Data Acquisition

It’s always a good learning experience to come down to the track for practice. There’s nothing better than seat time.


On Saturday, I had the chance to work with the highly-skilled Curtis Fox at the track.

My father and I came down to the track early so we could set up our base at the track and also get some warm-up laps in.

When Curtis showed up at the track he watched my line around the short track, and would sometimes stop me on track to give me tips and advice. Off track, I learned how to look at data from the MyChron using RaceStudio, and how to properly analyze my lap times.

Using Curtis’ technique of throwing the kart into a corner to the point of oversteer, I went back on track and tried it out.

I reduced my laptimes by a second over the course of the day, and am feeling super prepared for this weekend’s club race at Goodwood.


Thanks to Curtis for taking time to provide me with driver training this weekend.





Saturday night at Sunset Speedway

After a hard day of camping for Michelle and driver training for Daniel, the Demaras family went to the races! Saturday was Championship Night at Sunset Speedway.

2018 is the 50th anniversary of Sunset Speedway, and the Demaras Auto Racing Team has always enjoyed the oval track races at the local Nascar home track.



The racing was exciting, with beatin’ an bangin’ in the corners. There was even a green – white – checker to finish off the championship. As the winner crossed the finish line, steam could be seen erupting from his punctured radiator!

Daniel’s driving coach Curtis Fox mentioned that his father used to take him to the Saturday night stock car races all the time. Here’s hoping that the Demaras family can continue the tradition.

Thinking of Robbie Wickens

At Goodwood Kartways, the words #GetWellWickens could still be seen painted across the starting line. Thoughts of hometown hero Wickens weigh on the minds of everyone at the track.


Coming home on Sunday to watch the IndyCar race in Sonoma, the first images of Robbie, recovering in hospital, we released via Twitter.

Under the Lights

After a nearly month long break, the Champion Ron Fellows Karting Challenge returned at Goodwood Kartways for the season finale doubleheader. With cold temperatures and a long day ahead, the field was set for a tough day.


Daniel had some extra motivation going into the day, because it was his 15th birthday. He even got a racing themed card from his sister.

The morning layout was different than usual, with the chicane being put in ahead of turn one. With no practice, Daniel needed to get used to it. While pushing the limits late in practice, he found them by spinning into the grass.


Daniel struggled in qualifying, and ended up in 24th. After a good start in the prefinal, he had moved up to 19th, but while avoiding a backwards kart in the chicane, he went through the grass and tumbled to 22nd.

In the final, Daniel battled race long with his PRO teammates, but ended up losing two places and finishing in 24th.


For the second part of the race day, the chicane was removed. Daniel found himself around the same part of the grid, qualifying 21st after not getting a draft.


Bad luck in the prefinal again meant that he was starting 26th for the final race of the day.

Daniel had a great start, getting up to tenth, but had to take evasive action due to karts slowing down after Treadwell was pointed the wrong way. From last place, Daniel fought back to 24th.


Teammate Matte Ferrari had his best ever race day, winning both races and taking home the Pfaff junior driver of the day award. Former teammate Keidon Fletcher fought hard to cross the line first, but was relegated to second after a post race penalty.


Though the big events are all over now, there are still two club races left for Demaras to pick up some points.

Soggy Monday at CRKC

The rain fell all day in Southern Ontario. Something about leftovers from a hurricane in the US. Surprising as it seems, the wet weather was enough to scare away most of the racers. There were only two (2!) kids competing in cadets.


After doing some wet weather training earlier in the year with James Vance, Daniel has become comfortable racing in the rain. He was very quick through the practice sessions and put the kart on pole in qualifying.

The race was scheduled for 15 laps, and Daniel had built up a big lead by the time he reached the last place karts. As he worked to put his friend Ryan a lap down, Ryan put up a fight. After a lap of squabbling, Daniel put the kart on the inside of turn 1 (yup…where the big puddle is) to get the pass done. But the damage was done, and the lead had disappeared. Daniel put in a series of quick laps to regain his position of dominance, and take the win with a lead the length of the front straight.


For Chris, the small grid was more problematic. Instead of competing in the heavyweight category, Chris would be racing against Randy Thuro and Chris Korab…some very quick middleweights.

The 10-minute practice sessions gave Demaras time to study the lines of his quicker competitors, and modify his ‘wet line’. Driving was tough as Chris found it difficult to find grip on the soaked circuit.


The race was a mess, as driver spun and collided with each other throughout the session. As the race ended, it is unknown how Demaras finished, suffice to say he did not win.

With only one Monday night CRKC race left before the playoffs begin, the excitement is ramping up at Goodwood.