130R Round 9

After missing round 7, I returned to 130R for another exciting day of racing. The series’ first race on the new track layout was sure to be eventful, with close competition.

My dad and I showed up early to do some practice laps with Igor, just trying to remember how to drive the track. Only 9 people showed up, so there was one group of super fast drivers, with Don taking pole, myself second, Igor third and my dad Chris in fourth.

I had a pretty good start to the race, but was nowhere near as quick as Igor was off the line. After following him and Don around for a bit, I went three wide into Turn 9 and made the pass for the lead! I extended my lead at the front of the field, and focused on setting quick laps. As the checkered flag waved, the announcer came on the PA system to announce I’d set a new track record!

-Daniel Demaras


LeMans squad Rebellion Racing has revealed a pair of radical ‘art car’ liveries for the big 24 Hour race. The Swiss outfit is dumping it’s boring, corporate colours in favour of two neon designs, the result of a new sponsorship arrangement with Los Angeles-based artist Tomyboy and his Rocketbyz brand.

Inspired, Daniel Demaras has sent his new Arai helmet from Paragon Competition to Lone Palm Design for a custom paint job, an evolution of Daniel’s trademark highlighter yellow brain bucket.


The day started off so well…

The track was wet from the overnight rains, and Daniel is always strong in the rain.

But as the skies cleared, and the track dried up, Daniel fell back further in the grid. Daniel’s old friend Matte Ferrari put aside his own misfortune (someone wrecked him in the esses) to help keep Daniel’s spirits up.

It was definitely a challenging day at the track. The No. 12 PRO Intrepid kart ran well in the wet, but I just couldn’t find the pace in the dry afternoon. The PRO boys did everything they could to give me a fighting chance, and my crew chief Andrew made all the right calls, but sometimes things just don’t work out. There’s still a lot of races to run this year, and I will try to maximize my results in the next round at Goodwood Kartways. Thanks to my sponsors K1 Speed, Scarboro Subaru, Nostalgia, KPMG and Kenya Brand Coffee Company for all their support.

Daniel Demaras
No. 12 PRO Intrepid Briggs & Stratton SR

InterClub Challenge 1

The Inter Club Challenge was established in 2014. Through a cooperative effort between Goodwood Kartways and Mosport Kartways, the series quickly gained popularity and instantly experienced some of the biggest grids found across the country. It later morphed into the Ron Fellows Karting Challenge and as the newly named MOTOMASTER Ron Fellows Karting Championship continues to expand, the simple Inter club challenge format has been re-established.


  • 7:30am – Gates Open
  • 7:30am – Registration Opens
  • 8:15am – Registration Closes
  • 8:30am – Mandatory Driver’s Meeting
  • 9:00am – Practice Session 1
  • T.B.D – Qualifying
  • T.B.D – Pre-Final (8 Laps)
  • T.B.D – Final (12 Laps)
  • 3:30pm – Podium Presentation


  • Rok Senior/Masters
  • Briggs Junior
  • Briggs Cadet
  • Briggs Senior
  • Shifter Karts
  • Mini Rok
  • Briggs Masters
  • Rok Junior
  • Briggs Junior Lite

2019 CRKC Race 1

The first Friday night race of the 2019 CRKC season at Goodwood Kartways was busy. Eleven groups of racers, both veterans and rookies, took to the twisty track. Chris Demaras even bumped into old friend Paul (the fast banana in yellow racing suit) who was enjoying his first race since 2015

The best thing about CRKC events is the friendliness and camaraderie. At the track this night were a mix of Goodwood regulars and K1 speedsters Jason W, Abrar K, Quewin W, Arnel T, Ian B, Kasper T, and Igor “The Man” Manukov

Chris Demaras threaded the needle at the customary Turn 4 pileup, squeezing between all the overzealous racers. By the time the dust settled, Chris was in 4th place, 20 karts back of the podium finishers. A lonely race followed, without a challenge from the front or back.

Great to see so many friends on the podium! In two weeks, Chris mounts his next challenge for his first podium on 2019.

Drift Night 2.0

Monday night was the second Drift Night at K1 Speed Toronto, and the first with the new and improved track layout.

Daniel Demaras and Chris Demaras ventured onto the track to see how the new layout impacted the drift karts. The new layout has much wider corners at 6,7 and 10, giving a driver plenty of room to get sideways. The track is simply for forgiving now, and not nearly so tight. There’s even enough room at the start/finish line to try and pull off a 360 degree spin!