On Sunday, October 20th, Demaras Racing visited 401 Mini Indy for the first time ever. The event was an open house / car & bike meet / fundraiser / meet & greet to kick off the 2019-2020 Carts & Coffee Racing series.

The event began bright and early at 9:30 am, before the track even opened to the public. Event organizer Anna Hee arranged an introductory kart racing seminar for newbies, explaining all about weight transfer, corner entry / apex / corner exit and the basics of chassis dynamics. Afterwards, all racers were sent on track for two sessions, with debriefs in between.

The event ran much later than originally scheduled, and the Demaras racers had to leave before their third on-track session, meaning they also missed the car show outside! Too bad.

The series has some positives, such as the chance to compete against friends like Leo, Dale, Anna and Igor, the 2018-2019 Carts & Coffee champion. The negatives are the tracks. With Formula Kartways and 401 Mini Indy running gas powered karts indoors, the experience isn’t the best. Despite the garage doors being open, and fans running, there’s no missing the exhaust from the Honda engines. Daniel and Chris both race four stroke engines all summer, so it’s nothing against the good old-fashioned internal combustion engine. But for indoor racing, it’s just not an ideal experience, especially when you’ve been spoiled with the electric karts at K1 Speed.

The 7-round series begins in late November.

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