Briggs and Stratton WRS: Prize

The Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series has a prize vault valued at just over $58,000, with sponsors such as RLV Tuned Axhaust, KartLift, Franklin Motorsports, Amsoil, Noram, EK Chain, Zamp, Hilliard and Briggs & Stratton. The top-100 drivers from each division will earn an item from the prize vault.

By finishing third in Canada, Daniel Demaras won an incredibly cool motorized kart stand from WinchLift.

The WinchLift LT is the first step to your kart handing system. Simply add a battery and you’ve got yourself a machine capable of lifting karts weighing up to 300 lbs with push button ease. The powder coated frame is fabricated from full 1.25″ steel tubing. A 2″ wide nylon strap is used in place of the typical winch cable and provides a reliable, safe, lift. The high quality 10″ flat-free tires have long life bearings that won’t wear out. Eight inch flat-free tires on precision swivel casters mounted on the rear of the stand provide rough terrain capabilities and turning ease. The large rear handle provides a comfortable platform from which to push your kart. Made in the USA.

Price USD $770.00 plus USD $104.00 shipping to the lower 48 states.

Demaras’ prize will be shipped to Goodwood Kartways by December 15th 2020. He looks forward to picking up the WinchLift LT (valued at over $1100 Canadian dollars!) plus his new 2021 Intrepid F4K chassis which he’ll race next season.

Briggs and Stratton WRS

Six weeks after the conclusion of the racing season, which saw Demaras take the 2020 TRAK Championship in the Briggs & Stratton Masters Division, Daniel received another accolade; placing 3rd in the Briggs & Stratton W.R.S.

The premise behind the Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series is to compare race results of all Senior and Masters drivers in Canada to see how local racers stand up against competitors from across the country (at least mathematically). Incorporating the LO206 crate engine with a program that supports both the racers and local tracks running it, points accumulate based on the first 8 races, with one drop, leaving the best 7 of the 8 points paying races.

The points system is far more complicated that it first appears, with wild cards like 1/4 points being awarded for winning a pre-final and DNFs not being eligible for “drops”. Daniel Demaras’ total of 200.5 WRS points at Goodwood, topped rival Yanko’s 198.5 points from Mosport. But once the drops were calculated, Demaras finished third behind fellow NSM Nascar test-driver Jake Cowden in second and Eli Yanko in first.

Below is an excerpt from an eKartingNews article published earlier this week.

The 2020 racing season tested the karting industry, teams, competitors, and the community as a whole. While the beginning weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic brought a sense of unknown to many, the sport of karting shined in the second half of the year with growing numbers of racers hitting the race track across North America. Briggs & Stratton Racing continued in 2020 with their Weekly Racing Series program, completing the sixth season of matching drivers from the United States and Canada against one another from the home track.

Despite the pandemic, the 2020 Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series program welcomed 2,441 registered drivers from 37 participating tracks, competing in a total of 255 events that were counted toward the standings that includes Senior/Masters Canada, Senior/Masters USA and the combined Junior divisions. These numbers continue to provide what is the largest organized points challenge for sprint kart racers.

The top-100 drivers from each division will earn an item from the prize vault. Prizes will be shipped to the track representative by December 15.

For more on the program and a complete list of the standings, visit

Black Friday

How cool!. Toronto Motorsports Park used video of Daniel Demaras in their Black Friday Sale commercial on social media. This was from back in October when he drove the F-2000 car in the Open-Wheel Experience.

Even Chris Demaras’ big moment at the drag strip, when he cut a 0.001 second reaction time at the starting lights, was also used in a promotional video. The look of shock on his face is priceless.

Racing Number

KartSport Canada Releases 2021 National Number Registry

With the 2020 calendar now complete, KartStars Canada has begun preparations looking to build on a very successful inaugural season. Earlier this year, KartSport Canada implemented procedures designed to preserve the systems and processes that Canadian kart racers have grown accustomed to. 

As promised, a number registry that all clubs and regions could rely on was created and maintained. That list was updated all season long and provided a number registry which allowed karters to lock-in racing numbers in hopes of avoiding conflicts as they participated outside their local club. The published list dated 11.01.20 represents 264 drivers who registered their numbers with KartSport Canada in 2020. Use this link to view the registry.

The 2021 KartSport Canada Number Registry is set to open December 1st. Drivers who are listed on the 2020 Registry will have the first right of refusal to lock in their 2020 number for the 2021 season. To do that, drivers must complete and submit a 2021 registry form PRIOR to December 1st. On December 1st the grace period will expire and the registry will open up to the entire karting community on a first come, first serve basis.

2021 National Number Registry:

For drivers looking to secure a National number for the upcoming season, the following process has been put in place. Please note; your selected number should match your Club number when possible.

