‘Racing until Sunset’ by Chris Demaras

What an incredible day. Kind of tiring though. Started the day by heading out to IndyCar Friday practice at 8:30 am, then fighting afternoon traffic to make it to Goodwood by 2:00 pm for Daniel’s practice. To cap it off, I competed in Round 4 of the Friday Night CRKC race.

The great thing about arrive & drive racing is that it’s just so fun. No wrenching! You don’t have to figure out gear or air pressures. You just focus on your steering inputs and braking points. Even though I was beat from a very long day with the kids, I was feeling good. Reverse track with chicane at Goodwood always mixes up the order because some racers just aren’t used to the layout. I managed to pass a few struggling drivers in the practice sessions, and qualified 4th.

During the race, I could see my first podium finish of the season right in front of me. Second and third were within reach, and they were scrapping it out. I knew I could get one…maybe even both! But the two drivers collided, and half-spun in the downhill section of the chicane, clocking the track. To avoid crashing directly into them, I took evasive action, and pulled to the right. I got two wheels in the dirt and slowed to a crawl, watching in horror as multiple drivers passed me. I cursed in my helmet, and shook my fist at Daniel (who was filming at turn 8). I made a good recover drive, got a pass done at turn 5, then caught one last racer at the finish line. I love that picture! I had him looking right while I went left and attempted to pass on the grass.

Chris Demaras

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