Our Friend Kevin

Way back in 2017, CRKC double-champion Daniel Demaras made the jump to club racing. In that first season of Briggs Jr. racing, Demaras was under the VRS tent at Mosport with guys who would become friends for years. including Keidon & Scott Fletcher, Jon & James Treadwell…and Kevin May. Kevin was quite a few years older than Daniel, and had already put his helmet away and moved on to tuning.

Seeing Kevin back at the track earlier this summer after so many years was a real treat for Daniel. But Kevin wasn’t there to wrench anyone to racing glory. He was back in action!

Getting to race against Kevin was something Daniel never thought he’d have a chance to do.

All summer long, these two competed against each other, sometimes as drafting partners in qualifying and often going wheel-to-wheel on track. They compared gear ratios, bumped into each other travelling back from ‘away’ races, and even shared chocolate cake on Daniel’s birthday. Kevin’s father was even nice enough to give Daniel’s father a USB stick with 100+ pictures from the recent KartStars race in Sutton.

The May family are a real class act.

Race Day: 2021 TRAK Race 13

Back at Goodwood for Race 13 in the 2021 TRAK season. With new decals on the sidepods, and pieces of the old decals relocated to the rear bumper, the No. 412 was certainly looking good enough. But would it be quick enough?

The previous week’s Night Race finished so late, most racers just left their karts as-is after the event. So, Saturday morning was spent changing gears and chassis setup to prepare for the long-track reverse configuration. Once morning practice started, all the drivers realized they’d forgotten to swap the clear visors they used at night for the tinted visors they normally use in the daytime. Plenty of squinting during that early morning session.

Once qualifying began, Daniel realized the No. 412 kart had a major problem. The 412B motor just wasn’t giving full power. When drafting with racing-rival Jeff Conte, Demaras noticed the loss of power coming up the hill after Turn 9.

Despite qualifying P3, the tough decision was made to pull the 412B motor and replace it with the 412A motor. This meant Daniel would have to give up his qualifying position, and start from last place. His body-language said it all. He was furious!

In a season filled with ups and downs, Demaras should have expected that lucky 13 on the racing schedule would be a nightmare. With encouragement from Leonard, Anthony and the New Speed Motorsports team, Daniel put on a show, passing multiple drivers on his way back up to P3.

It’s safe to say that Demaras impressed people with his racing this weekend.

A win wasn’t possible for the No. 412 kart, but Daniel proudly stood on the podium with Jeff Conte and Bruno Polo…just a little closer to the 2021 TRAK Championship.

Next up is TRAK Race 14 scheduled this Saturday, October 2nd, 2021 where Demaras will attempt to clinch back-to-back Briggs Masters TRAK Championships.

2021 CRKC: R8

It’s been six weeks since Round 4 of the 2021 CRKC series. Rumor around the track was that Chris received a three-race suspension for ‘avoidable contact’ in the last round. Demaras insists that he has simply been focusing his time and energy on Friday practice days for Daniel’s No. 412 kart, which is leading the TRAK Championship.

The truth may never come out.

But from all reports, a refreshed, renewed and relaxed Chris Demaras returned to Goodwood Kartways on Friday, ready to compete. No longer focusing on overall standings or championships, Chris can just focus on individual races. Maybe even a podium.

One racer who is in the championship hunt is Miggy Montano. In only his 2nd season of kart racing, #TheMigster currently sits third in the points table. Chris is a big fan of this young racer, and proudly wear Migster merchandise at the track.

In low-grip conditions, Miggy was able to qualify and finish his race P3 to keep his chances of a championship strong.

Demaras added some advanced techniques to his game. Shifting his body in the seat, putting weight on the outside wheels to increase grip and speed in the corners. It put extra pressure on his ribs, but Chris managed a P4 in qualifying.

At the drop of the green flag, Demaras was right on the bumper of his rival Intranuovo. Pushing through Turn 1 and Turn 2, Chris made an aggressive pass to take P3. Chasing down P2, inconsistency cost Demaras a chance to move further up the field, but he was very relieved with his first podium of 2021.