  • Fill out the 2021 Number Registry Form. The form must be completed in FULL. Use this link to view the form:
  • The Number ranges from the last few years will remain the same. See below.
    • Briggs Cadet: Choose between (#2 – #99)
    • Briggs Jr Lite and Mini Rok: Choose between (#102 – #199)
    • Briggs Jr and Rok Junior: Choose between (#202 – #299)
    • Briggs Sr and Rok Senior: Choose between (#302 – #399)
    • Briggs Masters and VLR Masters: Choose between (#402 – #499)
    • Rok Shifter and Shifter Masters: Choose between (#502 – #599)
  • Submit the completed form to
  • Numbers will be assigned on a first come, first served basis AFTER December 1st.
  • The number registry will be updated regularly and posted at Click the ‘KartSport Canada’ button in the top right corner of the home page.
  • Please note 2020 KartSport Canada numbers will be reserved until December 1st, 2020 giving the drivers who held those numbers in 2020 the first right of refusal.

Expired Plates

~ by Chris “#16” Demaras ~

A local Toronto driver this week was caught speeding. Nothing interesting about that story. But upon inspection, the motorist had not renewed the registration on their plate since 1990. The 30+ year old sticker quite visible on the plate, leaving many wondering how the driver was never caught before.

Some motoring website are congratulating the driver, having avoided the $120 annual “sticker” fee for three decades. But this also means that this person has been driving around Toronto for 30 years with no insurance either. Likely leaving parking tickets unpaid. Possibly ignoring Hwy 407 toll charges. It doesn’t sound like this person was paying their “fair share”.

There was a similar story out of Brooklyn last year, where a local resident finally had his street parked Cadillac towed after 25 years in the same spot. But oddly enough, the owner (a senior citizen with diminished faculties) still had a valid sticker on the Caddy.

When You Just Have To Get There On Time

In possibly the most Italian thing to ever happen, a Lamborghini Huracan was used to rush a donor kidney from Padua to Rome last week. Last week’s journey over 485 km, but by using the Italian supercar, the journey was completed in just over two hours at an average speed of 230 km/h. It would normally take an ambulance 6 hours to make the trip.

The Lamborghini has a standard issue siren, lights and police computer. But the front trunk is now a refrigerated compartment for organ transport and delivery of temperature-sensitive medical supplies.,

But for this specific instance, the frunk came in handy. The police force turned it into a refrigerated compartment for organ transport or the delivery of other temperature-sensitive medical supplies.

K1 Speed Toronto Temporary Closure

Despite what has been a very difficult year for us all, our unwavering commitment to the community and the general welfare of our guests and team members continues to be our top priority.  In the interest of preserving and protecting public health and safety, and in response to the latest public health measures announced by local and provincial authorities, K1 Speed Toronto will be temporarily suspending operations and will be closed beginning Monday November 23rd, 2020.

We will be monitoring this developing situation closely, and will provide updates to our valued guests as soon as they become available, including rescheduling any existing party bookings or events.

With everybody’s cooperation in following the recommendations of Public Health and taking the prescribed precautions, we are hopeful that this will just be a short pause, and we will be back on track before you know it.  Until then, we wish good health to you and your loved ones, and look forward to seeing you at the track soon!

K1 Closing Again

2020 has been a tough year for K1 Speed Canada. Initial plans to launch a second GTA location in Mississauga did not materialize. The worldwide impact of ‘the virus’ resulted in their Toronto facility closing on March 17 for nearly 5 months before re-opening in August.

With the Ontario government announcing on Friday that certain types of businesses in Toronto would go into lockdown, the writing was on the wall. K1 Speed is a non-essential business where large numbers of people gather in an indoor setting. A phone call to K1 Speed tonight confirmed that the facility will close on Sunday 22 November at 9:00 pm. Although the government mandated closure is set for four weeks, the representative on the phone hinted that K1 Speed could be closed for much longer.

A press release is expected on Monday to confirm the closure.


A year ago, Daniel Demaras was on a mission to get 4,000 K1RS points to qualify for the K1 Speed E-World Championships. He reached his goal, and would represent Canada for a second time. A little over six months ago, the event was delayed and Demaras has been waiting for an update ever since.

Looking at the news out of California, where the E-World Championships are held, things do not look promising. The governor of California has placed the state under a month long curfew. Californians are required to be off the streets and in their homes between 10pm and 5am daily in an effort to stop social gatherings which have lead to an increase of cases of ‘the virus‘.

In Huntington Beach, groups of protesters symbolically burned masks to show they were not going to stand for restrictions on their freedoms. Only in America.

While Demaras looks forward to returning to California for the second time, to represent Canada at the K1 Speed E-World Championships, the chances are slim that the event will even occur in the foreseeable future.

No Racing

In an attempt to arrest the spread of ‘the virus’ in Ontario, the Ford Government announced that Toronto is moving into the lockdown zone for at least 28 days. It seems impossible that indoor kart racing facilities such as K1 Speed, 401 Mini Indy, or Formula Kartways will be able to stay open beyond midnight on Sunday, November 22nd 2020.

• closed

Driving instruction
• in-person driving instruction is not permitted

Amusement Parks
• closed

Gyms, Sports and Recreational Fitness
• All indoor facilities, including indoor courts, pools, and rinks are closed.
• Indoor individual and team sports not permitted with exemptions for professional leagues (e.g., NHL, CFL, MLS, NBA)
• Outdoor sports are limited to 10 people

Restaurants & Bars
• Indoor and outdoor service are prohibited
• Take out, drive-thru, and delivery are permitted, including sale of alcohol