Support from Subaru


Since I started racing in 2014, I’ve always had the support of Scarboro Subaru and the Vigliatore Auto Group. Look how tiny I was!

Back then…

I stopped by Scarboro Subaru today to meet with Guy Vigliatore, General Manager, my long-time sponsor. Not only have I grown since they began sponsoring me, but they have too. The dealership is bigger, and the cars look better than ever.

It wouldn’t be fair to bring my kart to a car dealership and not show off what it can do, so I did a demo in the parking lot. Employees and customers came to see what the commotion was, and checked out the kart. This week, my kart is on display in the showroom at 2590 Eglinton Ave East in Scarborough…right next to the Maserati and the Ferrari!

Scarboro Subaru are a fantastic company, with a great group of people there to help you with your automotive needs. I am very proud to be continuing my partnership with them, and look forward to many more years of flying the company flag

Daniel Demaras, No.12 PRO Intrepid Briggs & Stratton

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