2021 TRAK Race 13: Details




  • Friday September 24th, 10am-4pm


  • 8:00 am – Gates Open
  • 8:15 am – Registration Opens
  • 9:15 am – Registration Closes
  • 9:30 am – Mandatory Driver’s Meeting
  • 10:00 am – Practice Session 1 (7 Minute)
  • T.B.D – Qualifying (7 Minute)
  • Lunch Break
  • T.B.D – Pre-Final (10 Lap Race)
  • T.B.D – Final (12 Lap Race)
  • 4:00 pm – Podium Presentation


  • Rok Senior
  • Rok Masters
  • Mini Rok
  • Briggs Masters
  • Briggs Junior
  • Briggs Cadet
  • Briggs Senior
  • Briggs Junior Lite
  • Rok Junior


  • This race will utilize the Long Track Reverse configuration.
  • Registration will be open on-site on Friday for drivers practicing. Parking arrangements will also be completed.
  • Registration will re-open on-site Saturday morning for all others. Access to the Registration Office will be controlled. Drivers are required to come into registration with completed forms. Click HERE for the forms.
  • Please read the all documents for TRAK Race Day Event Procedures and Guidelines before attending.

For more information on our Club Racing program please visit

2021 TRAK Race 13: Preview



PRESS RELEASE: Club Racing at Goodwood Kartways

What a show! Thank you to all of you that participated in our annual Night Race last Saturday. The environment was electric and the paddock was filled with excitement. We are back at it this Saturday for TRAK Race 13. This week is Sponsored By: Rok Cup Canada. With preparations on going, a confirmed 11 TRAK Members will be travelling to South Garda Italy in early October to represent KartStars Canada at the Rok International Superfinal.

Race Thirteen Notes:

  • Race Thirteen is Sponsored By: Rok Cup Canada. Thank you for supporting our club!
  • Race Thirteen Details are now available. Click HERE. Event information including practice availability leading up to the event, class order, race format, configuration, Covid-19 protocols and a time table will all be detailed in the document.
  • Please note the designated practice times in the Race Thirteen Details.

We look forward to having you all back for another great day of racing. Additional prizes and/or draws will take place at the podium presentation.

For more information on Goodwood Kartways and the  Toronto Racing Association of Karters please visit or call us at (905)640-5278.

Nostalgia Coffee Company Extends Sponsorship

Nostalgia Coffee Co. isn’t some cookie-cutter coffee shop. It’s a labour of love run by brother and sister team Glenda and Ronnie. The cafe, located at 855 O’Connor Dr. in East York, is a real ‘hub’ in the community.

Nostalgia began supporting local racer Daniel Demaras back in 2019 and together they’ve helped his charity fundraising campaigns. They even sponsored him again in 2020.

To say that times have been tough for small business over the past year is a massive understatement. Nostalgia only re-opened for indoor dining a couple months ago. Yet despite these challenging times the local eatery has extended their support of Daniel Demaras in 2021 for a third consecutive year. This one really means something. For Daniel, having the continued support of his sponsors makes him feel that they believe in his talent and abilities on the race track.

“In times like these, where businesses are struggling to stay open, it means a lot to me that that despite the challenges, Nostalgia Coffee Co. continues to sponsor my racing career. They’re an important part of East York, where I grew up. I hope the community continues to support this great, independent business, just as much as they’ve supported me over the years.”

Daniel Demaras, No. 412

When you’re in the St. Clair and O’Connor area of East York, make sure to stop by and enjoy a cappuccino at Nostalgia. They’re also available for take-out, so just give them a call at (416) 755-3675 and tell them Demaras Racing sent you!

2021 KartStars Championships

The KartStars Canada 2021 Championship. This was the big one, the series everyone in the Ontario kart racing scene wanted to compete in. The final results are in.

Daniel Demaras and the No. 412 New Speed Motorsports kart did double-duty, competing in the Briggs & Stratton Masters division, as well as the KartStars Senior division.

