A New Challenge

For three years, Daniel Demaras has been racing Briggs & Stratton ‘club karts’ at Goodwood & Mosport exclusively. But with the 2020 KartStars Canada regional series making stops at Innisfil Indy Karting and Point Pelee Karting this summer, Daniel has the opportunity to compete at two new tracks.

In preparation for the July 25-26 KartStars round at Innisfil, Daniel competed in an club race at Gilford Rd track. With new competitors and a multi-configuration track available, Daniel Demaras has decided to add Innisfil’s six-round 2020 Canadian Karting Challenge to his racing calendar this year.

Daniel Demaras will begin his campaign by racing in the IKC / CKC double-header this weekend, July 4-5, 2020.

Canada Day 2020

On Canada Day 2020, Daniel Demaras enjoyed a day at the lake with his family, while 40 other Briggs Senior drivers competed at Mosport Karting Centre in the Canada Cup trophy race.

On lap 1, turn 3 there was an incident that impacted several racers. Video of the race courtesy of our former PRO teammate No. 328 Logan Ploder.

IKC – Race 4

Daniel Demaras competed at Innisfil Indy Karting for the first time on Sunday. The event was the fourth round of their IKC club series.

After some practice around the high-speed downhill layout on Wednesday, Daniel was ready to put his limited experience at the track to the test. Upcoming IKC races are expected to attract many competitors from Goodwood, and the KartStars Canada series will make its way to Innisfil on July 25th and 26th, so the team decided it was important to get some experience at the track.

Daniel had good pace in morning practice, and managed to place 2nd in qualifying. After getting jumped at the start of the Pre-Final, Daniel was caught up in a battle, which allowed the leader to slip away. Still a respectable 3rd place finish.

Daniel’s New Speed Motorsports teammates Elijah Joshi and Rocco Simone competed in the event in Briggs Cadet. The youth and inexperience of the field was evident as a high-speed accident resulted from a local driver spinning off track, then rejoining in the line of fire. Scary stuff! But both NSM drivers threaded the needle and avoided contact.

After some off-track discussion, the Daniel’s mechanics decided to make a gear change for the Final race, to try and produce some more acceleration through the infield. Despite the change, Daniel once again struggled at the green flag and had to fight to maintain 3rd, allowing the top two drivers to draft their way out of his range.

Daniel put in a strong showing, and even caught up with 2nd place by the end of the race. On this day, Daniel was satisfied with a 3rd place podium finish.

After scoring his first podium in Briggs and Stratton racing, Daniel looks to have further success in the coming races at Innisfil.

Contact on track prevented Daniel’s NSM teammate Elijah from reaching the podium, but Daniel’s new lil’ brother Rocco Simone stood on the top step in Briggs Cadet; a double podium result for New Speed Motorsports!

Daniel Demaras and the entire New Speed Motorsports crew (possibly with a special guest appearance by PRO Andrew Waring?) look forward to competing at Innisfil again in the upcoming races including the KartStars Canada series, IKC club races and the always competitive CKC – Canadian Karting Challenge.

TRAK Race 2

The club series at Goodwood Kartways was back in action for the second weekend in a row at TRAK Race 2. The race was run using the bus stop chicane, with new kerbs that had been added over the winter.

New Speed Motorsports drivers Rocco, Santiago, Elijah and Daniel were prepared for the challenge with the help of Anthony, Leonard, Cale and Max.

After an average start to the season, Daniel Demaras looked to improve his position in the second race, and take advantage of the modified track layout. After a long day of practice on Friday, the No.357 New Speed Motorsport kart Powered by PRO was dialed in and ready for race day.

A rare sight in the New Speed Motorsports paddock was Chris Demaras with a tool in his hands. Though dressed in a white shirt and still wearing his bronze medal from his CRKC race the night before. Chris tried to help.

Daniel Demaras showed good pace in morning practice, placing tenth out of twenty-one drivers. Though he wasn’t in the lead group of drivers, he was the fastest of the midfield. Qualifying was not as good; Daniel would be lining up twelfth.

The pre-final got off to a good start, with some opportunistic overtakes propelling Daniel into the top ten. As drivers dropped out of the race, Daniel got as high as eighth before being overtaken. Demaras attempted a late overtake in the hairpin but was unsuccessful, finishing ninth.

