Reopening Mosport: Phase 1


Mosport Karting Centre is excited to announce the 1st phase of a partial re-opening of the track at a limited and controlled capacity on Tuesday May 19th. Given the global circumstances, the main focus of Mosport Karting Centre and its affiliates remains the safety of its employees and customers.

As a community, it is our social responsibility to maintain the protocols associated with preventing COVID-19. Per the recent announcements from our Canadian government and regional municipalities, our facility will be able to partially re-open in a safe and secure manner following all necessary and approved health & safety guidelines.

The track will be limited to private-kart owners and/or track members at this time. We will also be opening the parts shop for curbside pick-up only. Please keep in mind this is temporary and we are busy working behind the scenes, anticipating all future opening announcements from our government. It is our goal to meet and exceed all government stipulated guidelines for health and safety best-practices at our facility.

We are carefully navigating the current situation by working together to re-open and re-establish the motorsport community for us all. Our “Phase 1 Package” outlines how our facility has prepared for the partial re-opening.

Reopening Goodwood: Stage 1

Goodwood Kartways to Re-Open in Limited Capacity to Private Kart Owners and Members

Early this afternoon the staff at Goodwood Kartways received the much anticipated news we have been waiting for – that the facility is eligible to open in a limited capacity beginning Tuesday, May 19th!

As we have made all aware in correspondence during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have been strategically planning for this time for a number of weeks and the safety of all remains our number-one priority, and is paramount as we prepare to get karts back on track. We have established very clear expectations around visiting the facility, and are confident we will meet and exceed regulations issued by the Ontario Government. We will have a strictly controlled ‘gate-closed’ environment, and admittance to the facility will be through pre-registration only. Full details can be found below, and you are asked to fully understand them prior to registering for a Goodwood Kartways visit.

Along with protocols in place for the safety of all, you will notice several physical changes at Goodwood Kartways as well, as staff has been hard at work implementing many new upgrades! The track now has 340ft of linear verge protection, 60ft of new curbing in the bus stop and freshly painted lines on the track, curbing, paddock and grid! We have additional safety fencing installed, introducing a new viewing area, new signage and have renovated the registration centre as well! In short, we are very excited about what we have to show you, and we’re very excited about seeing you back at the track beginning next week!

As we prepare to welcome you back, we thank you again for your patience and understanding during these difficult times. For we can build the best facility in the province, but what makes Goodwood Kartways the home of karting are the karters, and we just can’t wait to meet you at the gate.

Briggs and Stratton Mascot

Voting has started for the Briggs & Stratton Racing Mascot Name Contest. Out of 2,500 suggested names submitted, officials at Briggs narrowed it down to the top five, which motorsports enthusiasts can vote for.

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin based Briggs is the dominant engine in 4-cycle karting, and has eclipsed all 2-cycle engines in popularity due to affordability, easy of use and parity.

However, Briggs still trails Rok Vortex engines in the “cutesy” category, with the Italians having their own cartoon mascot for some time.

Winner of the Briggs mascot naming contest receive a new Briggs & Stratton Racing LO206 engine. Second and third choices each take home $206 gift cards. To vote, click the link before May 11, 2020!

PR: Mosport International Karting Association

To All MIKA Members, Family, & Friends

With the Ontario Government’s extension of non-essential business closures we will have to postpone all MIKA Club Events until further notice.

As you are all aware our first training event was to take place at Mosport Karting Centre on April 19th. We will be postponing this event and all future MIKA Club Race events until there is more clarity from officials when non-essential businesses and public gatherings will be allowed to resume. When that happens, we will inform you of all upcoming dates and the schedule moving forward. Thank you for your patience during these difficult times.

Please continue to follow the recommendations of our government and health officials to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Continue to practice safe physical distancing, self-isolate immediately if you feel symptomatic, unwell or have had contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or shown symptoms. If we all continue to follow these guidelines, we will be closer to getting back on track this season.

Mosport Karting Centre

PR: Goodwood

Hello Kart Racers, Families and Friends;

At Goodwood Kartways, our primary concern is the health and safety of our customers, their families and all the people that we come in contact with, which includes our employees and our families.

As we continue to monitor issues surrounding COVID-19, we are faced with a very dynamic and ever-changing situation, both professionally and in our personal lives. As we follow the advice of our government and health officials regarding how to best deal with the current crisis, it has become apparent that we will need to postpone and delay our season-opening events.

With Ontario’s most recent orders mandating the closure of non-essential businesses for a 14-day period extending through to Saturday, April 18th, the start of our TRAK Club Racing season has been delayed. We will monitor the situation closely and will update you as this situation evolves.

As we adapt like all businesses must, we will continue our planning process to ensure we are ready to offer you all the best programs we can when the time comes and we are permitted to. Our hope is to reschedule events, and we remain committed to keeping you all informed through an updated schedule as possible.

It is important that we all do our part. Please continue to follow the recommendations of our government and health officials to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Practice safe social distancing, self-monitor and self-isolate immediately if you feel unwell or have had any contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or shown symptoms. These are actions that will get us back on track.

More PRO Teammates Join the Fight

Christopher Proietto is a good guy. After years of successful racing, he transitioned to become a mechanic under the PRO tent. Daniel Demaras was fortunate enough to spend nearly two seasons under Christopher’s guidance.

Word has spread about the urgent need for PPE donations, and now the Proiettos have also joined the fight against the virus. The Caledon, ON, based family are working directly with local hospitals to create emergency face shields using 3D printing technology.

The PRO teammate has taken it one step further by setting up a GoFundMe page with a goal of collecting $5,000 in donations for the production of PPE for the Headwaters Health Care Centre in Orangville, ON.

PRO and Demaras Racing to Help

In response to an urgent plea from hospitals in the GTA for personal protective equipment (PPE), Professional Racing Ontario and their driver Daniel Demaras are helping to fill the void by using 3D Printing to make protective face shields.

Local hospitals are calling on the community to help create PPE to protect health care professionals. There is a critical shortage of PPE supplies, and while large manufacturers are ramping up production to meet demand, the community can bridge the gap between now and then.

“While we’re all pacing and preparing for the racing season, we’ve put our machinery to work for something different this time. Demaras contacted us for help on the project because PRO has the ability to create these face shields through our engineering background and in-house 3D printing technology. Now we’re challenging others in the racing community to step up and join the fight.”

Darryl Timmers
Professional Racing Ontario

PRO expects to have the first batch of emergency face shields ready mid-week for Daniel Demaras to deliver to Michael Garron Hospital (formerly Toronto East General Hospital). That’s the same hospital Demaras visited last week to donate PPE supplies to, paid for by sponsor money earmarked for his 2020 racing season.

“I shared the story about my PPE donation to the hospital, hoping it would motivate my racing rivals to do the same. But suppliers of gloves and protective masks are out of stock, and I knew a creative solution to the problem was needed. That’s where PRO raced to the rescue.”

Daniel Demaras, PRO Driver

PRO and Demaras are covering all the costs associated with building masks, but any individuals or businesses with access to 3D printing technology are strongly encouraged to do their part. Approved specifications for face shields are below, as well as locations where completed masks can be brought. If you are unable or unwilling to visit a local hospital to deliver the masks, Demaras will pick-up anywhere in Southern Ontario.