Briggs and Stratton Masters

A win in the opening round at Goodwood Kartways on Jul 3rd, followed by back to back podiums at 3S Go-Karts on September 4th and the Goodwood “Night Race” on September 18th secured Demaras with runner-up in the championship. This is a one place improvement over last year where Daniel finished third in the 2020 KartStars Championship.

KartStars Senior

An even more difficult achievement was the KartStars Senior division where Daniel’s podium at 3S Go-Karts in Sutton, plus consistency throughout the season, earned him vice-champion honours in the 2021 KartStars Canada series.

From Goodwood Kartways to Point Pelee Karting to Shannonville Motorsports Park to 3S Go-Karts and back to Goodwood for the Night Race it’s been an incredible journey, one that seemed almost impossible two years ago. Vying for poles, podiums and wins in the biggest karting series in Ontario is something Demaras Racing can be proud of.

KartStars Senior – Grand Finale

Night Race 2021 – TRAK Race 12 / KartStars 5

There are sprint races, and there are marathons. Saturday’s “Night Race” opened at 10:00 am, started free practice sessions at noon, and didn’t wrap up on-track activities until 10:05 pm.

When the Masters race ended, Demaras’ kart was sent to tech for inspection. NSM tuner Leonard had to quickly pull apart the engine to allow race officials to confirm it’s legality. No problem there!

Once the No. 412 was given the “OK” Leonard pushed it back to the paddock and started putting his tools away.

After the Finals for Briggs Cadet, Junior, Senior, Masters and all the ROK categories, a special “shootout” race for the KartStars Junior & KartStars Senior catchweight divisions was scheduled. And it was a very unique format.

Drivers would be sent out on track for one 5-minte session to set the order. When leaving the track, racers would go through scales, then be sent immediately to grid-up for the race. No changes to the kart were allowed. It was truly “run what you brung”.

Daniel wheeled the No. 412 to a P5 starting position…at Masters weight of 375 lbs! He started ahead of Kevin May, Jelena Latkovic and Levon Beaudin.

Demaras wasn’t in contention for the win on this night, but his Top 10 finish gave him enough points to secure P2 in the KartStars Senior division’s overall championship! Demaras truly punched above his weight this year.

KartStars Grand Finale – Briggs Masters

Night Race 2021 – TRAK Race 12 / KartStars 5

After a rare two-week break in the racing schedule, competition resumed. The event at Goodwood Kartways was both TRAK Race 12 for those competing in the club championship, and KartStars Round 5. The season finale for the regional series was made extra-special by running under the lights at Goodwood, where the series began the 2021 season.

Demaras and the No. 412 crew of Trevor and Chris arrived at the track at 10:00 am, as the remainder of the team rolled in before noon. It was going to be a long day.

Daniel could only manage a P7 qualifying, unable to find a drafting partner in the 20-kart field. He would have to move forward in the Heat Races to give himself a chance at victory later in the day.

Demaras wasn’t the only person face challenges. The pack had difficulties leaving the grid, as one racer stalled his engine and could not get it re-fired, while 2021 Nationals champ Macvoy did not have his helmet and safety gear on, and actually missed the start of Heat Race 1! What a strange day.

The start of Heat Race 2 was clean, but by the time the pack made it to Turn 5, a desperate Yanko used Beaudin and Macvoy as brakes, causing a collision. The chain reaction sent Lorenzo Conte crashing into, and over, Daniel Demaras, who was then forced onto the grass. In last place, Daniel put on a ‘champions drive’ moving forward from 20th to 11th in the course of only 8 laps.

Demaras’ frustration was clearly visible. He knew he had the speed to compete with the best racers, but circumstances conspired against him. Daniel’s oldest friend at the track, Tony Kart racer Matte Ferrari, helped him cool down and focus on the task ahead. Getting angry certainly wouldn’t help!

NSM tuner Leonard was a man on fire. Taking apart the rear of the No. 412, Leonard cut and pounded the new axle into place.

As the sun set, and racers readied for the ‘big show’ Demaras mother and sister arrived at the track to provide additional family support. Daniel recapped the ups and downs of the day, commenting that the racing gods hhad helped him in the pre-final, helping him to a P3 finish, exactly where he wanted to be in the final. Directly behind pole sitter Marc Stehle.

