We all like to think we’re good at things. With a bit of success, people gain confidence, and begin to think highly of themselves. It takes modesty to ask for help, and admit that you’re not perfect.

Over the weekend, Daniel put his pride away and got driver training from Patricio Jourdain, of K1 Speed. Patricio is a race car driver, driving coach, and a gran jefe at K1 Speed in the US.

Heading out on a crowded track, Daniel and Patricio had to weave their way through the other racers. They used a lead-follow approach to determine where Daniel was losing time. It was difficult trying to find that one or two tenths of a second. Daniel made some improvements, and Patricio helped boost Daniel’s confidence by letting him know that his driving was solid…but not perfect. There’s still room for improvement.

Chris, on the other hand, has so many easy to spot weaknesses in his driving. For the second time in 12 months, the senior Demaras signed up for the Karting Academy, an instructional seminar designed to help rookie racers improve.

Chris managed to set consistent sub 24-second laps, which is something he hasn’t been able to achieve in the past. Any 23 second laps from the senior Demaras driver were called ‘miracle laps’ where the driver lucked into a quick time through a series of fortunate errors.

On a positive note, three generations of Demaras men enjoyed a morning at the track together; Bill Demaras, Daniel Demaras and Chris Demaras. Young Daniel suggested inviting his grandfather out on the track, but didn’t want to get whipped by the venerable driver with so many demerit points on his license, they renamed them “Demaras Points”.

Bill, Daniel & Chris

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