Being part of a team is a lot more than wearing the same colours. It’s about working together and supporting each other through the good and the bad.

Being part of the VRS karting team has given the Demaras A.R.T.  a depth of technical knowledge they would never have had, without leaders like James and Jon Treadwell. Kevin and Butch are always willing to show the new guys how it’s done.

Out on track, Daniel Demaras battles against team mates Keidon Fletcher and Zain Ikram. The competition is fierce, and sometimes racing incidents between team mates can be difficult to leave behind…on the track. But that’s the measure of the team’s strength.



The most satisfying part of watching a team grow together is seeing young racers put away their on-track squabbles, and line up side by side, to watch Martie and the Glover Brothers battle in Briggs Junior Lites. Or cheer on the top dogs Jon in the #766 and Tyler in the #705 as they compete for supremacy in the Briggs Senior class.

The team grows stronger as they grow into a family.


At the end of the day, everyone has worked together, tried their hardest, and shared the experience. Everyone packs up their gear, puts away their karts and tools, and head home to dream of on-track glory…next weekend.




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