After missing round 7, I returned to 130R for another exciting day of racing. The series’ first race on the new track layout was sure to be eventful, with close competition.

My dad and I showed up early to do some practice laps with Igor, just trying to remember how to drive the track. Only 9 people showed up, so there was one group of super fast drivers, with Don taking pole, myself second, Igor third and my dad Chris in fourth.

I had a pretty good start to the race, but was nowhere near as quick as Igor was off the line. After following him and Don around for a bit, I went three wide into Turn 9 and made the pass for the lead! I extended my lead at the front of the field, and focused on setting quick laps. As the checkered flag waved, the announcer came on the PA system to announce I’d set a new track record!

-Daniel Demaras

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