I got an email from K1 Speed about a Father’s Day promotion they’re running. Come to the track on June 17th, buy a race for each of your kids, and you (dad) will race for free.


Father’s Day lands on a race weekend. Daniel and I will be at Mosport. He’ll be racing, and I’ll be wrenching on the kart. That is my Father’s Day gift. No glory, no podium. Just the chance to spend time together.


My wife gets to spend more time with our daughter Michelle, the 8-year-old cheerleading superstar. I’m not a ‘cheer dad‘. I make it out to the competitions (but not so many practices). But as a parent, as a father, the reward is being able to see the happiness in our children enjoying themselves. Come out to Mosport this weekend and see how a hundred dads (and moms) like me spend Father’s Day.


Oh, and if you do get out to K1 Speed on Sunday, with your two kids…good luck getting that third ‘free’ race for yourself. I guarantee little Joanie will take the 3rd race, and you’ll end up buying a 4th race for little Richie. You will be watching from the sidelines.

Happy Father’s Day!

Chris ‘#16’ Demaras


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