Fast Friday: Day Shift

Daniel went up to Goodwood Kartways for some driver training, with guidance from Andrew Waring.

Daniel set quick times, improving throughout the day all while putting on a show for the arrive and driver karters. The brand new Arai helmet painted by Taylor Gates got it’s first laps on track.

Fast Friday: Late Shift

Did I forget how to race?

With so much excitement over this past weekend about the Demaras Racing fundraiser for R2endALZ, I didn’t have a chance to mention my latest race. Maybe I should have left it that way. After spending the day watching Daniel’s driver training session with Andrew, hearing about trail braking and other on-track techniques, I thought I’d try them out in my race too!

Do you notice that there’s nobody else on track with me in those pictures below? That’s because I spent the whole race in no-man’s land. I qualified 5th, opened up a gap to the karts behind, and watched the leaders pull away.

Last year I was on the podium multiple times, and even won a race. This year my CRKC championship run is not going well.

Chris ‘#16’ Demaras

Drift Night 3

K1 Speed Toronto’s Drift Night on Monday was so much fun. For one day out of the month, racers like Abrar Khan, Kevin Lazarus, Dale Goz, Dawson Campbell, Chris Demaras and Daniel Demaras put aside their on track aggression and just cut loose. Points for style, not speed.

This is one of the only times you’re going to see a race order with Chris above Dawson and Daniel. So…just let the man have his moment.

Check for the next Drift Night.

R2ENDALZ: Tremendous Generosity in Toronto

On Saturday, July 27th, Demaras Racing held it’s first fundraiser for Racing to End Alzheimer’s. The event took place at Nostalgia Coffee Company, a wonderful, unique, eclectic and fiercely independent coffee house in the East York area of Toronto.

Throughout the 4 hour event, people who were walking by, or coming to Nostalgia for lunch, were enticed by the go kart in front of the store. Members of the neighborhood from all ages came to check out what was going on and to make donations.

Something about the go kart and go karting video game really drew the neighborhood kids in. A bunch of little ones got to sit in the #12 machine, and hurried to plug their ears when we started it up. A line also formed up to drive a virtual go kart in Project Cars 2, where the kids (and their parents) battled for the quickest lap time. Young driver Isaac ended the day with a top time of 1:27 around the Greenwood kart circuit.

I want to take a moment to say a special that you to my Professional Racing Ontario teammate Kevin Adams who dropped by in the middle of a work day (left the car running) to show his support for Demaras Racing’s fundraiser.

Racers young and old tried to set quick lap times.

But the day wasn’t about setting the fastest lap. It was about raising funds for R2endALZ. Our hosts at Nostalgia Coffee Company provided Demaras Racing with the venue and their limitless support for our fundraiser. With the help of friends, family, local businesses and my East York community, Demaras Racing was able to raise $645 for Racing to End Alzheimer’s.

If you want to help support Alzheimer’s research, you can still donate online by visiting Every dollar helps, and is appreciated.

Racing to End Alzheimer’s

Daniel Demaras, driver of the No. 12 PRO / Intrepid / Briggs & Stratton kart has joined the “Racing to End Alzheimer’s” family to help raise funds for Alzheimer’s research.

Young Daniel recently attended the IMSA SportsCar race where he saw ‘Violet’, the No. 23 “Racing To End Alzheimer’s” Audi RS3. Co-driven by two-time Michelin Pilot Challenge champion Nick Galante, plus Daniel’s former driving coach James Vance. Demaras was inspired that the team dedicated their entire rolling billboard not to advertising beer or selling insurance, but rather, for raising awareness for Alzheimer’s research. Daniel decided that he wanted to help.

While piloting his kart in kart races at Goodwood Kartways and Mosport Kartways doesn’t give Daniel the same exposure to the thousands of fans who attend IMSA races, Demaras believes that the karting community will support his idea.

Racing to End Alzheimer’s (R2endALZ) fundraising goal for 2019 is $150,000 and Daniel has made it his personal goal to raise $1,500 himself; exactly 1% of R2endALZ’s annual fundraising target.

“As a racer, you have to be pretty selfish. You’re fighting for inches on the track, tenths of a second. If you give another racer any space, they’ll pass you. Off the track however, it’s a totally different atmosphere. In the karting paddock, we help each other out…whether it’s your friend, teammate or sometimes a complete stranger. If someone needs a hand, another racer is willing to lend it. I believe that Racing to End Alzheimer’s perfectly captures that spirit, by making sure that 100% of all funds donated reach research hospitals, displaying a total commitment to funding the care and funding the cure.”

Daniel Demaras

Demaras Racing will be announcing several fundraising events over the next six weeks, in hopes of reaching it’s $1,500 fundraising goal before the penultimate round of the IMSA series at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna on September 15th, 2019.

To help Demaras Racing reach it’s fundraising goal, visit:

Top Time

Daniel Demaras set the fastest time of the week at K1 Speed’s “Summer of Speed” contest, winning himself some free races! Shout out to speed demons Dawson and Nico for making the Top 3 look good this week!

130R Round 10

The series is approaching the end, and unfortunately, many of the competitors have dropped out. Yes, things get rough some weeks…but what else are you going to do on the first Monday of every month? Just come on out and RACE!

Chris and Daniel got to K1 Speed early for some practice, and it was as fun as ever!

Qualifying saw Daniel take the pole position, with Nico starting second and Igor third. Chris qualified 6th before moving up to finish 5th) with a personal best lap time of 23.211 seconds. The top three finished as they qualified: Daniel, Nico, Igor.

130R Racing Series Points (as of 07/15/2019)

  1. Daniel Demaras (248 Points)
  2. Igor M. (186 Points)
  3. King Nico (176 Points)
  4. Quewin W. (145 Points)
  5. Arnel T. (129 Points)
  6. Dale G. (114 Points)
  7. Chris Demaras (107 Points)
  8. Roy H. (87 Points)
  9. Quintinne W. (75 Points)
  10. Stacy E. (72 Points)