Old Timer – Quick Times

While 40 something-year-old Chris Demaras, and his friend Jacob, the 40 something-year-old ‘gran jefe‘ at K1 Speed, could hardly be called old-timers…racing against kids 20 to 30 years younger than them is a challenge.

old days
In the old days, the world was black and white, no Insta filer required.

But every dog has his day. With the help of a rib vest to protect his fragile bones, Chris managed to set his quickest lap ever at K1 Speed at 24.459 seconds. While the time is still nine-tenths down on the track record, it was a personal victory. Sort of.

152477293135193108 (1).jpg

Daniel Demaras also set a personal best time of 24.136 seconds, more than three-tenths clear of Chris. This was good enough for the 7th best time of the week and helped Daniel get up to 3rd in the K1RS overall points race.


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