The Demaras Auto Racing Team is proud to introduce the newest addition to the team; the new Intrepid kart.


On Saturday morning, the team drove up to Intrepid Canada’s race team headquarters in Markham, Ontario, where the new ride was waiting. The kart was customized to Daniel’s frame. Custom seat, pedals, and steering wheel placement provided a tailored fit. The kart was handed over and loaded into the truck.


Kat on display in East York


The kart was then put on display in sponsor In Home Service’s front window, complete with team gear, plaques and D.A.R.T. poster. Along with red lights illuminating the underside of the kart, creating an eye catching display for passing people.

Demaras Auto Racing Team will be running the new Intrepid – Briggs & Stratton kart in the MIKA (Mosport International Karting Association) series in 2017.




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