seat sportscar in honor of Denmark’s long history at Le Mans. Plus, it’ll be cute to have two teddys in there.

K1 Speed Contest

K1 Speed Canada has a special relationship with Demaras Racing. Some of Michelle’s first ever laps at the wheel of a racing kart were at Downsview Park, Daniel represented Team Canada at the K1 Speed e-World Championships, and K1 Speed even awarded Chris his first trophy since high school.

While the track has been closed for a long time due to ‘the virus’ K1 Speed has been able to keep in touch with race fans through social media. They’ve announced a fun, creative, artistic contest:

Are you missing K1 Speed as much as we miss you? While we patiently await your return – we want to give you the opportunity to race at home.

Get creative and you could win a $75 gift card redeemable at any of our K1 Speed Canada Locations.

In 8 easy steps, you can build your own K1 Speed Go Kart at Home.

Use those old boxes, coloured pencils, markers, and paints to create your custom kart. Your imagination is endless, creating so many possibilities using our K1 Speed Printable Decals.

This Guide can work with any size box – build a Kart for yourself, your favourite stuffed animal – even your pet!

K1 Speed Canada

There’s 8 easy steps to follow to make your own cardboard kart.

That line “…build a Kart for yourself, your favourite stuffed animal…” makes this project very appealing.

K1 Speed Toronto Temporary Closure

Despite what has been a very difficult year for us all, our unwavering commitment to the community and the general welfare of our guests and team members continues to be our top priority.  In the interest of preserving and protecting public health and safety, and in response to the latest public health measures announced by local and provincial authorities, K1 Speed Toronto will be temporarily suspending operations and will be closed beginning Monday November 23rd, 2020.

We will be monitoring this developing situation closely, and will provide updates to our valued guests as soon as they become available, including rescheduling any existing party bookings or events.

With everybody’s cooperation in following the recommendations of Public Health and taking the prescribed precautions, we are hopeful that this will just be a short pause, and we will be back on track before you know it.  Until then, we wish good health to you and your loved ones, and look forward to seeing you at the track soon!

K1 Closing Again

2020 has been a tough year for K1 Speed Canada. Initial plans to launch a second GTA location in Mississauga did not materialize. The worldwide impact of ‘the virus’ resulted in their Toronto facility closing on March 17 for nearly 5 months before re-opening in August.

With the Ontario government announcing on Friday that certain types of businesses in Toronto would go into lockdown, the writing was on the wall. K1 Speed is a non-essential business where large numbers of people gather in an indoor setting. A phone call to K1 Speed tonight confirmed that the facility will close on Sunday 22 November at 9:00 pm. Although the government mandated closure is set for four weeks, the representative on the phone hinted that K1 Speed could be closed for much longer.

A press release is expected on Monday to confirm the closure.


A year ago, Daniel Demaras was on a mission to get 4,000 K1RS points to qualify for the K1 Speed E-World Championships. He reached his goal, and would represent Canada for a second time. A little over six months ago, the event was delayed and Demaras has been waiting for an update ever since.

Looking at the news out of California, where the E-World Championships are held, things do not look promising. The governor of California has placed the state under a month long curfew. Californians are required to be off the streets and in their homes between 10pm and 5am daily in an effort to stop social gatherings which have lead to an increase of cases of ‘the virus‘.

In Huntington Beach, groups of protesters symbolically burned masks to show they were not going to stand for restrictions on their freedoms. Only in America.

While Demaras looks forward to returning to California for the second time, to represent Canada at the K1 Speed E-World Championships, the chances are slim that the event will even occur in the foreseeable future.

Safety First

Yes, racing is fast and fun. But it can be dangerous!

P.S. This would never happen at K1 Speed, thanks to their remote ignition interrupter enforcing pit lane speed limits.

Driving Skills

Thanks to Damiano for sending this video; clearly, driving skills have deteriorated quickly in the off season.

P.S. This would never happen at K1 Speed, thanks to their remote ignition interrupter.

130R Racing Series: Season 3

This past weekend marked the official end to the outdoor kart racing season in Ontario. Some racers will travel to Las Vegas to compete in ‘ROK the RIO’ but Demaras Racing will return to indoor kart racing closer to home.

The third season of the 130R Racing Series at K1 Speed is set to kick off this month for a 6 round challenge.

  • Monday, November 9th, 2020
  • Monday, December 7th, 2020
  • Monday, January 11th, 2021
  • Monday, February 8th, 2021
  • Monday, March 8th, 2021
  • Monday, April 12th, 2021

Two-time series champion Daniel Demaras will return to compete again, as will series veteran Chris Demaras, who had a solid Top 10 run last season. Rumors swirl about new competitors joining 130R from Goodwood Kartways, but time will tell.