Driver #16 has been enjoying this season. With three podium finishes at CRKC events (plus a silver in the European tour) Demaras knows what he has to work on; improving qualifying.

Chris Demaras set consistent lap times of 39.1 seconds in practice, but managed to shave his lap time down to 38.9 seconds during qualifying, earning him a 5th place starting spot.

“I know I’m faster than some of these guys. This guy in fourth;  I remember the back of his helmet. I remember passing him last week.” boasted Demaras..


When the race began, Chris went to work on passing his supposedly slower opponents. After a clean start, the karts cruised through turn 3 in qualifying order. As the drivers drifted left to take a wide entry to turn 4, Demaras drove straight up the inside of the corner, reducing his cornering speed, but gaining track position. A customary wave to his opponent (as has become Demaras’ signature move) and Chris was off to chase down another opponent.


Two corners later, #16 tried an outside pass at turn 5, but his opponent exited wide, pushing both Demaras and himself onto the rumble strips. Having left the inside line open, two drivers slid by and took the positions away.

In the end, Chris came home a disappointing 6th, but there was no dampening the spirits of the Demaras Auto Racing Team on this weekend, as the accomplishments of his teammate lifted Demaras’ spirits.


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