Hi! I’m Michelle Demaras, #29, and I am the newest and youngest and bestest member of the Demaras Auto Racing Team!

Last weekend I drove my first motorized vehicle when I was at the IndyCar race at Exhibition Place!


I drove a 50 CC Honda dirt bike! I entered a little program called the Junior Red Riders (JRR). They taught me and a few other kids how to ride a dirt bike, with tips like “Don’t go too hard on the gas!”. I got to go about 10 laps, and I fell down twice. Despite falling down, I think it was really fun and I did really well!


Then on Wednesday I went to K1 Speed.

It’s an indoor go-karting track. I did a race with my big brother Daniel. My first lap took 120.446 seconds, but as I went along, I got more comfortable, and my fastest lap was 62.939 seconds! Then I did a second race. Before the first race, I was really scared! But before the second race I was calm. I was completely focused and ready. My fastest lap of all was 39.359 seconds!

I remember that in one of the sharp corners, I crashed into the wall because I didn’t turn enough. But I was able to drive out of the corner without even using the reverse button! So, I think I did really well with go-karting and I might start doing some more racing!

Michelle #29 Demaras



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