King Nico

Daniel and Chris Demaras made the drive up to Goodwood Kartways to pick up the No. 12 PRO Intrepid Briggs & Stratton racing kart. Who do they find parked next to Garage K-12; Mr. Nico Hines!

Nico competes at K1 Speed in the 130R Racing League, Mosport CRKC and even Goodwood CRKC. Nico is a machine! Chris got in on the action, jumping into pit lane to check the pressures on Nico’s tires before the start of the final!

King Nico put on an incredible display of racing prowess, passing the pole-sitter at turn 4, lap 1, on route to VICTORY!

Track Day with Andrew

Mechanics love to give you orders. They tell you how to drive and how you should’ve driven, and sometimes you find yourself thinking “What does he know, he isn’t even a driver!”. I can’t say that about my mechanic, Andrew. He raced karts from the time he was in diapers, and raced all the way to Formula 1200. The guy knows how to drive.

Andrew took me out to a track day at Shannonville Motorsports Park in his beast of a Volkswagen Golf GTI. The first thing I noticed about this small, unassuming car when he picked me up was the unbelievable amount of sound it produced. Driving down the highway felt like being in a small airplane on the 401.

We got to the track and saw all the beat up Miatas, convertible Corvettes and Mercedes station wagons drifting on the half of the track we weren’t using. Despite the intimidation of all the smoke and tire squeals, I was excited to go out on track. I strapped on my helmet, put on my seatbelt, and Andrew stepped on the gas pedal.

One thing I learned at the track day was that nobody is going to hold your hand. When something goes wrong at Goodwood or Mosport, the track send out a recover vehicle (an ATV with a trailer) to pick you up and bring you back to the pits to your mechanic…with his disapproving look. But on a track day at Shannonville, you are the recover crew. You and your buddies just have to push the car back to the puts yourselves.

Andrew Waring is one hell of a driver. Despite being in his daily driver, on slicks, on a track that was slightly wet, he absolutely sent it through the corners, hooking his tires on the inside of the kerbs, passing cars and moving seriously quick. When the rain came, he gave me a running commentary of how he was figuring out the track’s wet line, which gave a glimpse into the thought process of an experienced driver.

Driving a car is clearly a lot more work than a kart. They are so much bigger, heavier, have so much more power; you really have to be on top of the car. More than that, you have to change gears, and if you put it in the wall, there’s no PRO team to put the car back together.

I’ve never been in a car around a racetrack before, this weekend was a truly unique experience before, and a whole lot of fun.

K1 Speed News

Daniel Demaras is a huge fan of K1 Speed. He races regularly at the Toronto track, and competed in the K1 Speed e-World Championships this year. Now, Daniel Demaras’ No. 12 PRO Intrepid Briggs & Stratton racing kart will carry K1 Speed livery.

I’m thrilled to be partnered with K1 Speed, and I’m proud to carry the company name on the No. 12 kart this year. K1 Speed provides an opportunity for rookies to hone their skills, and a place for competitive racers to stay sharp between race weekends.. I’ve been an avid racer at K1 Speed since they opened in Toronto and the new track layout unveiled this week is incredible! Competition is fierce, but off track the atmosphere is still relaxed and friendly.

Daniel ‘#12’ Demaras

The new track layout at K1 Speed opened this week provides to universally positive reviews from racers, citing greater passing and defending opportunities. A huge improvement.

With sponsorship from K1 Speed, Daniel will continue to compete in TRAK, MIKA and MRFKC races this year, while spending every available day at K1 Speed for practice.

2019 INDY500 Starting Grid

Original Article on EKN by Rob Howden (MAY 22, 2019)

There is simply no arguing the fact that karting is best way for anyone to get into motorsports. In addition to its affordability, karting provides the ideal platform for skill and racecraft development. Karting has been the foundation for countless professional race car drivers, and a quick look at the starting grid for the 103rd running of the Indianapolis 500 proves this point. We’ve put together this unique presentation of this year’s Indy 500 grid, highlighting each driver with a photo of their karting experiences, old and new.

