130R – August Round

The 130R Series returned to K1 Speed for its August round. The points standings were tight, with Nico and Igor fighting fiercely for second in the championship, and Chris Demaras hunting down Dale Goz in the midfield.

Typically, Daniel, Nico and Igor made up the top three spots in qualifying around the slightly modified K1 Speed circuit. However, the race was flipped on its head due to reverse grid used in the race.

Starting from the back, Daniel, Igor and Nico all worked their way through the field, amidst incidents and contact. Daniel dropped multiple places after a collision in the tunnel mid-race. Chris and Dale battled for the lead of the race, but Igor managed to squeeze his kart past Chris in the closing laps. The finishing order was Chris Demaras in 3rd, Igor in 2nd, and Dale Goz taking his first win of the series. However, when combined points (qualifying race and positional race) were added together, Daniel end up on the podium with the 3rd highest points total for the day…stealing his father’s bronze medal. Chris was crushed

An eventful and action packed race will keep the championship fight alive as the 130R Racing Series enters its penultimate round in September. Only two races to go!

130R Racing Series Points (as of 08/12/2019)

  1. Daniel Demaras (266 Points)
  2. Igor M. (206 Points)
  3. King Nico (191 Points)
  4. Quewin W. (145 Points)
  5. Dale G. (139 Points)
  6. Arnel T. (129 Points)
  7. Chris Demaras (122 Points)
  8. Roy H. (87 Points)
  9. Alec P. (79 Points)
  10. Stacy E. (76 Points)


With the troubles of the past two days behind them, Daniel Demaras, Chris Demaras, Nick Waring, Gianmarco Raimondo and the PRO crew were ready for Briggs & Stratton Summerfest, one of the biggest kart racing events in Canada. The event is three heat races (with randomly assigned starting positions) accumulating points towards the final race to decide the day’s overall winner.

Demaras started the first heat race in 24th position, quickly made up some places, and found himself behind reigning Canadian National Karting Champion Jon Treadwell. Daniel commented afterwards that he learned so much driving behind Treadwell, seeing how he positioned his kart in the corners.

I went wheel to wheel with the champ, and I passed him…twice! He’s so crafty behind the wheel that even with engine troubles he was able to attack me and take back the place once. But I can say on this day I challenged the best, and proved my skill as a racer.

Daniel Demaras, #12 PRO Intrepid Briggs & Stratton

Regular mechanic Andrew Waring had the weekend off, so his brother Nick Waring was handling wrenching duties. But Daniel knew this was an important race…so he called in little sister Michelle Demaras to work on the kart. Michelle spent the afternoon tightening the axle set screws, under the watchful eye of her father, Chris.

Every racer wants to compete, but for Daniel, there’s really one person he wants to race against; his old friend, and former VRS teammate, Keidon Fletcher. These two teenagers only get a few opportunities a year to race each other, so they spent all three days practicing together, helping to improve each others game, hoping for an on track showdown.

In heat race 2, they got the chance to compete wheel to wheel for the final laps, pushing each other, all the way to a photo-finish at the line with Demaras edging out his friend and rival by 0.028 seconds!

Heat race 3 was one to forget. Daniel was running strong in 12th, gunning for a Top 10 finish, before being run off the track at turn 4. Stuck in the grass, Daniel was helped free by teammate and part-time corner marshal Nate Franco. But the damage was done. Daniel dropped to last place, half a lap down. To add insult to injury, the race officials reprimanded Daniel (warning only) about short-cutting the track.

Daniel’s points total for the day were low, and he’d be starting in 29th for the final.

When asked by Gianmarco for his plan for the final race, Daniel said only one thing; make passes! From a poor starting position, Daniel managed to move up 8 positions and avoid the carnage of the ‘competition caution’ mandatory yellow flag at lap ten (meant to bunch the field together) bringing the kart home in respectable 21st place.

SummerFest is about survival. Random starting positions, inverted grids, desperation dives and of course, the final 3 lap shootout result in a lot of twisted metal, broken parts and broken hearts. Daniel kept it clean and brought the kart home in one piece, which on this day was more of an accomplishment than the numbers show.


