The final regular-season race of CRKC 2019 brought cold temperatures. Could Demaras adapt?

Before the race began, Garage K12 was emptied of all karts and part, leaving only memories and some oil spills.

As for Chris’ race, there isn’t much to say. Unable to adapt to the low-grip conditions, Demaras qualified at the back. He made up one position, and was lining up a pass as the racers in front of him battled, compromising their lap times. But a spinner in Turn 4 rolled back onto the track, and Demaras did not leave enough room. Chris should have taken a wider line, leaving space for the stricken vehicle. The collision snapped the tie-rod on Chris’ kart, leaving him with no steering. A DNF and the walk of shame back to the pits.

Demaras finished the regular season 22nd place out of 64 racers, with a total (after dropped race results) of 38 points. With the increased points available for the semi-final and final round post-season, a Top-20 result is within reach.

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