CRKC is so relaxing. No tools, no wrenching. But a poorly performing kart can be very costly, which is why so many successful karters move to club racing. But the Demaras’ have been doing CRKC for so many years, Daniel’s picture has even ended up on the Goodwood Kartways webpage.

daniel and anthony.jpg

Daniel’s day started strong, running 40.3 second laps in practice and qualifying.

Familiarity with the reverse (with chicane) layout gave Daniel an edge. This is his favorite configuration, even though it helps ‘tiny’ drivers. Daniel dispatched his less experienced competitors on track.


Although Daniel qualified on pole, he knew during the formation lap that he would not hold that position. The karts are shared between several groups throughout the evening, and an earlier accident had bent the axle of kart #64. While it didn’t hop down the straightaways, Daniel felt the steering shake violently, and it took all his strength to keep the kart pointed the right way. After several defensive laps, Daniel had to concede the lead and finished in 2nd position, but maintained his points lead.

Chris struggled the last few times races, including getting passed on the last lap…on two occasions!

After qualifying 5th, Chris made a pass just after the hairpin, then put distance between himself and his competitors. The Von Engelbrechtens maintained position, and their gap to Demaras, and Chris crossed the finish line, unchallenged, in 4th. Daniel described it as Chris’ loneliest race.




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