SOLD: Championship Winning Kart

UPDATE: As of November 14th 2021, the No. 412 has been sold.

With the TRAK season complete, Garage K12 was emptied for the last time. This little corner of Goodwood Kartways has been ‘head office’ for Demaras Racing for several years, and the home of the No.412 kart which Daniel Demaras raced in 2021.

Purchased new in April 2021, the No. 412 kart is now for sale. The kart was only raced for 14 weekends, took pole position at Nationals, a win in KartStars, earned multiple podiums and the 2021 TRAK Championship in Briggs Masters. It has been meticulously maintained by New Speed Motorsports.

The Intrepid F4K chassis was a new design for 2021, with a narrow ‘waist’ and a straight bar at the back end of the chassis, allowing just the right amount of flex. The braking system was also improved, now using a floating brake disk and dual pistons. This provided improved stopping power, and retracts the brake pads to avoid dragging the brake on straights.

Daniel Demaras’ No. 412 kart is different than anything else on the grid:

  • Titanium components; light-weight and extremely strong, OTK sidepod bars, front crash bars and rear bumper brackets.
  • A custom-made, aluminum sprocket guard was added in place of the stock plastic unit for better protection.
  • A custom-made aluminum chain guard has been added. The rigid piece is bolted to the back of the chassis, protecting the engine if a competitor mounts the rear bumper.
  • Douglass vented magnesium front wheels with integrated hubs, mounted directly to the front spindle with a single 22mm nyloc nut (additional weight savings).
  • A hybrid ceramic bearing replaced the stock bearing in the Douglas wheels, minimizing rolling resistance.
  • OTK fiberglass and Kevlar seat that has never been drilled to add lead ballast. Even the drain hole drilled in the bottom had the edges finished with fiberglass resin.
  • An Odenthol Motor Mount is also included, providing a stable platform for power delivery.

The kart is in excellent mechanical condition, all bearing roll smooth and silent, and the frame is square within 2mm. Marco at Goodwood has a frame table to confirm this.

An excellent Briggs & Stratton LO206, race-prepped by Dale at NBS, is also be included . The race-winning engine has been pressure-tested, does not leak at all, and took multiple pole positions this season. It’s a monster.

Included with the sale are:

  • Two full sets of magnesium Douglas wheels (with Vega slicks)
  • One set of aluminum Douglas wheels (with Vega rain tires)
  • A kart stand and vinyl “Intrepid’ kart cover
  • Briggs & Stratton air filter cover (for rain races).
  • A new-in-box Briggs & Stratton air filter
  • An unopened case of Amsoil 4T racing oil
  • An unopened box of 4 Autolite spark plugs
  • Two spare spindles and one spare steering column.

A second even more powerful engine (with its own Odenthol plate for quick swap) is also available. Literally EVERYTHING a racer needs to go out next year and win races.

No expense has been spared on the parts and maintenance of this kart. Send inquiries to or call (905) 640-5278 and speak to Marco at Goodwood to see it in person.

2021 TRAK Champion

It’s official!

No. 412 Daniel Demaras has won the 2021 TRAK Championship in Briggs Masters, going back to back with his 2020 TRAK Championship. Congratulations to Bruno Polo and Jeff Conte for rounding out the top three spots. And special acknowledgement to Mr. Chris Lemme for finishing a strong 5th place in the overall championship.

Thank You Subaru

The racing season draws to a close this weekend, with the final round of the 2021 TRAK Championship. Daniel Demaras and the No. 412 kart want to take the opportunity to thank Scarboro Subaru. Much more than a sponsor, this relationship is more like family.

From the start of Daniel’s karting career, Guy Vigliatore has supported the young racer. Encouragement, PR events, articles in Subaru publications, and of course financial help. Demaras has gone from a boy to a man under the watchful eye of the Vigliatore Auto Group, and knowing he had their support behind him was a great boost of confidence to Daniel.

As new sponsors arrived over the years, the Six Star logo was always front and centre on kart. In time, the race winning motor was even painted World Rally Blue and re-named Impreza in honour of the Subaru brand.

When Daniel was old enough to get his first car, there was no question that it would be a Subaru. With the purchase of his WRX, Demaras was now also a customer…but more like a representative of the brand. The ‘Bugeye’ WRX was originally sold in late 2002 at Scarboro Subaru by none other than Guy Vigliatore himself. The dealership also had the painful task of restoring the 18-year-old car’s brakes and suspension to provide Daniel with a quick and dependable AWD machine which he could daily drive and take to the race track.