In the final, Daniel attempted a move up the inside of turn four, but couldn’t get it done, leaving him on the outside of turn five, where lost an additional position. This locked him in a tight battle, where three karts scrapped with each other for multiple laps. Daniel made a late braking maneuver on the inside of Turn 9 for ninth position, then made up ground through the chicane for an overtake in Turn 4 for eighth position. One lap later, Demaras was forced off track at Turn 4 causing him to lose 4 positions. After regrouping and getting the dust off his tires, Daniel made a last lap overtake for eleventh position where he would finish the race.

Though a Top 10 finish for Demaras was within reach, the end result was disappointing, Daniel was happy to see teammate Rocco take the win in Briggs Cadet and Santiago on the podium in Mini Rok. The New Speed Motorsports team showed great pace in TRAK Race 2 and the team will look to carry this momentum into Race 3.

2020 CRKC Round 1

Fridays are busy for Chris Demaras. He opens the office a little earlier than usual, wraps up the day’s tasks, then drives up to Goodwood Kartways with Daniel. The younger Demaras spends the afternoon practicing in the No.357 New Speed Motorsports kart with Chris turning wrenches…sometimes.

But once the club karts are put away, Chris puts on his race suit and helmet and gets ready for CRKC competition. Friday, June 26th was the first race of the 2020 CRKC season, and Chris wanted to improve on his performance from the Exhibition Race a few weeks earlier.

Without his family at the track to support him (little Daniel needs to get to sleep early for his TRAK races the next morning) Chris found enthusiasm and inspiration in #TheMigster, a rookie racer at Goodwood looking to make a name for himself.

Chris’ friendly rival Andy used the draft to good effect. Demaras punches a big hole through the air, so by putting his kart against Chris’ bumper, Andy was able to help both of them qualify at the sharp end of the field. The racers reached a “gentlemen’s agreement” not to crash into one another at Turn 4 on the opening lap. Chris would line up 2nd, Andy in 3rd, while regular rival in the heavyweight division Damiano was an uncharacteristic 7th.

While the leader was untouchable, Andy and Chris had a good scrap for position.

Demaras couldn’t match Texiera’s speed, and had to settle for 3rd on the day, but both men stood on the podium. Chris just didn’t look as happy.

With the shortened schedule, racing will resume for 2020 CRKC Round 2 next Friday, July 3rd.

No…Not the F40!

~ by Chris ‘#16’ Demaras ~

A year ago I was selling an old couch and rug. Just something I bought cheap to flip and make a buck…but people don’t want to hear that! So I wrote funny little post on social media instead.

A friend of mine, who happens to be a professional race car driver, called me up the next day. He was concerned. “Bro…don’t do it. Put your wife’s sofa back in the living room. I’ve seen it happen before. Once you start selling your stuff to pay for racing, it’ll never end.”

I tried to tell him it was a joke, a marketing angle, but he didn’t believe me. I thought he was nuts. Who would sell their stuff just so their kid could go racing?!

“We need to work on a scheme that we have a large number of kids who can try go-karting, compete in proper kit, and eventually they will make their way into F1.”

Alesi agrees, revealing he had to sell his Ferrari F40 to help fund Giuliano’s career.

“I’m an ex-Formula 1 driver, I have connections but I had to sell my Ferrari F40 to get the budget for my son to race in Formula 2. Why? Because it is almost mission impossible mission to find sponsorship. The price is too expensive and yet nobody wants to change anything.”

Planet F1

Jean Alesi was never a superstar. He raced in 202 Grand Prix over 13 years, his only win coming at with the Scuderia Ferrari at the 1995 Canadian Grand Prix. The F40 is a special car, as it is the last car Ferrari made under the watchful eye of Enzo Ferrari. Alesi’s F40 in particular was a gift from Ferrari as part of his driver’s contract.

IKC 4 at Innisfil

For a change of pace after 2 consecutive races at Goodwood Kartways, New Speed Motorsports Daniel Demaras and Rocco Simone will compete at Innisfil Kart Club Race 4 on Sunday, June 28, 2020 n Briggs Senior and Briggs Cadet, respectively.

