With Daniel Demaras on summer vacation from school, and the arrival of actual summer weather, he’s taking every opportunity to be at the track to run practice laps, shaving tenths of a second off his lap times.

With the Demaras family ready for another camping excursion this weekend, Chris and Daniel made one last stop at Goodwood. The track was reasonably busy with a mix of 2-stroke, 4-stroke, and arrive & drive karts. There was even a young fellow turning his first laps in kart No 88, He was all helmet and heart as the ‘big boys’ zipped past him.

Special thanks to Eric “The Champ” Gerrits who jumped in to help on short notice. Eric put Daniel through his paces, providing exceptional insights into Demaras’ racing line, helping turn the young racer into…a better racer.

(photos below from maybe a couple years ago)

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