W Series

W Series, the new European-based single-seater racing series for female drivers, has announced 28 candidates (including kart racer and current F2000 competitor, Canadian Megan Gilkes) who have been approved to go through to the next stage of the selection process.

  • Sarah Bovy, Belgium
  • Jamie Chadwick, UK
  • Sabre Cook, USA
  • Natalie Decker, USA
  • Marta Garcia, Spain
  • Megan Gilkes, Canada
  • Grace Gui, China
  • Esmee Hawkey, UK
  • Jessica Hawkins, UK
  • Shea Holbrook, USA
  • Francesca Linossi, Italy
  • Vivien Keszthelyi, Hungary
  • Emma Kimilainen, Finland
  • Natalia Kowalska, Poland
  • Stephane Kox, The Netherlands
  • Miki Koyama, Japan
  • Milou Mets, The Netherlands
  • Sarah Moore, UK
  • Tasmin Pepper, South Africa
  • Vicky Piria, Italy
  • Alice Powell, UK
  • Gosia Rdest, Poland
  • Naomi Schiff, Belgium
  • Shirley Van Der Lof, The Netherlands
  • Beitske Visser, The Netherlands
  • Alexandra Whitley, Australia
  • Fabienne Wohlwend, Liechtenstein
  • Caitlin Wood, Australia

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