K1 Speed News

Daniel Demaras is a huge fan of K1 Speed. He races regularly at the Toronto track, and competed in the K1 Speed e-World Championships this year. Now, Daniel Demaras’ No. 12 PRO Intrepid Briggs & Stratton racing kart will carry K1 Speed livery.

I’m thrilled to be partnered with K1 Speed, and I’m proud to carry the company name on the No. 12 kart this year. K1 Speed provides an opportunity for rookies to hone their skills, and a place for competitive racers to stay sharp between race weekends.. I’ve been an avid racer at K1 Speed since they opened in Toronto and the new track layout unveiled this week is incredible! Competition is fierce, but off track the atmosphere is still relaxed and friendly.

Daniel ‘#12’ Demaras

The new track layout at K1 Speed opened this week provides to universally positive reviews from racers, citing greater passing and defending opportunities. A huge improvement.

With sponsorship from K1 Speed, Daniel will continue to compete in TRAK, MIKA and MRFKC races this year, while spending every available day at K1 Speed for practice.

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