The WRX is now plated and insured. Once the car leaves the body shop with rust repaired and a fresh coat of paint, it will be ready for the road. Less than a year ago, Daniel got his driver’s license, and now a license plate for his first car. Big moment!

IMSA at CTMP a No-Go

Unfortunately, for the second year in a row, the Mobil 1 Sports Car Grand Prix has been cancelled. Following the Sahlen’s Six Hours of The Glen held on June 27 at Watkins Glen International, the IMSA teams, will stick around the track for another week to compete in the WeatherTech 240 At The Glen the following weekend, July 2, the date originally scheduled for the Canadian event.

The event at Mosport / Canadian Tire Motorsports Park just east of Toronto is IMSA’s only Canadian race, and has been a highlight of the summer for the motorsports enthusiasts at Demaras Racing. The IMSA paddock is very open to spectators, with opportunities to get right up to the cars and meet the star racers, which is what makes it so fun. Last time the event ran in Canada in 2019, Daniel skipped a kart race but met up with Helio Catroneves and his Acura Prototype, while Chris Demaras had the opportunity to ask Danish sports car ace Jan Magnussen for his barber’s name.

2021 TRAK Club Racing Schedule Delayed

PRESS RELEASE: Goodwood Kartways

Hello Kart Racers, Families and Friends;

As we continue to monitor issues surrounding COVID-19, we are faced with a very dynamic and ever-changing situation. As we continue communication with our government and health officials regarding the current crisis, it has become apparent that we will need to postpone and delay our season-opening events.

With Ontario’s most recent orders implementing an emergency brake until at least May 1st, the start of our TRAK Club Racing season has been delayed until further notice. We will monitor the situation closely and will update you as it evolves.

As we adapt like all businesses must, we will continue our planning process to ensure we are ready to offer you all the best programs we can when the time comes and we are permitted to do so. Our hope is to reschedule events, and we remain committed to keeping you all informed through an updated schedule as soon as possible.

We appreciate your ongoing cooperation and look forward to having you all back at our track in the near future.

Daniel DiLeo

For further information or to have your questions and/or concerns addressed, please visit or email

Parade Cars

Reading about the ‘Pharaohs’ Golden Parade’ you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was a corny publicity stunt. But lay your eyes on the military troop carriers with custom bodywork that carried the ancient Egyptian mummies on their journey, and you’ll have to admit the ceremony was amazing.

A fleet of twenty-two extravagant vehicles carried eighteen pharaohs and four queens to the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Caro where they’ll be on display in nitrogen-filled capsules for preservation. The antiquities are from Egypt’s 17th dynasty, approximately 1550 BC. although some are as recent as the 12th Century BC. Each of the vehicles has been emblazoned with the name of their passenger in English, Arabic and hieroglyphs.

The historic journey will recreate the way pharaohs traveled along the Nile, with overhead illumination bathing the streets in a watery blue hue. The larger-than-life chariots aim to be as extravagant as possible with their gold and black ornamentation. Even the wheels have gold wheel covers that resemble Egyptian jewelry. The vehicles have ride on custom-made shock-absorbing suspension, and even the roads traveled on the journey were repaved to make the journey as smooth as possible.

Egypt hopes the new museum which opened this month, will help revitalize tourism, a major source of revenue to the nation. As with many countries, Egypt has been hard hit by ‘the virus’ but now that cases are under control, the Egyptian government hopes to welcome international visitors again…starting with this internationally watched parade.

Body Shop Again

The fun thing about going to the local body shop is all the odd cars you’ll find crossing paths with yours. Forget about the commoners minivans and SUVs. Those are just appliances the boss has to repair to keep the lights on. No, the good stuff is usually in the back. Sometimes it’s a project car that stalled out, other times an antique undergoing full restoration.

For example, tucked in behind Daniel’s WRX is a 1920’s Chevrolet in Detroit’s version of World Rally Blue.

Out in the back lot you’ll find a late 1950’s Studebaker developing extra patina before being turned into someone’s rat-rod.

Or this turn of the century Rolls Royce with minor fender damage just waiting for factory parts to arrive from the UK before heading back out on the rough Toronto roads..

Body Shop

Rust on the rear quarter panels of a Subaru is a common problem. Rust on the rockers too. Rust in general.

With so much snow and salt on the roads in Canadian winters, these cars take a lot of pain. But the AWD system is fantastic, so that makes up for a lot. There’s a great company out of Wisconsin that makes top quality patch panels for the Legacy, Forester and Impreza WRX called ‘Subie Savers’. They are dedicated to the preservation of Subarus.

A pair of rear wheel arch panels, and new rocker panels, arrived today. With the new/old bumpers from Japan Direct, all the components are in place to begin restoration of the WRX’s body.

There’s some long weeks of body work and rust repair in the WRX’s future. However, rolling into the body shop today, the WRX project really felt like it was in the final stretch.


On April 1st 2021 the Ontario Government again ‘locked down’ the province to protect against the spread of ‘the virus‘. Canadians have been dealing with various restrictions for months, and with the exception of a vocal minority, Canucks have followed the safety protocols.

But when rules about which activities can open and which must close become increasingly confusing, or do not seem rooted in common sense, people are not likely to abide by those rules.