Sitting on grid can be lonely. Once a racer has fist-bumped his mechanic and received slaps on the back from his teammates, he’s left only with his thoughts.

“Will we have a clean start?”
“Will my pass on second place in turn 1 stick?”
“Why is Macvoy standing there staring at me?”

At the drop of the green flag, Daniel got exactly what he wanted. A battle with multi-time National champ, Marc Stehle. Demaras pushed hard off the starting line, passing Macvoy and gapping Yanko behind him. Daniel chased the champ, attacking whenever at the slightest mistake, but refusing to dive-bomb or drive dirty. Their times were nearly identical setting 46.7 second laps more than a dozen times.

Ending the race a fraction of a second away from another big win was heart-breaking yet satisfying all at the same time.

Demaras proved he could run with the best, and his P3 in the Pre-Final and P2 in the Final gave him enough points to secure second place overall in the KartStars Canada Championship, Briggs Masters division with three podiums, two pole positions and one win.

Team results for New Speed Motorsports were impressive. Along with Daniel Demaras’ proud podium, Cayden Goodridge overcame adversity to bring home a P3 finish and clinch the VLR Masters Championship. Rocco Simone took his second straight win in Briggs Cadet to make a late charge in the TRAK championship.

‘Under the Lights’ with Record Setting Attendance

PPRESS RELEASE: Goodwood Kartways

KartStars Finale Review: Championship Comes to a Close

Under the lights at Goodwood Kartways, the 2021 edition of the KartStars Canada Championship came to a close in style. A jammed packed event ended with a traditional corn roast and spectacular Fireworks Display. The event created excitement all day long and when it was all said and done, 186 entries made up the Finale with an additional 18 Kid Karts adding to the entertainment. Each class completed a warm-up, qualifying, two heat races, and a pre-final all within a format that set the stage for the popular feature race ‘Under the Lights’.

Full fields in all classes provided extremely competitive racing. The paddock was electric and as families worked together preparing for night fall the environment exceeded all expectations.

“I’ve said it before, our Night Race is an event that karters look forward to every year, I look forward to every year. This year’s version lived up to the hype and with a tremendous turnout the intensity was through the roof from the first on-track session right through to the final race under the lights. The paddock was filled with drivers both young and old with smiles that expressed just how much they all enjoyed the event. That’s what this event is all about.”

KartStars Canada Principal, Daniel Di Leo

The sights and sounds were spectacular and a massive turnout at the podium presentation was a fitting way to end what has been a great year for all involved. As the series continues to grow, KartStars Canada would like to thank all those who have participated through the year. Your support makes our events what they are. Thank you!

Congratulations to our KartStars Season Finals Night Race Winners:

Jiffy Lube Fast Qualifiers:

  • Briggs Cadet: Christian Papp
  • Briggs Junior: Gavin Goldie
  • Briggs Junior Lite: Leo Luca Di Carlo
  • Briggs Senior: Javier Ruiz
  • Briggs Masters: Mark Stehle
  • KartStars Junior: Gavin Goldie
  • KartStars Senior: Javier Ruiz
  • Mini Rok: Jordan Di Leo
  • Rok Junior: Ayden Ingratta
  • Rok Senior: Andrew Maciel
  • VLR Masters: Liam Rhodes

Night Race Feature Winners:

  • Briggs Cadet: Rocco Simone
  • Briggs Junior: Gavin Goldie
  • Briggs Junior Lite: Leo Luca Di Carlo
  • Briggs Senior: Alex Murphy
  • Briggs Masters: Marc Stehle
  • KartStars Junior: Ayden Ingratta
  • KartStars Senior: Javier Ruiz
  • Mini Rok: Jordan Di Leo
  • Rok Junior: Ayden Ingratta
  • Rok Senior: Andrew Maciel
  • VLR Masters: John Cariati

Congratulations to the Goodridge Family for winning our Flair Airlines sponsored Flight passes!