Chris went into the 2017 Mosport CRKC Finals on a high note, securing a podium finish at the Semi-Final event. While Demaras has scored points consistently, he hasn’t always finished at the sharp end of the grid. The challenge #16 has yet to come to grips with is racing in the rain.

Rain was falling lightly during the first practice session, but even when the skies cleared, the track did not dry up. Slick tires just don’t extract water from the track surface, so without bright sunshine to burn off the moisture, the track would remain soggy all day.


Demaras qualified at the back of the pack, was up to 6th, but crossed the finish line in 7th place.


The additional points elevated Chris to 15th place in the final standings.


With no trophy, Chris was disheartened with the final result, and started coming to grips with his shortcomings. Luckily, young Daniel Demaras presented his father with a guide to greater success in 2018:

Art of Racin-729813

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