Lamborghini Electric Drift Kart

Chinese firm Xiaomi Inc has partnered with Lamborghini to create the Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition.

The go-kart is based on the Ninebot two-wheel electric scooter, which can be removed and used separately. The manufacturer claims the go-kart has “classic Lamborghini elements” such as the big rear wang.

The kart has special rear tires that allow it to be used as a drift kart, much like the K1 Speed’s “drift karts“) plus electronic drive modes for drifting or racing. There’s even four speakers onboard to simulate the sound of a Lamborghini V8 (or optional V12). The little Lambo will have a limited release, and each go-kart is set to come with its own chassis number plate. This may be the only chance for regular pay-checkers to own their own Lambo!

First Laps at K1

The last time Demaras Racing turned laps at the Downsview Park track was 6 months ago. From March to September, Daniel and Chris have been busy racing at Goodwood, Innisfil and Sutton. Indoor kart racing has been the furthest thing from their minds as they compete in CRKC, TRAK and KartStars Canada races.

K1 looks different now; lots of plexiglass screens. Behind the masks the familiar faces of Len, Josh and Juez couldn’t hide their smiles.

With a month to go in the racing season, and all focus remains on Goodwood. However, on Monday September 28th the final race in the six-month long 130R Racing Series will finally take place at K1.

The conclusion of the series has been delayed since March due to ‘the virus’ and many competitors haven’t walked back into K1 Speed in quite some time. Getting some practice races in, Daniel knocked off the rust. Within an hour, Daniel set the fastest time of the day with a 22.765 second lap.

Chris Demaras also placed in the Top 10 times of the day with a 23.081 second lap, only three-tenths off Daniel’s ultimate pace. By the look on Chris’ face, he couldn’t be happier!

Looking forward to the race on Monday!

NSM’s Anthony Simone in the 90s

Here’s some old videotape (courtesy of AdrenalineTV) from the 1999 SKUSA SuperNationals in Las Vegas. It was the third-straight event held at the ‘Las Vegas Karting Center’ or as it was commonly known, the ‘Rock Pile’. The early days of the SuperNationals helped to build the foundation of Superkarts! USA.

Some of the (future) professional drivers competing at the event included Anthony Simone, AJ Allmendinger, Ward Imrie, Juliana Chiovitti, Jonathan Bomarito, Scott Speed, Memo Gidley and “Fresh Prince of Belair” actor Alfonso Ribeiro (A.K.A. Carlton).

The SuperNationals was a stand-alone event, labeled as the ‘Festival of Shifterkart Racing’, that drew a total of 253 entries. Headline categories S1, S2 and K1 (80cc Senior Shifter) made up 75% of that total, with 80 Junior, Formula C, 250cc Moto and 60cc Novice rounding out the class roster. A complete breakdown of the event can be found in at the Superkarts! USA website in the SuperNationals section.

Original article by David Cole on EKN.

Ford Drives Down Limits

Pump the Brakes! This week, Ontario announced a roll back on the number of people permitted at gatherings. Toronto, Ottawa and Peel region gatherings are now limited to 25 people outdoors and 10 people indoors. Those new maximums don’t extend to places like restaurants, movie theatres, banquet halls and convention centres. Also, Demaras Racing’s home track of Goodwood Kartways is located in York Region, which has not seen such an increase in the number of cases. Racing has not been effected by the change.

The roll back could have been much worse, and impacted the conclusion of the 2020 racing season. This week, the SKUSA organization (acronym for “Superkarts! USA”) announced that SuperNationals 24, their big November kart racing event in Las Vegas, has been cancelled. The county where the race was to take place has a limit of 50 people gatherings, and the hosting Rio Hotel & Casino remains closed due to ‘the virus‘. Organizers waited as late as possible to cancel, hoping for improvements in the situation, and an increase in the number of individuals allowed to gather.

Written with details from CBC and EKN.

TRAK Race 11: Heat Racing

Although TRAK 11 was ‘only’ a club race, it’s late in the season. Every point counts towards the championships the divers are aiming for. With that in mind, Daniel arrived at the track on Wednesday to practice and by Friday night, he was ready.

Random order heat racing is supposed to mix things up, by putting drivers who might not normally be at the sharp end of the grid right up front. Demaras was randomly assigned starting positions of 6th in Heat Race 1 and 5th in Heat Race 2.

After intense on-track battles, Daniel managed to advance the No. 412 kart up to 3rd place finishes in each of the Heat Races. The system used to determine starting position was a little confusing, but what really mattered was Jeff Conte would be start on pole, with Daniel Demaras starting fourth (outside row two).

They don’t give out trophies for Heat Races, so while Daniel enjoyed starting mid-pack and fighting his way to the front with aggressive passes, he couldn’t wait for the Final to start.

