Between Daniel’s private training session at Goodwood on on Thursday, and the TRAK race on Saturday, Demaras Auto Racing Team senior driver Chris ‘#16’ Demaras was back at Goodwood Kartways on Friday evening. His first time on track in the 2019 season.

PRO regulars the Makovskis and the Ferraris were at the track working on their karts, while PRO boss Darryl wrenched on a new 2-stroke kart for the Dalziel family. All took turns teasing Demaras about his racing aspirations in CRKC.

But Chris got plenty of support from young Matte Ferrari, who loaned Chris a neck brace, before resuming his duties as team photographer.

For Chris, the day just felt a little off as it was the first time in 5 years at the track without his son, Daniel. But Chris had plenty of company with friends from K1 coming out to race in CRKC including Igor, Jason and Steve Z.

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