~ by Chris ‘#16’ Demaras ~

Too much weight, too many wheels, too much complexity. Adding a motorcycle engine to a kart, or twin-engines or twin axles…it’s not the recipe for success. What I need to be victorious in 2020 is pure raw power. I need a Turbonique!

Turbonique is almost a mythic name from the 1960s when a small company, Turbonique, Inc. of Orlando, Florida, created some of the most amazing rocket powered drive systems for anything you could think of. These devices were connected to cars, motorcycles, go carts, boats, practically anything with an engine that could use an extra 1000 horsepower or so.

Video below of some lunatic named Captain Jack McClure running his rocket powered kart in the 60’s.

Although only 5 of these were ever built, three remain in existence today (which is shocking) and they occasionally pop up on the internet. I’m just not sure if I can acquire one before the 2020 karting season begins.

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