With the summer racing season in the past, and the awards banquet the only event left on the calendar for this year, the Demaras Auto Racing Team is looking for a challenge during the off season.

Chris and Daniel returned to GPK on Sunday, putting in many laps, but not finding many competitors. Daniel is now only 93 points out of 1st place on the ProSkill points competition, and while he’s excited to achieve another goal for 2016, Daniel is hoping for something new.


In an email from Stefanie Di Leo, Admin Manager at Goodwood, she mentioned something the Demaras team might be interested in. “You can look into Formula Kartways in Brampton. I think they host a Monday night racing league.”


Driving to Brampton every Monday (for a 5:30 pm start time, no less) does not sound appealing, but the challenge the Demaras Auto Racing Team was looking for may have materialized.

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