The CRKC Finals will likely mark the last time Daniel and Chris compete together in the series. While Daniel has enjoyed the friends he’s made at the track, he’s become frustrated with races being decided based on machinery/ Whoever gets the least broken down kart wins.

The track was slick, as temperatures plummeted. Many racers had trouble keeping the karts on the race track. Race starts were equally messy, with races looking more like bumper cars than skilled competitors.



Chris had a good year in CRKC, earning 1 win and 4 podium finishes. Demaras didn’t factor into the championship finale in any big way but did have fun battling with Glenn Todd, as they avoided spinners and crashers.



Daniel finished off his final CRKC season with 8 wins, 9 pole positions, and 16 podium finishes, ending the championship in 2nd place (Monday Series) and 3rd place (Wednesday Series).


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