December 8, 2022

Long Beach

California is a car lover’s paradise. With no snow to worry about, everyone has their sports cars out in the middle of March, and taking a drive down the Pacific Coast highway, there were many cool cars to be seen, along with an oddly high amount of mechanic shops.

On the coast of the Pacific ocean was the town of Long Beach, home of the IndyCar Grand Prix of Long Beach. With the race coming up soon, the city was already preparing, setting up barriers and kerbs. After having raced on the track hundreds of times in Project Cars, along with having watched the race on TV for years, it was quite an experience for me to see the famous fountain at turn three, along with getting to drive down the pit straight.

So far the trip has been all fun and games. But this Saturday, I’ll compete against 4 other drivers from around the world, at three K1 Speed locations across the state of California; Anaheim, Ontario and Irvine. Time to get serious.

Daniel Demaras

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