TRAK Race 2 Details


Saturday, June 27th, 2020 – TRAK Race 2 (sponsored by VEGA tires) will be running the popular ‘Bus Stop’ layout. During the off-season curbs were finally added to this section of track, let’s all give those curbs a warm welcome.


  • Thursday June 25th: Morning Session: 10am – 3pm
  • Thursday June 25th: Afternoon Session: 3pm – 7pm
  • Friday June 26th: Afternoon Session: 10am – 3pm


  • 8:00 am – Gates Open
  • 8:15 am – Registration Opens
  • 9:15 am – Registration Closes
  • 9:30 am – Mandatory Drivers Meeting
  • 10:00 am – Practice Session 1 (8 Min Session)
  • T.B.D – Qualifying (8 Min Session)
  • Lunch Break
  • T.B.D – Pre-Final (10 Lap Race)
  • T.B.D – Final (12 Lap Race)
  • 3:45 pm – Podium Presentation


  • Rok Senior / Rok Masters
  • Briggs Cadet
  • Briggs Masters
  • Briggs Junior
  • Mini Rok
  • Briggs Senior
  • Shifter Rok
  • Briggs Junior Lite
  • Rok Junior


  • Race 2 Registration will once again be open on-site Thursday and Friday for drivers practicing on those days.
  • Registration will re-open on-site Saturday morning for all others. Access to the Registration Office will be controlled.
  • Drivers are required to come into registration with completed forms.

First Laps, New Track

Learning a new track can be challenging. Understanding the ideal braking point, corner entry, early or late apex – the true racing line – can take practice. For Daniel Demaras, the first two laps at Innisfil Indy Karting was a handful of opposite lock!

Test and Tune at Innisfil

The 2020 KartStars Canada series will travel to several tracks in Southern Ontario including Point Pelee Karting, Goodwood Kartways and Innisfil Indy Karting. For Daniel Demaras, it’ll be an opportunity to visit new tracks he’s never even seen before.

The second round of the provincial series will take place at the Innisfil track on Gilford Rd, the same track where New Speed Motorsports Santiago and Rocco took home the hardware last weekend.

To prepare for this new challenge, Daniel Demaras and his father Chris met up with the New Speed Motorsports team for a ‘test and tune’ practice day at the Innisfil Indy Karting facility this past Wednesday. For Daniel, it’s his first new track since competing at Mosport in 2016!

Team principal Anthony and his two sons were already at the track when Chris and Daniel arrived. Next to the trailer was Leonard, chief mechanic at New Speed Motorsports, working away on a shifter kart. Once the tools and kart were unloaded from the truck, Chris made a quick gear change, bolted on the practice tires, and got Daniel ready for his first session. The track has multiple configurations, so young Rocco went out on track with Daniel to show him the layout.

The paddock was busy, but the track was quiet, as competitors in Wednesday night’s private event prepared their karts. For most laps, Daniel had the track to himself to explore the limits of adhesion, without worrying about a chasing kart if he dropped a wheel. Another quick stop to change the gear helped Daniel go even faster in the second session and Leonard jumped in to loosen up the seat struts and reduce front grip, bringing the kart back in balance. Anthony watched the New Speed drivers closely, and gave personal coaching on where time could be found by taking a wider line through a sequence of corners or turning in later.

Daniel was impressed by the speed of the circuit, as there were no braking zones at all. Much of the track is taken at full throttle, lifting for the corners, and riding the curbs.

Daniel got a surprise visit from PRO’s Andrew Waring. For nearly two years Andrew wrenched on Daniel’s No. 12 PRO Intrepid Briggs & Stratton kart, and provided driver coaching and motivation. Waring mentored Daniel like a kid brother, and even took the young racer out for a track day at Shannonville, where Waring had previously raced Formula 1600 cars.

Before graduating to cars, Andrew had a championship winning kart racing career. He even raced in Italy at the World Championships, interestingly enough, with NSM’s Leonard D’arrigo as his mechanic! Small world.

Daniel adapted well to the new circuit, and improved through each session. The curbs at Innisfil got the better of him, cracking the bottom of the No.357 seat, ending the final session a few minutes before the private event began.