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I met Emmerson Fittipaldi last May at Goodwood Kartways. He brought his young son to compete in a CRFKC event, under the Intrepid team. I’d read a CKN article about the F1 and Indy 500 champ visiting our local track, and I was excited. I stopped him, asked him for a picture, and he left me with a gracious “God bless you, son.”.

This weekend, at the Pfaff Kartsporrt Cup event, I saw him again, and wanted to greet him, but not have a replay of last year.

INDY 500
Fittipaldi swigs orange juice instead of the traditional milk after the 1993 Indy 500

I chased him down to the track, and said “Here, Mr. Fittipaldi. Have some orange juice.” and handed him the bottle. At first he looked mad, then chuckled, game me a sly grin, and shook his head. Clearly, after 500 miles, it’s still his drink of choice.

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