Ever wonder how small Scandinavian countries produce so many top level racers? When you think of Finland you automatically think of Kimi Raikkonen and Mika Hakkinen. The Demaras Auto Racing team arrived in Denmark, land of Tom Kristensen and Kevin Magnussen, to visit the best karting tracks in the country to find out what makes Scandinavians so fast. First stop, pick up young cousin Simon Rasmussen and head to Action House in the town of Lokken.


Action House seems like a kids play land when you first arrive, but the karting facility is second to none. The Dino 200 cc karts (9 hp) were only 5 days old, and didn’t have a scratch on them.

The track is absolutely wild! There’s a good mix of tight hairpin corners and fast carousels, but the defining features are an underground tunnel section of the track, followed by a blind corner leading in to a high banked final turn. Amazing.

The track feels a little chaotic when 15 karts (junior and senior karts) are on the track at the same time, with only one flag man near the pit entrance.


Overall, the track was quick, challenging and a little dangerous. Driver #12 was only 1 second off the month’s fastest time within minutes of taking to the track, but those last few tenths were hard to find once the track got crowded.



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