Daniel Demaras was very proud of his accomplishments at the old GPK. When he’d walk in the building, the track marshall would get on the loudspeaker to ‘announce’ Daniel’s arrival. All in good fun…but how could a young man not feel proud of such special treatment?


When GPK became K1, the points were reset, and all the racers started from scratch again. But on March 3, Daniel reached the top of the chart at K1. Out of nearly a quarter million racers who have passed through the doors of the track at Downsview Park, Daniel has the highest overall points.


Daniel’s mom Alice and sister Michelle, his personal cheerleaders, were at K1 to see Daniel reach his latest accomplishment.


“I want to qualify for the K1 World Championship in California. That’s my goal. I’m at the track twice a week, and I’m setting consistent lap times, but I can improve my lap times and work on my racecraft.” said young Demaras.

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