A year ago, the rumors began about a multi-level karting track coming to Niagara Falls. While nobody expected the Clifton Hill area amusement park ride to displace Mosport as the home of Canadian Karting Nationals, the Demaras Auto Racing Team took the opportunity during summer vacation to see the new Niagara Speedway firsthand.


To prepare for the concrete roller-coaster that is Niagara Speedway, the team first visited a local arcade for practice games of Mario Kart, plus a turn in the bumper cars to prepare for the heavy contact sure to take place in the concession karts.


The track is stunning. Four stories of poured concrete and steel barriers. At night, with the contrast of the flood lights, and the glow from the Ferris wheel next door, the track feels like a video game.

The track has the ability to remotely cut fuel to the engines, leaving everyone puttering around at pit-lane speed in the event that someone gets sideways, or puts it into the barrier. But for the most part, racers are on their own to bash their way through grandmas and little kids hogging up the racing line.

Daniel, the winningest driver of the group, was luckily saddled with a slow kart. Simon took off to an early lead, but Chris (with co-pilot Michelle in race 1, and cousin Marika in race 2) used his superior body mass to gain time coming down the hill.

For a real laugh, read the Google Reviews of Niagara Speedway before going out on track. Complaints about flame-spitting karts, Chinese made helmets, and long line-ups. Anyone who tries Niagara Speedway should love it for what it is, not what they thought it would be. It’s a fun, family friendly go-kart track plucked from the imaginations of video game loving kids.


Niagara Speedway is not Mosport, K1 or Goodwood. It’s just a family-fun track in the middle of Niagara Falls tourist strip. But for a couple of bucks, anyone can drive Canada’s only four-level kart track, and let the kid in the passenger seat have a real thrill ride.





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