Outdoor recreational amenities permitted to open include:

  • parks and recreational areas
  • baseball diamonds
  • batting cages
  • soccer, football and sports fields
  • tennis courts and table tennis courts
  • basketball courts
  • BMX parks
  • skate parks
  • frisbee golf locations
  • cycling tracks and bike trails
  • horse riding facilities
  • shooting ranges and gun clubs
  • ice rinks
  • tobogganing hills
  • snowmobile, ice-skating and snowshoe trails
  • playgrounds
  • parks with outdoor fitness equipment
  • golf courses and driving ranges
  • ski hills

During the April shutdown, people living in Ontario can visit ice rinks, toboggan hills, snowmobile trails and ski hills. But during the Easter long-weekend, the temperatures were 15° and higher, none of those activities are even possible. Drive-in theatres are closed while golf clubs are open. How does sitting in a car at the 5 Drive-In expose a person to greater risk than puttering around in a golf cart?

While it makes sense the province wants to restrict motorsports crowds at the Saturday Night oval-track races at Sunset Speedway or the massive numbers of spectators at the Honda Indy Toronto, why would that mean that individuals can’t take their race cars out to a track?

Does this make sense?

Porsche Design Subaru

We’ve been sort of restoring a Bugeye ’03 WRX. The plan was to bring the car back to original condition, with only minor changes for safety (back-up camera) but no performance mods. However, if parts could have been on the car, that’s an acceptable change. For example, if the WRX was “wingless” it would be fine to add an OEM spoiler; who’s to say what the car was originally equipped with?

Wheels were the most obvious area for improvement. The stock 16″ cast aluminum wheels were cleaned up, and will work just fine in the winter. But a nice set of “optional” wheels for summer would be great. The search for parts brought us to JDM Place in Markham. These guys have decades of experience customizing Subarus, and have some very unique parts, including these Porsche Design wheels available from Subaru in 2000 to 2003.

Produced between 2000 and 2003 for the Japanese market only, the Subaru Legacy B4 ‘Blitzen’ (that’s German for ‘flash’) was a collaboration between Subaru and Porsche Design. Not the Stuttgart car company itself, but the Porsche Design subsidiary that provides industrial design with flair for glasses, laptops and even Subarus! All the interior and exterior design changes were designed by Porsche. This included the body kit, bumpers, the split rear wing, and of course the wheels, reminiscent of the early ’80s Porsche 928 telephone dial wheels.

The final decision was to go with the BBS RK 028 wheels that were optional on the WRX, and not the Porsche Design wheels. But they were an incredibly cool item that we didn’t even know existed..

Reduced Racers

With only a week to go before Spring Training 2021 is supposed to kick off, Demaras Racing went back up north to continue pre-season preparations.

Local engine builder G-Force had good news about Skyler & Uniqua. Both motors ran strong, and no valve issues. Chris & Daniel then brought one Briggs & Stratton racing engine (and an Odenthal motor mount) to Marco at Goodwood so he could finish assembly of Daniel’s new Intrepid racing kart. Upon arrival at the track, the new provincial restrictions obviously had a huge impact on the track.

Despite the number of racers reduced to a handful, there were still some smiles to be seen.

Limited to 5 people on track, the facility was nearly empty. Everyone was keeping their distance (paddock spaces were 20′ apart from each other) and masks were mandatory. A very organized transition from morning session to afternoon group saw the arrival of old friend Ethan Pollack with his glorious new HJC helmet.

New karts without decal kits (the kids call them ‘Teslas’) looked white and pure and will never look so clean again when wheel-to-wheel action begins…supposedly in 28 days. Yup, the restrictions will impact Spring Training and TRAK Race 1 (and possibly Race 2).

More details to follow as Goodwood releases more press releases.

Now That’s FUNNY

After zee German’s attempt at an April Fool’s Day prank tanked this week, many have been waiting to see if any other car companies would still roll out their April Fool’s Day gags. Or if the fallout from Voltswagen would scare marketing managers back to the drawing board the ask themselves “Is this actually funny?” The motoring world did not disappoint!

Alfa Romeo

The legendary Italian carmaker is utilizing “state-of-the-art electrochromic glass” to transform your boring drive to work into a virtual Italian view through the addition of real life Instagram filters, baked right into the side glass.


Everyone is familiar with the Crewe crew’s rotating central display panel. GPS on the first panel, high performance gauges on the second, and up until now, the ‘plain old wood’ third panel has been replaced with an with integrated coffee machine to create an espresso or macchiato at the touch of a button.


Stuttgart unrelieved the the Porsche Mission E Tractor, the world’s first all-electric, high performance tractor. Calling it “a revolution in farming” the 700 hp beast is expected to finally snatch the Nordschleife record from John Deere.


The engineers at Sant’Agata want to give their customers everything. In response to many customer complaints about not being able to take their Huracan to the trailer park, the auto manufacturer has unveiled the Lamborghini Centro Stile with the same angular aesthetic as their supercars.


DRIVETRIBE hypothesized that “BMW drivers don’t use their turn signals because…they think of themselves higher than the people around them.”. Pretty harsh! So the funny Germans in Munich decided to poke fun at themselves, claiming to have removed a useless piece of equipment from their vehicles.

“Phone manufacturers did it. Tech giants too. So we decided to give it a go as well. What are we talking about? Removing obsolete features for the benefit of our planet. And according to the interwebs, the most underutilized feature on every BMW is the turn signal. Starting from 2022, all BMW models will be shipped without turn signals. After all, fewer parts means a smaller footprint, and less raw materials used.”

Important Sounding Voice, BWM