Not the greatest GIF ever, but this was 5 minutes after driving back from NV Auto in Hamilton. 1992 Subaru SVX airing up and airing out. Some fine tuning next week, after the race weekend. Never a quiet moment at Demaras Racing!

Sneak Peek

~ by Chris #16 Demaras ~

The guys at NV Auto have wrapped up the SVX project. While it might not be the first 1992 Subaru SVX on air suspension, it certainly is the first one I’ve ever seen! Pickup is scheduled for Wednesday.

Can’t wait!

The Most Expensive Subaru Ever Sold

And Daniel thought repairing his WRX was expensive!

A million dollar price was paid for a Subaru rally car last month. The car, driven by Subaru legend Richard Burns to victory at the 2000 Rally GB, was sold “as-raced” and never restored or modified.

  • A completely original WRC car.
  • Chassis #11 was acquired directly from the finish line of the 2000 Rally GB, preserving its originality
  • Car was driven to victory by the late, great Richard Burns.
  • In a private collection for years, the car has only been used for demonstration events .

The value comes from the originality of the vehicle, which is exactly as it was when raced at the turn of the century. Immediately after the race, the Subaru was sold, preserving it as a near-perfect time capsule. However, 300 HP, 2.0 L engine was given a replacement ECU to allowed the car to run on unleaded gasoline.

The car was sold via auction house Collecting Cars for a staggering $1,041,812 Canadian dollars.

Headlight Refinishing

Despite what Pixar’s Cars might have people think, the eyes of a car are its headlights…not its windshield. The 2002 & 2003 Subaru WRX had such cartoonish, happy-looking eyeballs, it seems strange that so many people pick this design element to modify. Many install Japan-only HID lights from the STi, giving the face an angry look (or even cross-eyed look) from the projector lamps. Not many owners just leave the stock headlights alone.

Daniel decided to take a different approach to his WRX. Restoring rather than modifying it. Keeping the car as original as possible, with concessions to some modern amenities like a back-up camera.

When the car came back from the body shop, the bright, World Rally Blue paint really emphasized how yellowed the headlight lenses had become. Oxidation of the plastic on the 18-year-old car really showed, plus millions of little scratches diffused the light into a starburst pattern.

With the guidance of uncle Trevor from Reeve Webster Racing (and a 3M headlight restoration kit), Daniel was able to sand, polish and coat the headlights on the Bugeye WRX to make them look almost new again. Anybody can throw a couple hundred dollars at the parts guy for a new set of lights, but putting in some time and effort makes them your headlights.


You never know who you’ll bump into at the local dealership. Could be your grandson.

Car Wash

After a week on the road and nearly 500 km, the WRX got it’s first car was this weekend. It’s these little moments people remember.

Chance Meeting

Once again, Daniel bumped into the fastest Bugeye east of Yonge Street right on O’Connor Dr. Last time he met John, Daniel’s WRX was just a concept. Now, here it is…in real life.

The cars are very similar. Produced within a year of each other, they both have BBS RK wheels and World Rally Blue paint. They’re both nearly stock in appearance, but John has installed a later-model STi ‘high-rise’ hood scoop, while the wing riser on Daniel’s WRX lifts the factory spoiler up to a more aggressive angle.

A professional-grade photoshoot is in the works. A drag race is not.

The Drive Home

Months of searching, followed by extensive repairs. Now the Bugeye WRX is finally ready to hit the road.

The Eagle

~ by Chris #16 Demaras ~

Daniel got his WRX this. The car has been in and out of 5 different shops (mechanic, body shop, electronics, exhaust, detailing) over the last 90 days. Daniel paid for the car and did as much of the work as he could personally. I was glad to see the smile on his face when he finally turned that key and drove off. I’ve been waiting for this since I was 17.

When I first got my license, my dad gave me my big sister’s old car and sent me out to work for the family business. I was glad to have the freedom and mobility the car provided suburban, teenage me. And the job paid good money. But the car was so…boring.

It was beige. The interior was the colour of a double-double coffee. I wanted flash! So with the money I earned from my job, I began customizing the 1989 Eagle Vista (a re-badged Mitsubishi Colt). First it was things I could do myself, like sanding down the chrome trim and painting it flat black. Blacked out tail lights, tinted windows and fog lights.. Then a spoiler from an BMW M3 and a front air dam from the Japan-only Colt Turbo. Later, 5-spoke aluminum wheels and Pirelli tires. A Blaupunkt CD player in the dashboard and three Rodek amplifiers pushed power to the four 12″ subwoofers in the trunk. The speaker box weighed the rear end down so much, I had to install spring spacers to get the ride height back to ‘normal‘.

Those first coupe of years with that car impacted my approach to car ownership ever since. I’ve always modified, customized and personalized my cars. I’ve never bought a car and just been happy enough to leave it stock.

If I just had something cool when I was 16 or 17, I might never have been this way. Even now I have a lifted truck and a slammed sports coupe. Nothing stock. So, when Daniel got his license last year, I wanted to make sure he didn’t have a double-double coffee coloured econobox.

Final Detail

It took almost 100 days from test drive to pickup from the final repair shop…but the Bugeye is ready . Chris visited this afternoon right after the detailing was completed to clean up the interior. Daniel will visit this afternoon to pop the new BBS centre caps on and drive off in his first car.