Monday, March 11th, 2019, was the 6th of 12 scheduled rounds in the 130 Racing Series.

For Chris Demaras, the day was bitter-sweet as his lap times dropped from 24.093 seconds in warm-up down to 23.785 then finally a personal best of 23.770 seconds. The soul-crushing part is that despite his times improving by two- tenths, Chris was still sixth in a group of seven.

Daniel Demaras set a blistering time of 23.438 seconds during the race, setting the 3rd best lap of the week in the process. But this race was an inverted grid, so Daniel’s fantastic finishing position last round had him starting from deep in the pack. Daniel enjoyed a race-long battle with Dawson again this month.

Group B put on a strong race as well, with clean passes, aggressive defending, and a surprise finish.

As the season has reached the halfway point, the size of the group has decreased dramatically. From the first round with 3 groups and 35 racers, 130R is down to about 15 hardcore racers. Still, Daniel maintained his position at the top, while Chris moved from 9th to 8th in the 130R Top Ten

  1. Daniel Demaras, 168
  2. Quewin W, 127
  3. Don P, 106
  4. Igor M, 94
  5. Nico H, 90
  6. Arnel T, 90
  7. Dawson C, 88
  8. Chris Demaras, 79
  9. Roy H, 71
  10. Dale G, 63

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