With total Points of 3,049, Daniel Demaras has moved up to 2nd place on the all time GPK ProSkill points board. With only one driver left, Daniel has his sights firmly set on being the highest ranked driver at Grand Prix Kartways by the end of the year.


Daniel has accumulated nearly 1,500 ProSkill points since the beginning of the year, making him the Most Improved of all the drivers at Grand Prix Kartways. The senior member of the Demaras team, Chris, is a distant 10th on the list, having accumulated less than 600 points.


Daniel’s ascension through the ranks has been quick and shocking. What seemed impossible at the beginning of the year is now within reach. Chris on the other hand has had to settle for smaller victories. Being ranked outside of the Top 100, driver #16 has to be satisfied with occasionally setting a ‘Fastest Lap’ only a few hundredths of a second faster than driver #12.



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