OK…the Demaras Auto Racing Team isn’t ready to buy the Super Aguri F1 Team’s hauler yet. With no race car (just one kart, two engines and a toolbox) our hauling needs are limited.  A Chevy and a U-Haul was all we needed the first year.


By year two, a half ton GMC pickup made transportation of the kart much easier.


Spending the month of July racing at Mosport made us quickly remember how difficult karting can be. Driving back and forth from Toronto to Bowmanville, putting 750 km on the odometer over the course of a few days, or getting stuck sleeping in a motel again just showed how much we needed to upgrade our arrangement.


With the addition of a 24′ trailer, the entire Demaras family can spend race weekends camping at Lake Simcoe near Goodwood Kartways, or enjoying a weekend at Rice Lake when the action shifts to Mosport. We should have done this long ago.


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