Whenever Demaras is on track, the Subaru logo can always be seen right under his number plate on the front fairing, and in the WRB blue paint on the engine shroud.

The Demaras family extends their heartfelt thanks to the Vigliatore family of Scarboro Subaru for their years of support. As the 2021 racing season ends, new opportunities for 2022 arise. Whatever Daniel will be racing next year, there will always be a bit of Subaru on track with him.

Race Day: 2021 TRAK Race 14

Even though this weekend was only Race 14 of 15 on the calendar, it appears that Daniel Demaras in the No. 412 kart will be the only NSM racer to compete in the October 23rd’s TRAK Season Finale. The Goodridge’s were not under the NSM tent at TRAK Race 13, and Cayden didn’t compete in Race 14. The Simone’s are moving to Florida mid-month, so they won’t be back at Goodwood Kartways either. Next year, NSM may only compete in regional races, like the KartStars Canada. So, in may ways, this was the end for New Speed Motorsports.

But for Chris and Daniel from Demaras Racing, this is just another chance at racing glory. Next year’s racing season may look very different, but in the meantime, Daniel will try to wrap up back-to-back TRAK Championships for New Speed Motorsports.

Daniel Demaras and his de-facto Intrepid teammate Jeff Conte planned out their qualifying run. Starting at the front of the pack, they would draft and push to the front of the grid.

First the No. 413 was out front, then the No. 412 took a turn. The two racers pushed hard to beat the Tony Kart duo of Yanko and Polo, who were using the same strategy. With a few laps to go, Yanko pulled into the pits and Polo Polo continued, slowing on the front straight. Waiting for the Intrepids to arrive, to try and catch their draft, Polo held the racing line. This forced Demaras and Conte off line, spoiling the lap they were on, and the next lap. Chris Demaras was furious at what he saw as ‘tactics’.

Back under the NSM tent, tuner Cale M. worked his magic on the kart. The new race slicks had already been mounted, and balanced. Cale extended the rear width to within a hair of the maximum allowed by the regulations, and adjusted the front caster to dial out all the excessive grip causing the No. 412 to two-wheel on the unseasonably warm October afternoon.

Demaras started the Pre-Final in P3, behind Conte. On the right side of the grid was Polo in P2, and Yanko behind him in P4. Just before the green, Yanko accelerated hard into the rear bumper of Polo, causing the No. 477’s neck to snap back. Polo jumped out to the lead (later assessed a jump-start penalty) before being chased down by Conte.

Demaras had a great battle with Yanko in the closing laps as the rivals swapped places multiple times before the end of the race.

The TRAK Race 14 Final had all the usual suspects. No. 413 Conte, No. 477 Polo, No. 470 Yanko and No. 412 Demaras made up the first two rows. After a clean start, the Tony Kart duo battled the home track favourites in the Intrepid karts. By lap 2, Demaras had moved up a position, but was absolutely hammered in Turn 9 by a rival. This sent Demaras off track into the dirt, where he tumbled down to sixth position, his lowest point of the day.

But there is no quit in Daniel Demaras. He got back on track, and proceeded to move up the field, picking off positions aggressively and cleanly. He had a great battle with Dan Skilton in the No. 495 Leclerc kart, who was visiting Goodwood from his home track at Mosport this weekend. Demaras defended his position and brought the No. 412 home on the podium in 3rd place, but was later elevated to second place after Yanko was issued a one position penalty for blocking.

The only other NSM driver left, Rocco Simone in the No. 95, took victory in the Briggs Cadet race under the guidance of his dad Anthony, and NSM tuner Glenn.

This secured second place in the Briggs Cadet Championship for Rocco, who will not return to compete in the last race of the season.

The podium was a little surreal. Conte and Demaras proudly stood on the podium but Yanko would not join them.

Two years ago, Demaras he had never been on the podium. Now, he’s raced his Intrepid kart to multiple wins, pole positions and back-to-back TRAK Championships.

Spiritual Advisory

If this ‘kart-racing’ thing doesn’t work out, Matte and me can always fall back on our careers as gangster rappers. Our duo Spiritual Advisory is planning a full album on the strength of the single Straight Outta Brampton.

2021 CRKC: R9

~ by Chris #16 Demaras ~

By Friday afternoon, I’d already worked a full day, the drove up to Goodwood Kartways. My buddy Trevor (from Reeve Webster Racing) met me at the track, and we prepared the No. 412 kart for Saturday’s club race. Daniel would be trying to clinch back-to-back championships, so we wanted to give him every advantage we could.

