After the long Christmas break, the racers from 130R were anxious to get back on track and compete again. But this time, things were very different.

While there were some new faces like Michael Accardi and Dawson Campbell (two extremely quick racers) there was also a new attitude. After a serious driver’s meeting, everyone agreed that contact on the track wouldn’t be tolerated. This is a racing series, not bumper cars.

The races were clean, fair and well run. The track marshal kept order, and everyone seemed to be racing clean. No ‘bump and run’ this time.

Close competition is what every racer wants. Battling against a fierce competitor who won’t give you an inch of space, but won’t put you into the wall either. The battle between Nico Hines and Dawson Campbell went on for many laps, but it didn’t end in tears.

“Was a pleasure racing clean with Dawson, and all the others in Group 3. I may not have won or made any sweet passes but I did get to defend one of the quickest guys in our group. I definitely felt like I raced last night! Awesome!”

Mr. Nico Hines

In Group 1, Chris started on pole, but lost a position right away as he was slow to react to the green flag. Daniel moved up from 3rd to 1st in a matter of laps, and went on to win his third race in the 130R. The best battle was between Dale Goz and Chris Demaras who raced hard and clean all the way to the checkered flag.

Daniel Demaras stood on the podium, but the ceremony was a little disjointed. Not all race winners or podium finishers were brought up for recognition, only those who had accumulated the most points (qualifying + race).

With Chris finishing in 2nd and Daniel taking the win, it was a 1-2 for the Demaras team, the first since the opening round.

The Top 10 in points at the end of Round 4 are:

  1. Daniel Demaras (133 points)
  2. William Machado (95 points)
  3. Quewin Warnasurya (92 points)
  4. Arnel Tabang (78 points)
  5. Don Potts (78 points)
  6. Chris Demaras (63 points)
  7. Nico Hines (63 points)
  8. Roy Henriques (61 points)
  9. Igor Manukhov (59 points)
  10. Alex Scoclev (57 points)

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