As the season wears on, many drivers whose visions of racing glory haven’t come true have dropped out of competition. As the field of drivers get smaller, the number of heats has dropped from 8 races down to 6 races, but with a larger number of drivers in each group. This weekend, Group 6 had a weight spread from 190 lbs to 245 lbs, leaving some people scratching their heads as to why 10 drivers were put together with such a disparity.


But driver #16 has a mission this year; to keep earning points in every race. Demaras has been on a points streak since the first race of the year, but this weekend posed a particular challenge.


There were some some scary moments on track as one of the teen karts caught fire on track, as fuel spilled onto the hot exhaust, but track workers made quick work of the blaze. Luckily, no one was injured, and the driver continued on (eventually winning his heat race).

Chris steadily improved through the practice sessions, but Demaras spun his cart in the chicane during qualifying, relegating his to the back for the start of the race. Some quick moves in the opening laps elevated Demaras to 7th place. While disappointed with himself at a lost opportunity, Chris is happy to keep his points streak alive.

More important than his personal results, Chris is happy that Daniel Demaras scored another win for the Demaras Auto Racing Team.



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