At some point, I was on my own. I was suited and booted and ready to race, but I still had work to do. In the background, young Matte Ferrari advised me on what steps to take, while checking the quality of the engine oil on the shelf. He’s a very supportive young man.

I heard my name over the loudspeaker and quickly rushed out on track. We were running reverse layout again, so I was confident that I could back up last week’s podium finish with another strong result.

Off the track I wrenched on Daniel’s kart, on the track I hustled my A&D kart as fast as I could. I knew I was overdoing it again, but I couldn’t stop.

As the hours ticked by, I was starting to feel exhausted!

The sun was setting, and temperatures were dropping. Grip was disappearing as quickly as the sunlight, and several racers (including yours truly) struggled to keep the kart on the island.

Except my young friend Miggy. That kid can drive in any conditions! He qualified P2, then in the Final, his kart got nailed from behind (remember that lack of grip?) dropping his way down the order. He put on a recover drive to finish on the podium. Way to go, Migster!

I wasn’t able to get back on the podium. I qualified 5th, and was quickly overtaken by my ‘racing rival’ Andy T. I had a quick kart, no doubt, but I couldn’t figure out where to pass Andy without dive-bombing him…and since he always races me clean, that wasn’t an option. I took my position back at Turn 6 and focused forward to gain more positions, but I took to long. White flag, checkered flag, race over exactly where I started in 5th place.

2021 TRAK Race 14: Details




  • Friday October 1st 10am-4pm


  • 8:00 am – Gates Open
  • 8:15 am – Registration Opens
  • 9:15 am – Registration Closes
  • 9:30 am – Mandatory Driver’s Meeting
  • 10:00 am – Practice Session 1 (7 Minute)
  • T.B.D – Qualifying (7 Minute)
  • Lunch Break
  • T.B.D – Pre-Final (10 Lap Race)
  • T.B.D – Final (12 Lap Race)
  • 4:00 pm – Podium Presentation


  • Rok Senior
  • Rok Masters
  • Mini Rok
  • Briggs Masters
  • Briggs Junior
  • Briggs Cadet
  • Briggs Senior
  • Briggs Junior Lite
  • Rok Junior


  • This race will utilize the Forward Long Track configuration.
  • Registration will be open on-site on Friday for drivers practicing. Parking arrangements will also be completed.
  • Registration will re-open on-site Saturday morning for all others. Access to the Registration Office will be controlled. Drivers are required to come into registration with completed forms. Click HERE for the forms.
  • Please read the all documents for TRAK Race Day Event Procedures and Guidelines before attending.

For more information on our Club Racing program please visit

LN Racing Kart

Helping take away the sting of losing out on his first F1 win at last week’s Russian GP, Maclaren’s Lando Norris has launched the LN Racing Kart.

The kart is manufactured by OTK, which builds the Fernando Alonso Kart as well as the original Tony Kart. Norris will also lead his own kart racing team, which he hopes will give young drivers the chance to win a karting world championship, like Norris himself did in 2014.

Extra Special Weekend

It was a rare double podium this weekend for Demaras Racing as Chris (finally) finished P3 in the Friday Night CRKC race. To keep his father from feeling too bad, Daniel’s also finished P3 in the TRAK race on Saturday.

To make his podium extra-special, Daniel wore his Migster Racing hat while collecting the hardware. Demaras is a big supporter of young CRKC racer Miggy Montano. That kid is a real rising star!

Really, one of the best things at the track is seeing your friends do well. So, a special ‘shout out’ to Ethan Pollack who took home the win in ROK Junior. No matter how hard it rained when he was on the podium, nothing could take the smile off his face!

2021 TRAK Race 14: Preview

Club Racing This Saturday!

For Immediate Release: September 29th, 2021

Thank you to all of you who came out last weekend and helped us beat the weather! We are back at it this Saturday for TRAK Race 14, sponsored by ROK Cup Canada. Details below. Looking forward to another great event!

Race Fourteen Notes:

  • Race Fourteen Details are now available. Click HERE. Event information including practice availability leading up to the event, class order, race format, configuration, Covid-19 protocols and a time table will all be detailed in the document.
  • Please note the designated practice times in the Race Fourteen Details.
  • We look forward to having you all back for another great day of racing. Additional prizes and/or draws will take place at the podium presentation.

For more information on Goodwood Kartways and the Toronto Racing Association of Karters please visit or call us at (905)640-5278.