With the weather getting cold, the outdoor karting season has come to an end. But the competition at K1 Speed is still hot, and the Demaras Auto Racing Team visited the track the weekend before Halloween. Chris Demaras was feeling frustrated with his mid-twenty-four-second laps. But his times steadily improved each session, until he was within a tenth of the younger, faster Daniel Demaras:

  • 24.470 seconds
  • 24.350 seconds
  • 24.263 seconds
  • 24.195 seconds

By the end of the weekend, Chris #16 Demaras had accumulated enough points to earn position 16 on the Top 100 K1RS Points Leaderboard.

Top 20

Young Daniel, as the leaderboard shows, has accumulated over 2900 points and is within striking distance of overall top spot. He expects to reach the target in November.

Daniel is also setting very quick times at the track and has one of the fastest times of the week and fastest times of the month. Quite impressive.


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