December 5, 2022


The annual Two-Stage Enduro, an event that shakes up everything about a TRAK race by forcing drivers to adapt to different track layouts, is always an exciting race. With two races being held, forward configuration and backwards on the Goodwood short-track layout, Daniel was excited to see what this very different day would bring.

The day got off to an reasonable start in practice, 4 tenths off the pace in both forward and reverse. His day got much more exciting when he saw where he was randomly assigned to start race one in first!

In race 1, Daniel was under attack from the drop of the green flag when Zach Boam attacked into the first turn, but Demaras managed to hold him off. A lap later, Logan Ploder and Zach Boam both made passes, followed by Jordan Prior, Alex Murphy and Chad Webster. After losing multiple places in the opening laps, Daniel picked up the pace, breaking away from an attacking Evan Safari and eventually passing Chad Webster at turn 4. Daniel picked up another position before the checkered flag to finish 4th in race 1.

In between race 1 and 2, the skies darkened and it began to rain. Not just drizzle, but a full-on downpour. As other groups of Juniors and Masters completed their second races, the rain stopped, leaving master mechanic Andrew Waring with a difficult decision to make. Slicks or wets? The track was in damp in sections, with a dry line forming. It would be a gamble to run slicks, but it could result in victory if the right choice, or result in a kart in the wall if the wrong choice. With his fatherly wisdom, Chris Demaras pressured Andrew to leave the wet tires on the kart.

For race 2, Daniel was randomly selected to start last, and he make up some positions from the back of the grid., Demaras began catching up to Jordan Prior as the track dried out. Daniel started to wonder if Andrew had the right idea. Should they have been more aggressive with tire choice?


After around 7 laps, it started to rain heavily again. Daniel was excited, as he tends to run well in the rain, but could not settle the rear of his kart! He knew something was wrong when he began losing ground, then positions. The engine was roaring and the rear end of the kart was nearly uncontrollable as Daniel tried to feather the throttle and tip-toe through the corners. Eventually Andrew waved Daniel into the pits, where Waring pointed out the completely deflated rear right tire on Daniel’s race kart. The day was over.

Though the day started with high expectations, and a good result in race 1, the end result wasn’t what the team hoped for due to the tire failure in race 2. Though he was hindered by bad luck, the new No. 12 Intrepid kart was quick, and Daniel showed that good results are in store for the second half of the 2019 season.

PS: On October 1, 2019, on-board footage of TRAK Race #7 was found. The video is below. Enjoy!

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