Daniel had a poor start, bouncing off the 2nd place kart’s bumper just as the green flag dropped. Dropping back a little, Demaras had to run the outside lane through Turns 1, 2, 3 & 4. Very sketchy out there.

Demaras made an outside pass at Turn 4, climbing up to 3rd place. Later in the race, Daniel caught the kart of Steven Chan and started an aggressive pass on the outside of Turn 6 … but it was only a ‘dummy’ move to fake out his rival. Switching back to the inside line at Turn 7, Demaras completed the pass.

Chan pushed Demaras for several laps, trying to catch leader Rothman, but on the last lap / last corner, Steven went for the pass. Briefly sliding sideways through the grass, Chan got the inside line and drag raced Demaras to the checkered flag. The No. 412 kart finished 2nd, a razor thin 0.021 seconds in front of Steven Chan!

Demaras was ecstatic to be on the podium after a tough weekend, and he gladly added 175 points towards his total for the year. Watching teammates Santiago Ramirez, Elijah Joshi and Rocco Simone (who also brought home a 2nd place finish for NSM) compete in their races made the weekend complete.

Friends at the Track

New Speed Motorsport prepared for TRAK Race 11 all week. Santiago, Elijah and Daniel tried new parts and techniques. Rocco Simone also debuted his new, custom-painted, extra-sparkly helmet.

This weekend saw Chad Webster return to competition. The racing calendar sometimes conflicts with work / school schedules. This forced the No. 320 to miss events. However, Trevor Reeve stole the show by towing Chad’s kart to the track behind an old school GMC van.

Pleased to announce that Reeve Webster Racing will be pitted next to Demaras Racing in the New Speed Motorsports paddock for the remainder of the 2020 season.

Another surprise at Goodwood Kartways was Keidon Fletcher, former teammate of Daniel Demaras at VRS (Venom Racing Solutions). These two racers have been friends since Briggs Junior.

A little older, the masked men are now in different classes. Rather than competing against each other, they get to cheer each other on.

On Saturday, Fletcher crossed the line 1st in Briggs Senior, before race officials handed out penalties. This racer cannot catch a break at Goodwood Kartways!

Race report tomorrow.

TRAK Race 11 Details


  • 8:00 am – Gates Open
  • 8:15 am – Registration Opens
  • 9:15 am – Registration Closes
  • 9:30 am – Mandatory Drivers Meeting
  • 10:00 am – Practice Session (8 Min Session)
  • T.B.D – Heat Race One (10 Lap Race)
  • Lunch Break
  • T.B.D – Heat Race Two (10 Lap Race)
  • T.B.D – Final Race (12 Lap Race)
  • 3:45 pm – Podium Presentation


  • Rok Senior & VLR Masters
  • Briggs Cadet
  • Briggs Masters
  • Briggs Junior
  • Mini Rok
  • Briggs Senior
  • Briggs Junior Lite
  • Rok Junior

Practice practice practice

The club racing season is in the home stretch. The final 3 races of the 2020 Toronto Racing Association of Karters are scheduled over the next few weeks, and Demaras sits in 2nd, 145 points behind Yanko.

Returning to Goodwood Kartways from the away game at 3-S Go Karts in Sutton meant repairing damage to the race kart. Aligning the front end after installing the new spindle was part of it. But Daniel and Chris Demaras, Trevor Reeve, and Anthony Simone spent the whole day testing out new go-fast parts like clutch shoes, engagement springs and special hybrid-ceramic bearings.

Looking forward to racing the No. 412 New Speed Motorports powered by PRO kart this weekend!

Regional Racing Results

This weekend, the Ontario kart racing scene re-focuses on club racing as KartStars has ended, and the final results of the regional racing series which recently concluded have officially been published.

3rd in Briggs Masters Championship

This spring, Daniel Demaras certainly never expected to be fighting for a Briggs Masters Championship. He competed in all four rounds, earning one pole position, three podiums, and a runner-up finish in Nationals to eventual champion, Marc Stehle. With consistent results, Demaras drove the No. 412 kart to 3rd place overall.

3rd in KartStars Senior Championship

KartStars Senior was not Daniel’s division, but Dan Di Leo insisted Daniel Demaras try it. Racing against Zach “Attack” Boam is tough, but being in a ‘catch-weight’ division allowed Demaras to truly compete against Seniors and Masters. The highlight was certainly Round 2 at Innisfil Indy where Daniel earned a double podium finish in two divisions.


Kart racers have favourite race car drivers. Could be someone who inspired them to take up racing in the first place. Daniel Demaras even ran the No. 7 on his kart back in 2018, in honour of his racing hero Kimi Raikkonen.

Raikkonen is a legend in F1. the last driver to win the World Championship in a Ferrari. But lately his upped his social media game with posts like this, below.