Hi, I’m Gmo. I’m your data guy and driving coach… AKA your worst nightmare!

Gianmarco Raimondo

No race team is perfect. Individuals can get lost in the paddock of the bigger teams. Smaller teams might not have the same technical resources. Of course, cost is always an issue. But Daniel Demaras has been under the PRO tent for the past two years because of the talented people on the team.

Every weekend, Daniel Demaras has the opportunity to train with PROs like Curtis Fox and Darryl Timmers. But Daniel also spends a lot of time with Gianmarco Raimondo. ‘Gmo’ has been racing professionally for over 18 years. He was Vice-Champion of the European F3 Series and the first Canadian to race GP2. His career began with karting through to 2008 when he made his debut in single seater racing. He’s raced in the Formula BMW USA series, Formula 3 Italia, European Formula 3, GP2 with Trident Racing, AutoGP with Super Nova and GT racing with Maserati in the Pirelli World Challenge as well as an Indy Lights test program in North America. Every weekend, Gmo analyses Demaras’ on track performance through on-board video and data from the MyChron.

But this past weekend, Gianmarco strapped on his helmet and entered the “Mechanics Race” at the Briggs & Stratton Summerfest. For a guy who’s raced single-seaters right up to GP2…he looked very at-home in the ‘arrive & drive’ karts!

Inter Club Challenge Race 3

Despite a rollover on Friday practice, the No. 12 kart wasn’t damaged badly. Steering wheel, left & right rod ends and intake manifold were replaced overnight, but fortunately the one-race old frame wasn’t bent. Based on expert advice from Curtis Fox, the seat struts were removed to add some flex. Darryl Timmers instructed the team to revert to the original aluminum floor, as the carbon fiber floor was deemed too rigid. Big changes.

Once again, the kart was foreign to Daniel. So many changes on Friday, and now more changes on Saturday meant Demaras was back to square one. Trying to get used to the handling during a race is extremely difficult. Not only is the team chasing set up (correct air pressures and gear ratios) but the driver is trying to get used to the handling of a completely different racing machine.

Daniel competes primarily in TRAK, and those points are his focus. But the Inter Club Challenge Race 3 ended up as a test day for the big event on Sunday (Summerfest). Demaras struggled for pace as mechanical issues continued to crop up, like the axle shifting (activating the brake on the straights) and the rear hubs moving almost every session. Mechanic Nick Waring really had his hands full.

Demaras qualified in 22nd position, then made some on track passes to move up to 20th in the prefinal. No matter how much effort Daniel put in, the speed just wasn’t there. Clearly, all the issues hadn’t been resolved.

After the race, Team PRO data analyst Gianmarco determined that Nicole (Daniel’s race engine) was underperforming, and likely damaged during Friday’s flip. Daniel was extending his gap to drivers behind in the corners, and getting caught on the straights. In a spec engine series (with only 10 HP) being down on power will have even the best racer at the back of the pack.

Demaras had to put Saturday’s poor result behind him. With a fresh engine (courtesy of PRO) and all the mechanical bugs squashed, Daniel focused on the future. Sunday’s big event; Briggs & Stratton Summerfest!

An Upside-down Day

The 2019 racing season has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows. From DNFs and mechanical failures to Top 5 finishes and overall improvements. It’s impossible to predict how any race weekend will go.

This weekend, Demaras Racing had a secret weapon. The No. 12 PRO kart was upgraded to titanium hubs, titanium upper and lower bars, plus a carbon fiber seat and floor. To prepare for the double-header race, the team arrived at Mosport a day early to test out the racing machine. Some teething problems were expected, and experienced. A brake line tore while Daniel was full-on the brakes at the hairpin, and it sent him off track. This wouldn’t be the only problem.

While the kart was certainly lighter and faster, the chassis became incredibly stiff. Rather than flexing through the corners, Daniel found himself two-wheeling through the esses, making it hard to keep the kart on track at times.

While running practice laps with friend and fellow racer Keidon Fletcher, Demaras got the kart up on two wheels, made contact with another racer, and flipped the kart.

Daniel suffered some scrapes and bruises to his knees, but was lucky that his head didn’t make contact with the pavement.

