Kind of a weekend to forget. Nothing terrible happened, but nothing went all that well either. With a huge grid of Briggs Seniors, it was always going to be a tough ask for a rookie like Daniel. Driver training with Darryl, and constant advice from Christopher provide direction. But hearing a lesson, and applying the lesson are two completely different things.

Throughout Saturday practice, Christopher, Daniel and Chris worked on tuning the chassis. Minor issues with front track width were addressed, and the gear was dialed in at 3.53. Everything was set up right. Daniel’s times decreased by a tenth every two sessions, and progress was being made.

On track, Daniel practiced drafting with Anthony Garofalo, while Jon Treadwell demonstrated some smooth driving lines for Daniel, before giving a gentle nudge towards the grass on the exit of corner seven. Welcome to Senior, big guy!


The higher temperatures over the two-day event took their toll on some drivers.

Race day saw a step backwards. Daniel wasn’t able to produce lap times as he had on Saturday, and qualified towards the tail end of the field. The inevitable first lap tangles would have to be avoided if Daniel was going to make up any positions.


Daniel kept out of trouble (for the most part) and finished each session, shiny side up. He improved from his qualifying position in the pre-final and advanced again in the final.


Daniel crossed the finish line in 30th position, which mat not sound very impressive until you consider that among the 43 drivers were the many of the best Briggs Senior drivers in the country.

Still lots of room for improvement from #7.



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