The most recent stars of American karting who will be in this year’s ‘Greatest Spectacle in Racing’ include Spencer Pigot, Josef Newgarden, Colton Herta, Graham Rahal, Conor Daly, Sage Karam, and Santino Ferrucci.

Drivers like Will Power, Alexander Rossi, Sebastien Bourdais, Sage Karam and Pippa Mann have come back to their roots in recent years, competing at the SKUSA SuperNationals in Las Vegas.

We urge the karting community to share this article on social media so that we can educate IndyCar fans around the world on the joys and benefits of karting.

TRAK Race 4 / MRFKC Race 1

The inaugural round of the MotoMaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship (MRFKC) was held on Saturday May 18th and Sunday May 19th at Goodwood Kartways. The most competitors and the highest temperatures of the year meant the racers were in for two days of close and challenging racing.

Before title sponsor MotoMaster came on board this year, the event was billed as the Ron Fellows Karting “Challenge”. It’s an accurate name. The event challenges the driver’s skills, the tuner’s ability, and the team’s finances.

Daniel went out for free practice on Saturday morning, but on turn one of lap one, hard contact from a competitor sent Demaras spinning into the wall, ending his session. Daniel’s kart pierced the Tek-Pro barrier, sending a river of accumulated rainwater across the track. Some expected a red flag at the high-speed corner. Daniel was bruised, but not beaten.

Replacement of the axle caused Demaras to miss the second free practice session, but Andrew had the kart repaired, realigned and ready to go in time for the final practice session. PRO is a team, and Nick, Mike and Curtis helped every step of the way.

Unfortunately, Daniel struggled to get to grips with track conditions in qualifying, which was interrupted by a red flag. Despite strong starts, including overtaking several drivers, Daniel lagged behind in the pre-final, then had to avoid a multi-kart crash at turn 5 in the final, ruining his race.

“We’re better than this! We should be up there.” stated Andrew Waring, as he pointed to the front of the grid. His body language said it all.

Frustrated with the poor performance, Andrew suspected an engine issue. Data analyst Gianmarco compared Daniel’s FP3 times to his lap times in the Finals, and confirmed that despite Daniel’s driving improving (higher minimum speeds in the corners) the engine was not accelerating as hard, nor reaching the same top speeds on the straights. After a long night of work on the top end of the engine, the valves were perfect, power restored.

On Sunday’s morning practice, Daniel felt a thump going into turn four, thought he had been hit from behind, then saw chunks of metal flying ahead of his kart. The issue with the motor became glaringly obvious, as there was a massive hole in the block where the internal components exited the Briggs LO206. Failures on the rock-steady, dependable Briggs & Stratton motor had everyone at team PRO puzzled. Chris pulled the practice engine out of the garage, and Andrew bolted it to the kart for qualifying. Daniel didn’t even finish the out lap when his chain fell off, having chewed the side of the gear to the point of failure. The challenges continued.

After the pre-final, Andrew sat down with Daniel for a serious discussion. Changes needed to be made to the setup of the kart, and more importantly to Daniel’s driving, for any shot at improvement on the day. The torsion bar was removed, the ride height lowered, and other tricks of the trade to make the kart loose and fast.

In the Sunday final, a good start, and keeping out of trouble, saw Daniel finish in 20th position, seven places up from his starting position. It’s difficult to get excited about results like this. Even finishing higher than an old friend from Milton on track didn’t make Daniel smile. But Daniel and Andrew never quit.

“Overall not a great weekend, but this is all part of learning. Daniel is a rookie when it comes to regional racing. He grew a lot this weekend and is willing to learn.”

Andrew Waring,

MRFKC Round 1

Daniel Demaras is READY to compete in Round 1 of the MotoMaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship double-header race this Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19, 2019, at Goodwood Kartways.