Double Header Weekend

Jam packed weekend on tap as Mosport Kartways hosts a double-header weekend with the Inter Club Challenge on Saturday followed by the fourth annual Briggs & Stratton SummerFest on Sunday.

Saturdays event will pair up all TRAK, MIKA and visiting members as the Inter Club Challenge is sure to draw big crowds for a standard event utilizing the Canadian Karting Championship configuration. On Sunday, the Briggs and Stratton SummerFest will take centre stage. The event is focused around Briggs’ racers with the intention of creating a who’s-who showdown in Briggs and Stratton racing. With its limited class structure, increased track time through a unique format is something participants look forward to every year.

“We introduced this event three seasons ago in hopes of creating a true Briggs and Stratton showdown. The event is now known for massive Briggs fields and allows us to put the spot light on those talented drivers. “We’ve created a special event that Briggs’ racers look to annually as their Super Bowl of karting. Increased track time, a unique format and a great prize package that includes cash prizes are just a few of the incentives that have created excitement for the event.”

Daniel DiLeo
Event Organizer

What you need to know:
Summerfest Sunday Classes: Categories offered include Briggs Cadet, Briggs Junior Lite, Briggs Junior, Briggs Senior, Briggs Masters and the ‘Special – Mechanics Class’ (Arrive and Drive Karts – Open to the first 16 drivers who register)

Summerfest Format:
All classes will run Practice, Heat 1, Heat 2, Heat 3, Final. Random and reverse-order heat racing for all classes to be explained in depth at the drivers meeting.


SATURDAY AUGUST 3rd – I.C.C. Schedule

REGULAR TRACK – Counter-Clockwise Direction

  • 7:30am – Gates Open
  • 7:30am – Registration Opens
  • 8:15am – Registration Closes
  • 8:30am – Mandatory Driver’s Meeting
  • 9:00am – Practice Session (6 Minute Session)
  • T.B.D – Qualifying (6 Minute Session)
  • T.B.D – Pre-Final (8 Lap Race)
  • T.B.D – Final (12 Lap Race)
  • 4:00pm – Podium Presentation

*4:30 pm – 7:00 pm – Optional Reverse Track Practice


  • Rok Junior
  • Briggs Junior Lite
  • Briggs Cadet
  • Rok Senior/Masters
  • Briggs Junior
  • Briggs Masters
  • Briggs Senior
  • Mini Rok
  • Rok Shifters

Briggs & Stratton SummerFest

SUNDAY AUGUST 4th – ‘SummerFest Schedule’

REVERSE TRACK – Clockwise Direction

  • 7:30am – Gates Open
  • 7:30am – Registration Opens
  • 8:15am – Registration Closes
  • 8:30am – Mandatory Driver’s Meeting
  • 9:00am – Practice Session (6 Minute Session)
  • T.B.D – Heat 1 (8 Lap Race)
  • T.B.D – Heat 2 (8 Lap Race)
  • T.B.D – Heat 3 (8 Lap Race)
  • T.B.D – Lunch Break (Mechanic’s Race Qualifying and Finals)
  • T.B.D – Finals (14 Lap Race)
  • 4:30pm – Podium Presentation


  • Briggs Junior Lite
  • Briggs Cadet
  • Briggs Masters
  • Briggs Junior
  • Briggs Senior

Briggs and Stratton Engine Clinic

Briggs & Stratton will host a free engine clinic this Friday, August 2 at Mosport Kartways. The clinic will take place from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM, immediately following the practice day.

This course will be great information for the ‘newbie’ kart racer as well as for experienced competitors, helping everyone to shorten their learning curve of the Briggs 206 engine platform and get up to speed that much faster.

Some of the topics to be discussed are:

  • What every 4-cycle racer needs to know
  • Conformance to tolerances and rules
  • Spec exhaust pipe, wrapping and support to avoid DNF’s
  • Carburetor fuel delivery and efficiencies
  • Ignition timing and effects of performance
  • Cylinder head checks
  • Finding the optimum RPM ranges for different track configurations
  • Understanding engine torque curves

Those interested in attending the clinic must RSVP. Contact daniel@mosportkartways.com to add your name to the list.