1965 Rupp Dart Kart

SOLD FOR $6,600 ON 12/13/2018

This 1965 Rupp Dart A-Bone Kart is is fitted with a 206cc single-cylinder Briggs and Stratton engine connected via chain drive to a live rear axle. The seller acquired the kart two years ago after it was found in poor condition resting under a tarp, subsequently proceeding to disassemble and recondition it. The frame was refinished in gold, the steering system overhauled, the vinyl seat re-dyed, the chain drive system rebuilt, and a new axle fitted among other items. The 4-stroke engine has not been run during the seller’s ownership. This A-Bone Kart is offered with an Idaho bill of sale.


Rupp Manufacturing was based in Mansfield, Ohio and made several different kart models in the 1960s, including the A-Bone. The frame of example was repaired and powder coated in gold after the seller’s purchase. Show stands have been refinished in matching gold and are included in the sale.


Staggered 5″ two-piece aluminum turbine wheels feature Koyo bearings and were ceramic coated along with other silver parts. Vintage Speed 1960s-style tires are mounted at all four corners. The existing spindles were retained up front and connected to new steering linkages and rods.

The vinyl seat was re-dyed in off white and the stock 3-spoke steering wheel was retained, while remanufactured throttle and brake pedals were fitted.

The 4-stroke 206cc Briggs and Stratton single features Magnetron ignition and made five horsepower when new. The seller states that the engine is from the 1970s and believes it to have gone unused along with the fuel tank.


The crankshaft is connected to a centrifugal clutch with a 12-tooth sprocket turning a chain linked to a Martin 72-tooth wheel sprocket. A new live rear axle was machined to comply with rules limiting 36 inches of total rear tire width, and features a single mechanical drum brake.

The crankshaft is connected to a centrifugal clutch with a 12-tooth sprocket turning a chain linked to a Martin 72-tooth wheel sprocket. A new live rear axle was machined to comply with rules limiting 36 inches of total rear tire width, and features a single mechanical drum brake.




Fastest Animal on the Planet

Felipe Massa, beloved fan-favourite, former Ferrari driver, ex F1 racer, and short-lived 2008 F1 World Champion is making his return to racing in the FIA Formula E series on December 15, 2018.

Massa will have some familiar faces in the paddock, as Claire Williams (Massa’s boss at Williams) is the team principal at Venturi Racing, Massa’s new Formula E team.

In advance of the new season, Formula E has released a promotional video of Massa versus a peregrine falcon!

This isn’t the first time Formula E has come up with a crazy publicity stunt like this. Season 5 Formula E champion Jean-Eric Vergne raced his Techeetah Spark-Renault Z.E. 17 against an actual cheetah (world fastest land animal) in 2017.


Borg Warner Trophy

’Tis the season to celebrate not just the holiday season, but another unveiling of a winning Indianapolis 500 driver’s sterling silver facial likeness on the Borg-Warner Trophy.

Power’s likeness is the 105th on the iconic trophy. The 2014 IndyCar champion reiterated that nothing in his 35-win career can compare to his May triumph in “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.”




130R Round 3

Let’s just say things got messy in this round.

Since Daniel won Round 2, and the starting grid was the inverse of the last round’s finishing order. Daniel would be starting last and Chris third.


For the third month in a row, Chris managed to find himself pointed backward (and in last place) before the first lap was completed.


Daniel was up to second place by the second lap, and started the process of hunting down the pole-sitter.

Until this…

clack 1

130R Dec 3 part 6 CONTACT_Moment5

The collision allowed another racer to slip by into the lead. A frustrated Daniel realized that no penalties would be called in this race, and took matters into his own hands to get past the competitor.

Daniel and official team photographer / videographer Nico Hines were recognized for their achievements.


At the end of the race, Chris was left dumbfounded. White flag. White flag. Checkered flag. White flag. After the conclusion of the race, Demaras protested and was eventually restored to his 3rd place finishing position.


In the days that followed the race, there’s been spirited discussion about the very nature of the 130R Racing Series. Is this the Nascar of karts? What some drivers call defending, others call blocking. There’s bound to be accidental contact on a track as tight as K1, but when is a penalty warranted? People are passionate about motorsports, but it cannot b allowed to boil over to retaliation or fist fights off the track.

130R is supposed to be a fun series, and unsportsmanlike behaviour has no place. Time will tell how the series will evolve in the coming months.


Beat Connor McDavid

Canadian Tire is one of my favourite stores. How can you not love a place that sells car parts, sponsors race cars, and even owns its own race track? Sure I still call it Mosport and not Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, but hey…Mosport just kinda sounds right.

Canadian Tire has its own charity called Jump Start which is “…dedicated to helping kids overcome financial and accessibility barriers to sport and recreation in order to provide inclusive play for kids of all abilities…”

They’re having a contest where you can win a “Go Karting Experience” with NHL player Connor McDavid, the captain of the Edmonton Oilers. The event will take place in 2019 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, and includes.

  • Round trip flight and 2 nights’ accommodation for two
  • Ground transportation in Toronto from the airport to Mosport (CTMP)
  • $500 Prepaid Cash Card
  • Two $100 Canadian Tire Gift cards

Sure I’m 40 something and 200 pounds plus…but I can whip this guy! I think I can beat Connor McDavid. Sure he’s younger, has quicker reflexes, and happens to be a professional athlete. But I know Arrive & Drive karts. I know Mosport Kartways. I know I can beat Connor McDavid.


The link to the contest is above, and it’s for charity.

Chris #16 Demaras